November 5, 2018

Puffy vs Ghostbed

When looking for a bed that features pressure point relief through contouring, you’ll likely come across two brands. The Puffy and the Ghostbed are both all foam mattresses with large popularities. Their builds are a bit different, so comparing them side by side should help you determine which to choose. Each provides great benefits, but one might be slightly better. There’s also a bit of difference in cost, so it’s helpful to know which one is more worth the price. Is it true that you get what you pay for? Find out when you read our comparison review of the Puffy vs Ghostbed.

puffy vs ghostbed
Puffy – Overview:

puffy vs ghostbedTwo layers of foam create cloudlike comfort in the Puffy mattress. Dense, durable foam give you the support needed for balanced sleep. The contouring curves with your body to provide the ultimate in pressure point relief. Speaking of providing the ultimate, the Puffy has 8 times the airflow of standard memory foam mattress brands.

This innovative technology used brings temperature control to supreme comfort for an allover state-of-the-art design. The 10-inch thick mattress also features a “zip and wash” removable cover for easy cleaning. See how this outstanding all-foam mattress stands up against another all-foam brand when you keep reading our mattress comparison review.

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Ghostbed – Overview:

puffy vs ghostbedThe company Nature’s Sleep has developed a line of mattresses and a separate line of pillows made with eco-friendly materials. The Ghostbed has a medium-firm feel that appeals to most sleepers. Even larger sleepers can enjoy this mattress, since its design supports a total weight of 750 pounds.

The 11-inch thick bed is made from three layers of foams and latex to give you a consistent comfort. Reasonable pricing makes the Ghostbed a good choice for those on a stricter budget. Is the Ghostbed right for you? Weight out all the pros and cons in each category when you continue reading below.

Find out everything you need to know about the Ghostbed mattress in our in-depth Mattress Review or at Ghostbed.com.

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Puffy vs Ghostbed – Delivery and Unboxing:

casper vs puffy mattress comparisonPuffy offers their mattresses on a made-to-order basis, so your order will arrive soon after your purchase. It is sealed in plastic before being compressed and rolled up for boxed shipping. The box will weigh around 72 pounds for a queen-sized mattress. Having a second set of hands for setup will really save your back. Once in place, remove your new Ghostbed from the box and arrange in your desired position. Then carefully unroll it before removing the wrapper. The mattress will quickly expand over the next few moments. Give it up to a day or two to fully firm up for the true test of comfort.

Your new Ghostbed will arrive in about 3-5 days via FedEx after you complete your order. Nature’s Sleep vacuum seals their products before box shipping to cut down on storage space. Call over a friend to help you set up your new mattress since it’s probably too heavy for one person. Carefully maneuver your compact box to its desired location before you attempt to unpack the mattress. Then position it before unrolling it and removing the plastic wrapping. The Ghostbed will rapidly spring to life as it breathes. Allow a day or two of resting before you can tell the true feel of your Ghostbed.

Puffy vs Ghostbed – Off-Gassing:

puffy vs ghostbedWhen you’re unboxing your new Puffy mattress, you may notice some light smells escaping. Most would describe that as a “new mattress” smell. This is called off-gassing, and it’s a normal process where any chemicals or natural smells escape the mattress during setup. Your experience with the Puffy should be minimal and come mostly from the plastic wrapping itself. If you find this odor bothersome, avoid the area for a few hours before placing your bedding. Any fragrance you notice should dissipate over the next few days.

Any smells you encounter with the Ghostbed should disappear within a day or so. These odors will be minimal and all natural because Nature’s Sleep is committed to utilizing eco-friendly materials. This mattress is made in the USA, so there is less time for it to sit in packaging during shipping. To increase ventilation when you first open the plastic, crack a window or turn on some fans. Wait a day or so before placing your bedding to allow the Ghostbed to breathe.

