November 2, 2018

Casper vs Novosbed

There are many benefits to sleeping on an all-foam mattress. With a quality design, you’ll get outstanding pressure relief and consistent comfort. When the foams are high-density, you’ll also experience support that encourages proper spinal alignment. While Casper is one of the pioneers in the bed-in-a-box market and one of the most recognized company, there are other brands out there. The Canadian Novosbed is one such competitor. In our Casper vs Novosbed mattress review, we pit these two designs against each other to find out which is better.

casper vs novosbed
Casper – Overview:

casper vs novosbedCasper is probably one of the first brands you think of when you hear bed-in-a-box. That’s because this mattress was one of the first to be compressed and roll-packed into a compact box for delivery. This convenient method attracted eager consumers who were looking for an easier way to shop for a new bed.

The Casper features a universal “one size fits all” comfort approach in its 12-inch thick design. Four layers of foam create a medium-firm level in firmness, which is perfect for almost anyone. This appeals to most sleepers looking for a memory foam feel. Continue reading to find out if the Casper is the better choice for you.

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Novosbed – Overview:

casper vs novosbedWith the Novosbed, sleepers can choose between three different comfort levels for individualized slumber. If you decide you made the wrong decision in firmness, you can easily adjust the mattress to fit your needs. This Canadian company has thought of everything, including their perfect firmness guarantee.

Simply unzip the removable cover and remove or add a 2-inch thick memory foam layer. Three layers of foam create this 11-inch thick design. It even looks stylish with a cover made with furniture-grade upholstery siding in neutral colors. The Novosbed has a competitive low price that makes the high-quality materials stand out. Read on to see if you should choose the Novosbed over the popular Casper brand.

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Casper vs Novosbed – Delivery and Unboxing:

casper vs novosbedCasper was one of the first brands to offer bed-in-a-box delivery services. This great feature is included in your purchase price. After ordering, your new mattress will arrive at your doorstep within a few days. It might take two people to maneuver this heavy, 75-pound box, so grab a friend for setup.

Once you’re in place, remove the Casper from its box and unroll it. When you carefully remove the plastic wrapping, the mattress will rapidly expand. This process only takes a few moments but allow it to fully firm up over the next day.

Boxed shipping is also included with your purchase of a Novosbed. However, if you would like the setup process completed for you, upgrade to the white glove delivery service. For an additional fee, a team will unpack and arrange your new mattress.

They’ll even remove your old mattress with an additional fee. If you are opting for the do-it-yourself method, simply remove it from the box. Carefully unroll it once in place. Then, remove the wrapper and watch it come to life. The Novosbed only requires a few moments to fully expand but give it a full day to fully firm up.

Choose between standard shipping or white glove delivery service at Novosbed.com. Or order your new Casper mattress at Casper.com.

Casper vs Novosbed – Off-Gassing:

casper vs novosbedOff-gassing occurs when odors that have been trapped in a mattress are released during the setup process. When unboxing your Casper mattress, this experience should be minimal. You will notice a small fragrance as the foam materials breathe. If you find yourself sensitive to these smells, open a window and avoid the areas while the mattress firms up.

The Novosbed is made in the USA, which drastically cuts down on off-gassing. Still, you may notice some smells that were trapped in the plastic wrapping during the processing and shipping. Increase ventilation to the mattress if these odors bother you. Anything you noticed should dissipate within around twelve hours.

Casper vs Novosbed – Comfort:

The Casper mattress features a “one-size-fits-all” notion towards comfort. They’ve designed a universal feel in a medium-firm level. This is a healthy balance between pressure relief and support in most sleeping positions. The Novosbed gives you three choices to customize your bed to fit your needs in comfort. Pick the firmness level that coincides with your sleeping position preference and body size. This will give you relief from aches and pains while properly aligning the spine. The different designs that these two mattresses have present a clearer picture in which one you should choose.

Casper – Comfort:

laying on casperOn a firmness scale where 1 is softest and 10 is firmest, the Casper is a 6 to a 6.5. This gives you a medium-firm feel that is great for almost anyone. Back sleepers will get great lumbar support with gentle hugging at the neck and shoulders. Stomach sleepers will have plenty of firmness that will prevent back bowing. Most side sleepers will enjoy a slight contour at the hips and shoulders.

However, some will prefer a softer feel that provides more pressure point relief. A heavier person will experience this mattress as having less support. Therefore, the Casper might only work for heavier people who like to sleep on their sides. Larger back sleepers who enjoy a softer feel will enjoy the Casper as well. Stomach sleeping will likely be uncomfortable to larger customers.

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Novosbed – Comfort:

novosbed mattress reviewThere are three different comfort options with the Novosbed, each with their own rating on the firmness scale. All selections combine pressure relief and support adequately for corresponding sleeping position preferences. The soft option rates at a 4, making it great for side sleepers or those who prefer a cocooned feel. The popular medium option is a 6, which is great for almost anyone who needs a bit of firmness. The firm choice is an 8 on the firmness scale, meaning stomach sleepers won’t have back bowing.

Back sleepers could find comfort on any choice and should pick regarding their desires for firm or soft. You can always change your comfort level with the easy to use Comfort kit. Unzip the cover and insert the Comfort + layer and rezip with the Comfort + extender. Whichever option you choose should provide you a balanced feel to prevent tossing and turning.

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Casper – Materials and Construction:

Every Casper mattress comes with four layers of durable foams for high-quality comfort. The top foam is a breathable comfort layer. It provides breathability and responsive nature that keeps you from feeling stuck. Casper made their second layer with a density memory foam that contours to reduce stress at pressure points.

