March 11, 2020

Oceano vs DreamCloud

If you’re on the hunt for a mattress that combines contouring memory foam with supportive coils, then you have come to the right place. The Oceano and DreamCloud hybrid mattresses have a lot in common. Including, individually pocketed coils, memory foam comfort layers, a pillow top and a thick build. Yet, these beds provide a rather different comfort experience, as well as different performances overall. Keep reading to find out which bed we think is the best buy.

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Oceano by Brentwood Home – Overview:

  • oceano vs dreamcloud mattress review14” – 4 Layers
  • Hybrid Construction
  • Medium-Plush Feel
  • Handmade in USA
  • Dual Coil System
  • Highly Rated Overall
  • Optional White Glove Delivery Service
  • 1 Year Trial Period
  • 25-Year Warranty
  • Price: $995- $1,995
  • Oceano by Brentwood Home Review

Brentwood Home is a California based brand that makes their mattresses by hand right here in the USA. The Oceano is one of their top sellers and for good reason. It is a great mattress with a Medium/Plush feel that appeals to a lot of different sleepers.

With it’s high quality materials from organic wool to it’s dual coil system, there are a lot of reasons to love the Oceano mattress. Keep reading to get all of the details on how the Oceano compares to the DreamCloud mattress.

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DreamCloud – Overview: 

  • dreamcloud vs oceano mattress review15” – 6 Layers
  • Hybrid Construction
  • Assembled In USA
  • Medium-Luxury Firm Feel
  • Optional White Glove Delivery Service
  • 365 Day Trial Period
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Price: $799 – $1,499
  • DreamCloud Mattress Review

Want the contouring comfort of memory foam, with the extra support of coil system? Welcome to the DreamCloud mattress! This hybrid mattress has plush memory foam comfort layers that are supported by an overall luxury firm bed.

Coming in at 15” tall with 6 different layers, you’re getting a substantial mattress at a rather reasonable price. Keep reading to learn more about how this mattress compares to the Oceano.

Oceano vs DreamCloud: Overall

When you look at these two mattresses separately, you will find that they are both well liked overall rather comfortable mattresses that will suite the needs of many. However, if you directly compare the Oceano to the DreamCloud mattress like we have, there is one overarching theme.

When it comes to how these mattresses perform, the Oceano beats out the DreamCloud in just about every category. We believe that the DreamCloud mattress is actually a rather comfortable bed, however it just comes up shy when it is directly compared to the outstanding quality of the Oceano.

That being said, not many mattresses would look great when compared to the Oceano by Brentwood Home. This American made hybrid mattress with a dual coil system rates very high in all of out categories. It often reaches the top of our Best Of lists. Keep reading through our review and we will walk you through how both the DreamCloud and the Oceano mattresses perform in each category.

does the oceano mattress sleep cool?

Check out the full Oceano mattress review and the DreamCloud review for more information!

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Delivery & Set Up – DreamCloud vs Oceano

How is it possible that such impressive and thick hybrid mattresses can be shipped to your door in a box? It is possible, and quite amazing. Below we will go through not only what to expect during the delivery, but also what delivery options are available. Along with some insight into what the set-up process looks like.

Delivery Process:

which mattress has the better shipping and priceThe delivery and set up process for most bed-in-a-box mattresses is rather similar. You order your mattress and then within a week or two it will be delivered to your home. Now, while this is also true for Oceano and DreamCloud, you also get the option of choosing white glove delivery service. While you do have to pay for this upgraded shipping option, some companies don’t offer it at all.

Both DreamCloud and Brentwood Home offer the upgrade for in home delivery and set up service. You can also request to have your old mattress taken out and disposed of for you. While this delivery upgrade is completely optional, it is great for anyone who needs or wants that extra help getting their mattress into their room and set up.

Set Up:

Another aspect of set-up that we always like to talk about is the new mattress smell. Now both of these beds use CertiPUR-US certified foams, so none of the smell on either of these beds will be noxious in anyway. Which is great news!

We always suggest buying a mattress with certified safe foams. We did find that the DreamCloud has slightly stronger smells, likely due to the amount of memory foam within the bed. While the Oceano had significantly less of a scent, and what we did smell was rather gentle.

We found that the Oceano was particularly heavy during set up, while this is a great sign that the mattress is dense and full of solid high-quality materials that are going to last a long time, it also made it a bit cumbersome at times. We suggest having at least two people to move it, or else upgrade to their in home delivery option.