Puffy vs Ghostbed – Comfort:

bear hybrid vs bearBoth the Puffy and the Ghostbed aim for a medium-firm feel. The reasoning for this target is that it fits many sleeper profiles. You can comfortably sleep in almost any position, and even heavier sleepers can find comfort. It’s soft enough to feel sinking at the proper places and firm enough to support you through the lumbar zone. With either choice you get a consistent balance of pressure relief and support. No more tossing and turning with the contouring properties of memory foam. You’ll also feel less back pain when you awake with the proper alignment the dense base foams provide.

Puffy – Comfort:

puffy mattress reviewOn a firmness scale where 1 is softest and 10 is firmest, the Puffy is a 6.5-8.5. This is a medium-firm feel that suits almost anyone. The top layer of cooling cloud foam gently cradles your body to provide pressure point relief. The dense foundation of firm core support foam gives you forming qualities for healthy alignment.

Most side sleepers will enjoy the light contouring, but the Puffy might be too firm for some. Back sleepers who enjoy firm support will love the slight hug at the neck and shoulders. Stomach sleepers will have a perfect level of structure to prevent back bowing. Heavier sleepers will have strength and durability in any position. The responsive support and adaptive contouring make the Puffy a top choice for comfort.

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Ghostbed – Comfort:

ghostbed mattress reviewGhostbed’s design rates at a 6.5 on the firmness scale making it ideal for almost every sleeper. This mattress brings the responsiveness of latex to the contouring feel of memory foam to prevent tossing and turning. The high-density base has enough strength to comfortably support up to 750 pounds. This means that even heavy sleepers can find comfort on the Ghostbed.

Side sleepers will love the hugging feel and pressure relief from the contoured comfort. Back sleepers will have a balance of cradling at the neck and shoulders with support at the lumbar. Stomach sleepers will have enough firmness to keep their backs from bowing. A plush cover on top provides a layer of separation between you and the latex material, preventing any allergic reactions.

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Puffy – Materials and Construction:

Three layers of foam create the 10-inch thick Puffy mattress. The top segment is the Cooling Cloud™ Foam layer. This memory foam works to provide contouring that relieves pressure points. This gel-infused material increases the air flow of a standard all-foam mattress by 8 times. The convection and conduction technologies draw heat away from you as you sleep.

Middle of the three layers is the Climate Comfort™ Foam, this new layer adds a level of responsiveness to the mattress. This makes it easier and more comfortable as you move or adjust in bed.

The 6-inch thick, 1.5-density Firm Cores Support Foam gives you a strong foundation. This base gives you stability, strength, and support that leads to longer usage. It also uses Insta-Firm technology that is 99 percent more responsive that standard foams. It also has 4 time the support with an IFD rating of 35. The cover of the Puffy can be removed with a convenient zipper for cleaning purposes. The breathable and soft fabric features a stylish cloud pattern with dark gray side panels.

puffy vs comparison

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Ghostbed – Materials and Construction:

The Ghostbed is an 11-inch thick mattress made from three layers of high-quality materials. The top layer is a 1.5-inch thick Continuous Aerated Latex Foam. It gives you responsive contouring that prevents tossing and turning. Under this is a 2-inch thick layer of Gel Memory Foam. It furthers the contoured feel of the latex and continues in cooling benefits.

With these two materials, you should have a captivatingly cool take on pressure relief. The foundation of the Ghostbed is a 7.5-inch thick High-Density Base Foam that provides durable support. On top of all the layers of this mattress is Luxurious Plush Cover. The blend of viscose and polyester is soft to the touch and provides a barrier between you and the latex. This is welcomed news for those with latex allergies.

ghostbed mattress review

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Puffy vs Ghostbed – Motion Transfer:

casper vs puffy mattress comparisonThe Puffy uses only foam layers. This drastically reduces motion transfer as traditional styles rely on springy coil sets. The top layer of memory foam will quickly absorb vibrations from changing positions. Any movement that penetrates this top layer will be deadened by the dense base foam. This performance makes the Puffy mattress a great choice for light sleepers. You should sleep undisturbed, which evokes the “cloud you can sleep on” image.