The third portion is made with a density transitional poly foam. It deepens the comfort from the top layers as it transitions to the supportive base foam. The bottom layer is the thickest and is made from a density poly foam. This foundation gives you strength a durability. Covering the Casper mattress in a premium, woven polyester fabric. The neutral gray and white cover is breathable and soft to the touch.

casper vs tomorrow
Novosbed – Materials and Construction:

novosbed mattressThe materials vary slightly in density and thickness between the three different versions of the Novosbed. This provides you the perfect consistency in comfort, no matter what firmness level you choose. The first layer is a layer of Premium Airflow Foam that provides the cushioned feel in your desired firmness. The soft version features this as gel while the other two options use memory foam.

The next layer is a Premium Memory Foam that deepens comfort while transitioning to the thick Premium Support Foam below. The durable foundation of this mattress gives you even support for healthy sleeping in any position. The Novosbed is wrapped in a zip-off washable cover that is made with TENCEL for cooling properties.

Casper vs Novosbed – Motion Transfer:

novosbed mattress reviewAll-foam mattresses are said to be the best at providing a night of uninterrupted sleep. That’s because the layers of foam readily absorb vibrations. The Casper has four layers of dense foam that quickly isolate movement before it can spread. You might notice some instances of motion transfer, but these should be few and far between. This makes this mattress great for light sleepers who share their bed. No more waking up every time your partner rolls over with the Casper.

The Novosbed has a similar experience as most all-foam mattress designs. Even with responsive foam on top, motion transfer is scarcely felt. Vibrations are deadened as they work their way through the three dense layers of foam. When sharing a bed with someone on a different sleep schedule, you shouldn’t be disturbed by them coming or going. Light sleepers will rejoice in knowing they can slumber without disruptions in the Novosbed.

Casper vs Novosbed – Sleeping Cool:

casper vs yaasaCasper has incorporated several key elements to keep you sleeping cooler than with other competitors. Starting with the stretch knit cover, breathable material allows warmth to dissipate through. The firmness level of this mattress keeps you from sinking in too far where heat becomes trapped around your body.

The top layer of foam used in the construction of the Casper uses open-cell technology to increase air circulation. Because the memory foam is under the top layer instead of directly against your skin, you’ll sleep cooler. This material generally retains heat, so not utilizing it as the top layer is smart design. Overall, the Casper has decent temperature regulation built into its materials.

As a true memory foam mattress, the Novosbed had to include strategies to combat heat retention. The top layer of foam uses gel airflow memory foam. The gel draws heat away from your body to disperse it more consistently through the breathable foam. The holes punched in the foam created air circulation that dissipates heat.

A cover made from TENCEL works to wick away moisture and allow for maximum airflow. It is also soft to the touch. Selecting the firmer option of Novosbed will keep you from sinking down into the mattress as far. When sleeping “on top” of the mattress, air can travel readily around your body.

Casper vs Novosbed – Edge Support:

novosbed mattress reviewIf you share your bed with a partner or pet, it’s important to consider edge support. All-foam mattresses don’t tend to be the best for strength at the perimeter. The Casper does okay but lacks the high-quality feel of a traditional innerspring mattress. Search for a bed with dense foam encasement or heavy border wire to increase the usability of a foam mattress. You can sleep up to the edges with the Casper, giving you full utilization. However, we don’t recommend sitting for more than a few moments. You might feel like you’re on a sliding board after that.

You’ll want to be able to stretch out all the way for optimal comfort, so ensuring consistency is key. The Novosbed features dense, thick foams that create a solid surface. This means you get a consistent usage for all sleeping purposes. You shouldn’t experience any sensation of rolling out when you sleep at the perimeter. Space to stretch out will give you more valuable comfort, especially when sharing your bed. You can also sit at the sides of the Novosbed for short spurts, but it’s not ideal for long periods. It lacks the durability that you’d find with a traditional innerspring style mattress.

Casper vs Novosbed – Value:

This original online mattress company comes at a great value. A queen-sized Casper can be yours for $995. This price includes your bed-in-a-box shipping method. Casper’s convenience doesn’t stop with delivery. You also get a 100-night sleep trial to make sure you’re completely satisfied. A 10-year warranty cover manufacturer defects if any arise.

Interested in the Casper? Learn more and shop at Casper.com.

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The Novosbed starts at $1,099 for a queen size. This included the boxed shipping delivery right to your door. Better yet, upgrade to the white glove delivery service and old mattress removal with additional fees. Your standard Novosbed purchase includes a 120-night sleep trial to go above and beyond competitors. A 15-year warranty backs up the quality of this mattress design. Save $100 on your Novosbed purchase when you follow our exclusive line to Novosbed.com. This makes your price only $999.

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Casper vs Novosbed – Our Pick!

As in many cases, it comes down to what you are specifically looking for in a mattress. The Novosbed does have a slightly higher price, but the materials used are a slightly higher quality. You might have heard less about this brand than the popular Casper. Still, we think you’ll be happy you spent the extra money.

With the Novosbed, you have more shipping options to give you convenience that works best for you. You also get three different firmness level choices to make sure you get custom comfort to give you luxurious sleep. A TENCEL cover and gel-infused, aerated foam give you more chance to sleep cool. This mattress also provides more solid edge support.

Both mattresses perform about the same in the ability to stop motion transfer. The Casper is still a great choice with the Novosbed only outweighing it by a margin. If you’re on a strict budget, you can still find comfort, cooling properties, and good edge support with the Casper.

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