We did not find that the DreamCloud was nearly as heavy, which does make us question it’s longevity as a mattress, however this did make it slightly easier to set up. We still suggest having at least two people moving the mattress at least. Check out a quick snapshot of how to unbox your new mattress below.

unbox lytton

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Materials & Construction – Oceano vs DreamCloud

When it comes to truly understanding the differences between beds it is good to have a thorough understanding of the materials and construction. Below we delve into each layer of the Oceano and DreamCloud. You will see how these two seemingly similar mattresses quickly start to differ.

Oceano by Brentwood Home – Materials

The overall build and materials used in the Brentwood Home Oceano mattress is truly what dream mattresses are made of. It starts with a silky soft breathable Tencel cover fabric that has been quilted and stitched with a soft wave pattern.

oceano mattress materials coupons

Then come the top comfort layers which give the Oceano it’s cool contouring feel. This is made out of a layer of wool and then a cooling gel memory foam. Wool is an amazing material for a mattress because it is temperature regulating, moisture wicking, and naturally fire dampening. The cooling gel memory foam also helps keep the mattress cool while providing a cushioning transition between the wool and the micro-coils.

The micro-coils are part of the dual coil system in the Oceano mattress. This miniature set of coils simultaneously provide loads of pressure relief and support. This is one of the features that really makes the Oceano mattress stand out from all of the rest.

Underneath the micro-coils is a layer of supportive foam. This foam provides a dense transition between the two layers of coils.

Nest up is the main 8” layer of coils in the Oceano mattress. All of the coils in this mattress are individually pocketed in order to cut down on motion transfer. They also reinforced the coils around the edges of the mattress in order to create as sturdy of an edge as possible.

Finally, there is a layer of base foam that lays out a solid foundation for the rest of the mattress to build off of. Which completes this top of the line sturdy American made mattress.

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DreamCloud Mattress – Materials

dreamcloud mattress materials and constructionThe DreamCloud mattress is a great mix between contouring memory foam and a supportive coil system. This combination makes for a rather balanced mattress. It all starts with their Cashex Cashmere Cover, this material is super soft to the touch and has a breathable feel.

This is quilted to the next layer which features their Trueloft Memory Foam. This is then followed by their point-activated gel memory foam. This combination is what provides the plush aspect to this Plush-Firm mattress feel. These comfort layers give a cushy, pressure relieving euro-style pillow top feel to the DreamCloud.

The next layer of foam is described as their low-motion transfer foam. This is a cushioning transition layer between the comfort foams and their coil system. Similar to the Oceano, DreamCloud also individually pockets their coils in order to limit the amount of motion transfer the mattress has. DreamCloud created a double row of coils around the edge of the mattress in order to create more edge support around the side of the bed.

Which brings us to the final layer in the DreamCloud mattress which is their base layer of porous foam. This is a breathable yet strong layer of foam that creates a foundation for the mattress while remaining breathable. This helps to keep air moving throughout the mattress.

Comfort – Oceano Mattress vs DreamCloud

oceano mattress comfortFor two hybrid mattresses that are similar in size, these beds feel rather different overall. The Oceano mattress has a Medium to Medium/Firm feel that is very supportive. It also has a rather adaptive feel to it which makes it very easy to move around in bed and changes very quickly to your movements.

While the DreamCloud has more of a Plush-Firm feel that is more contouring and slower to react to movements with all of its memory foam comfort foams. Both of which are comfortable to lay on however, you may find one style more comfortable over the other.

When it comes to our personal experience testing out these beds, we found that the Oceano was more comfortable overall. A lot of this has to do with their dual coil system. It supplies so much support and pressure relief that it really helps keep nearly every sleeping position the right balance between the two. We also personally prefer the feeling of a quick adapting comfort over slow moving memory foam.

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Motion Transfer – Oceano vs DreamCloud

The materials and construction of a mattress makes a huge difference in how a mattress eliminates motion transfer throughout a mattress. While most hybrid mattresses will have more vibrations move throughout a bed than an all-foam mattress will, the DreamCloud and Oceano have done a great job to limit this.

dreamcloud mattress comparison review comfort

This is where we would say DreamCloud performs a bit better. This is because they not only use individually wrapped coils, but they also use multiple layers of memory foam in different densities. This really helps to absorb movements throughout the bed.

