December 8, 2022

2022 Winter Ready Bedroom

When winter is right around the corner, we recommend prepping your bedroom in order to make sure you remain warm and comfortable throughout the whole season. Getting your bedroom winter ready mainly consists of keeping your bedroom warm, and making your room feel cozy. We are going to cover both the logistical things you can do to make sure your bedroom feels warm and how you can create a cozy environment as well.

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How To Keep Your Bedroom Warm

It is cold outside but that doesn’t mean it has to be inside. With a few helpful tips and tricks you can make sure your bedroom is winter ready and not going to take a toll on your heating bill. With useful ways to insulate your bedroom and house as well as some great products to add to your seasonal rotation.

Check For Drafts

how to find a draft with incense

You may not notice any drafts during the summer, but once those winter winds hit your home you will feel them for sure. A draft can quickly make your warm bedroom icy cold. Locating where a draft is coming from so you can fix it will make a huge difference in your comfort throughout winter.

We suggest checking for drafts around your windows and doorways first. Shut all of the doors and windows and feel around, you might already know exactly where your draft is coming from. If you need a little extra help locating any drafts, we have a recommendation for that.

Take some incense and light it and then slowly move around the room in potentially drafty areas. When you reach a draft you will be able to see it blowing the smoke from the incense even when you are standing still. Of course, turn off any heaters, fans, or AC in order to have this method be effective.

Invest In Thick Curtains

thick black out curtins will help you sleep in the winterThick curtains are a wonderful addition to any winter bedroom. Not only will they block out most potential drafts, they also create another layer of insulation between your room and the outdoors.

Not only will this be a great addition for winter, but it actually helps to insulate your home year-round. That means that it helps keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Just make sure that you open up your curtains the let the sun in during the winter. This will help allow the sun to warm your home throughout the day.

Get A Space Heater

Winter Sleep Tips heatersThis is a great warming tip as well as an energy saver. There is really no need to keep your entire house extra toasty and warm when you will be spending the next 8 hours in a single room. Instead, you can keep your house at a safe warm level and make your bedroom extra toasty and warm with a space heater.

These handy devices are great for adding warmth only right where you need it. They are also safer than ever with new technology. There are even multifunctional machine like the Dyson Air Purifier that not only purifies the air but can also warm or cool the air as needed.

Warmer Winter Sheets

warm winter sheetsDuring the summer, lightweight breathable sheets help you to stay cool and comfortable as you sleep. However, once it starts getting cold out you may want some thicker layers to keep you warm. You would be surprised at how much of a difference a thick sheet set can keep you warm.

We recommend finding winter sheets that are thick, but made out of breathable materials with moisture wicking properties. Cotton fleece sheets are a great example of this combination. You get the fuzzy warm thick fleece feel, without trapping in excess humidity and sweat that could make you uncomfortable.

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Cozy Winter Duvet

warm winter duvet insertA lightweight thin duvet is great for the warmer months. However, when winter comes, we highly recommend upgrading to a thicker duvet insert for your bed. Having that thicker insulation will help you to stay cozy and warm throughout the whole night without needing to blast the heater.

Some duvet inserts are even made with warmer insulating materials. Whether you prefer down or down alternative, there are thicker winter or all-season options that will keep your warmer than a thick summer duvet.

If you prefer using a comforter instead of a duvet, then invest in a thicker duvet cover than the one you use in the summer. It will be well worth it when you are feeling cozy and warm at night.

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Layer Your Bedding

alpaca throw blanket from avocadoAnother method to adding warm insulation to your bed is by layering your blankets. This is also a great option for those who tend to get into bed feeling cold, only to find themselves waking up hot and sweaty in the middle of the night.

By having layers of blankets, quilts, and a comfort you are able to pull back any layers during the night if you find that they are too warm and you no longer need them. This allows you to cuddle up to stay warm if you need to, or pull off layers in order to cool down also.

Bed & Pillow Warmers

bed heater from bedjetThere are loads of different options to regulate the temperature of your bed these days. There are pillow pads that you can control the temperature of your pillow with an app on your phone. Or perhaps you would prefer a mattress pad that can customize the temperature of your bed.

These handy advancements in technology are a fun way to stay comfortable during the summer and winter as many can not only warm your bed during the winter, but it can also cool your bed down in the winter.

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Winter Cozy Bedroom Vibes

While the items above are sometimes more for necessity in cooler months that doesn’t mean you can’t add some style too. The cooler months bring thoughts of fun textures, cozy layers and soft textiles. Below are several additional ways to make your bedroom not only extra cozy, but also extra cute.

Add A Plush Rug

11 winter sleep tipsNot only will a plush rug make your bedroom look oh so warm and cozy, it will also keep your feet warm. There is nothing more chilling than climbing out of bed in the morning and putting your bare feet on ice cold floors.

Which is why a nice plush rug will look great and feel much warmer to step onto than hardwood or tile. If you have carpet in your room, then this is mostly going to be an appearance upgrade to your space.

Also, layering rugs during the cooler months not only helps give you a soft and warm feel but looks very chic too. We suggest a smaller faux fur rug to add some seasonal warmth and style.

Add Seasonal Scented Candles

mood lighting and scented candles for winter ready bedroomScented candles are a double dose of cozy winter vibes. They provide warm mood lighting as well as calming and beautiful scents into your home. Aromatherapy can be a powerful tool to use in order to make yourself feel calm and ready for bed. Lighting a scented candle in the evenings can be a soothing ritual to do nightly.

Of course, make sure to blow out your candle before you get ready for bed in order to stay safe. If you prefer essential oils or fire free ways to scent your home, there are many different options. Click the link below to see other ways you can add scent into the bedroom.

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Mood Lighting

bedroom mood lighting for winterWhen the sun sets earlier in the day, having lighting options for your home can add such a cozy element to your bedroom in the winter. String lights or LED strip lights can be fun options to create mood lighting.

However, simply having lots of table and floor lamps add soothing warm light into your room without having to use harsh overhead lighting. We suggest using warmer toned lights as they are not as harsh on the eyes. Warm lighting also provides a sense of warmth into the room.

Layer Different Textures

get your winter bedroom ready with layers of textureOne way to make your bed feel cozier during winter, is to add layers of textures. Using rugs, throw pillows, and layered blankets can make your bedroom feel more comfortable and visually interesting. Layered blankets also add extra layers of warmth to your bed.

If you take a look at professionally designed bedrooms, they often feature a selection of different textures in order to add interest to a room.

In the winter you can have a lot of fun by adding warming thicker textures like knit blankets, velvet pillows, and furry rugs to make a space look and feel warmer.

Get Your Bedroom Winter Ready – Final Thoughts:

Getting your bedroom ready for winter is more than just adding on a few extra layers. If you prep your bedroom to stay warm and keep you comfortable throughout the night, you and your family will be able to sleep better throughout the night. Adding those cozy touches can also help to make your house a home. We hope these tips and tricks help you to stay cozy and prep your bedroom this winter.

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