With three layers of foam, the Ghostbed stops motions transfer in its tracks. Any time you need to change positions, the latex layer will absorb potential vibrations. A thick memory foam layer beneath this isolates motion to the side of the bed it originated from. The high-density foundational layer will reduce any remaining movement. Couples with different schedules would enjoy the Ghostbed because of the minimal disruptions.

Puffy vs Ghostbed – Sleeping Cool:

casper vs puffy mattress comparisonSince all-foam mattresses tend to retain more heat, it’s fortunate that Puffy has cooling properties built into its design. The top layer is a patent pending Cooling Cloud™ foam that dissolves heat with convection and conduction technology. A gel infusion in this layer redirects heat away from the body and distributes it throughout the foam. This layer also has 8 times the airflow of standard foam mattresses giving you a refreshing feeling as you sleep.

The solid base foam contributes to the firmer feel of the Puffy. Sleeping on top of the mattress rather than down in it reduces the amount of warm air trapped around you. The cover provides a finishing touch of breathability to give you a temperature neutral sleep.

ghostbed mattress reviewGhostbed has countered against the heat retaining properties associated with all-foam mattresses through innovative design. The top layer is made from latex rather than memory foam. This drastically reduces the warmth you’ll sense sleeping on this mattress. It is naturally aerated to increase airflow. This latex layer is also responsive to help you change positions easily any time you start to feel too hot.

Below the latex is a memory foam that features a cooling gel infusion. Bigger air pockets were constructed in this layer to encourage healthy air circulation. The base layer is firm enough to prevent excessive sinking that attributes to heat retention. The cover of the Ghostbed wicks away moisture to complete this mattress in balanced temperature.

Puffy vs Ghostbed – Edge Support:

ghostbed mattress reviewAll-foam designs are generally not revered for their edge support. The Puffy mattress is an exception to this with a solid perimeter. You can sleep right up to the edge with reliable strength like what you feel in the bed’s center. We recommend this mattress for couples who need to stretch out further for optimal comfort.

Sitting at the sides of this bed won’t be extremely supportive, but you won’t feel as if you’re sliding off. Dense base foam combined with responsive memory foam creates consistent edge support. Overall, you get edge to edge usable sleep surface with the Puffy.

Edge support is an extremely important factor to consider as it can tell you the true quality of a mattress. The Ghostbed has three responsive and supportive layers to create a consistent sleeping surface. You can get as close to the edge as you need with even weight distribution from a dense base foam.

If your pet likes to hog the center of the mattress, the Ghostbed is a great selection for you. Sitting at the perimeter of this bed might not be comfortable for long periods. Still, you can sit down comfortably to put on your shoes or a short rest with comfort.

Puffy vs Ghostbed – Value:

The price for a queen-sized Puffy mattress is $1,150. You can take $300 off with the latest Puffy coupon that brings it down to only $850. This is a steal for such high value. You also get free delivery in a convenient box right to your door. A 101-night sleep trial ensures you’ll love it. There’s also an impressive lifetime warranty.

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The Ghostbed has a lower initial price for a queen size at just $895. Included in your purchase is free shipping. You’ll have 101 nights to try it out during your sleep trial period. There’s also a 20-year warranty split in two parts. During the first ten years, any defect or unusual sagging are covered. After that the warranty continues so long as there is no improper care or use.

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Puffy vs Ghostbed – Our Pick!

Both the Puffy and the Ghostbed are all-foam mattress designs. They have some slight differences that stand out. The Puffy is only 10 inches thick compared to the 11-inch thick Ghostbed. The Puffy has only three layers of foam, and the Ghostbed has two foams and a latex layer. How does this translate?

The Ghostbed might initially appear to be a better choice, especially with a lower final price. However, the Puffy uses denser foams that equate to longevity and strength. You’ll still have a plush feel that’s like sleeping on a cloud with a solid foundation of support. We would choose the Puffy hands down. Still, the Ghostbed is a high-quality mattress with many positive attributes at a lower price.

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