Oceano by Brentwood Home still performs so darn well. With a dual coil system you might assume that it would have double the motion transfer, yet that is simply not true. The overall quality of the materials used in the Oceano mattress makes a huge difference when it comes to motion transfer.

The dense layer of memory foam helps to absorb any extra motion throughout the bed. This combined with the fact that they individually pocket all of their coils. This allows each coil to move independently from the others. Which keeps the mattress from having the old school problem of an intertwined coil system.

While both mattresses do a good job at eliminating motion transfer throughout the mattress, while it is a close call, we would still give the Oceano mattress the win for motion transfer. This is because we were so impressed by how it performed.

Edge Support – DreamCloud Mattress vs Oceano

dreamcloud worth it comparison reviewWhen we look at edge support, what is most important to us is for a mattress to be able to have an even amount of support throughout the entire mattress from edge to edge. If a bed can also support your body weight for when you sit on the side of the bed that is a big bonus.

Both Oceano and DreamCloud have special reinforced edges in their coil systems. This is an upgrade for DreamCloud which used to only have a dense foam encasement. While they both use coils to reinforce their edges, they do this in two different ways.

Brentwood Home uses a thicker gauge of coils around the perimeter of their mattress to give the Oceano more support. While DreamCloud uses a double row rim of coils to improve the amount of edge support that the mattress has.

While both of these methods work, we found that the thicker gauge coils in the Oceano simply did a better job at supporting body weight. This method not only allows the Oceano to provide the same amount of support from edge to edge, it also allows for loads of support when sitting on the side of the bed as well.

Sleeping Cool – Oceano vs DreamCloud

is the dreamcloud of the oceano mattress better?When you are trying to determine how cool a mattress sleeps, what you need to look for what the mattress is made out of and how much airflow does it have. One reason all-foam mattresses are known for sleeping a bit warmer is due to the lack of airflow that is provided when you buy a hybrid mattress instead. Coil systems are great at supplying lots of support and loads of airflow which allows heat to escape for a mattress. Which is going to be a big bonus for sleeping cool with the Oceano and DreamCloud.

The DreamCloud does however have a number of memory foam layers right at the top of the bed. This will hold onto heat a bit more. Especially since the very top layer does not have any extra cooling properties, like gel infusions.

In comparison, the Oceano mattress has a breathable Tencel fabric that covers a layer of wool. Which, if you did not know is wonderful for regulating temperature. This will help keep the mattress a neutral sleeping temperature. It also helps wick away moisture so any sweat that may occur will not sit on the top of the mattress making the sleeper uncomfortable. Then the following layer of foam is infused with a cooling gel. Oceano’s second micro-coil layer also helps to provide even more airflow to the top of the mattress, allowing the bed to sleep even cooler. Which is why Oceano wins in the Sleeping Cool category.

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Mattress Value:

is the oceano mattress better than the dreamcloud?The true value of a mattress is not based on its price, it is based off of the amount of quality comfort and performance it provides for its sleeper. While sometimes this lines up with the price, it doesn’t always. Overall, we found that the Oceano by Brentwood Home performed better and provided more comfort for its sleepers on average than the DreamCloud did.

This makes the Oceano’s price right on par with how we feel for these two beds. The Oceano is truly the better buy, while you could safe a few bucks on the DreamCloud mattress, we don’t think it will provide you as long-lasting comfort like the Oceano will. Which is why even at it’s slightly higher price tag, we still view the Oceano as the mattress with better value.

Oceano Mattress: Prices (BEFORE Coupons!)

Twin: $995
Twin XL:
California King:
Split King: $2,390

This sounds like a great deal to us. With this deal you get a luxurious design, and great materials with quality craftsmanship. Be sure to take advantage of our EXCLUSIVE 15% OFF coupon with code: OURSLEEPGUIDE15. This coupon code will bring the price of the Oceano Mattress down to a shockingly low price of $1,270.

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DreamCloud: Prices (BEFORE Coupons!)

Twin: $799
Twin XL:
California King:

Oceano vs DreamCloud – Final Thoughts:

The DreamCloud is a supportive comfortable mattress that has a Plush Firm feel and the benefits of memory foam and a coil system. Overall, it is a well performing mattress that will work for a lot of people. However, the Oceano by Brentwood Home simply outperforms the DreamCloud. With it’s dual coil system and top of the line materials really make for a fantastic mattress. There is no doubt that the Oceano mattress is a crowd pleaser. We highly suggest you check it out.

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