March 10, 2020

Best Mattresses for Seniors

best mattresses for seniorsAs we age our bodies change in a variety of ways. Making some things harder to do than they once were. This can be true for sleeping too. This is why finding the best mattresses for seniors is so important. Trying to reduce aches and pains, as well as finding a mattress that helps you relax is essential.

Many factors come into changing sleep patterns at various stages of life. As you age your body has more aches and pains that keep you up at night. And your body also produces less melatonin, the hormone which helps you sleep. Even your sleep cycle changes and you don’t sleep as sound. Often times sleeping lighter and waking up more frequently.

If you are in need of a new mattress and are at a later stage of life, we have the perfect guide for you. Below we will go through not only what some of the best mattress options are, but also what key factors you should consider when buying a new mattress.

Our Top 9 Best Mattresses for Seniors:

Below is a quick look at the top 9 mattresses we recommend for older and elderly sleepers. These mattresses are all less than 12″ thick, offer solid, high quality materials and will appeal to specific needs too.

We will go through the details of what to look for in a mattress for seniors below our list. As well as offer more details on each of these recommended beds further down the page too.

  1. Brooklyn Signature |Best Overall Mattress | BUY HERE!
  2. Saatva | Best Firm Mattress | BUY HERE!
  3. Helix Original | Best Soft Mattress | BUY HERE!
  4. Avocado | Best Cooling Mattress | BUY HERE!
  5. Spindle | Best Mattress for Hip Pain | BUY HERE!
  6. Bear Original | Best Mattress for Back Pain |BUY HERE!
  7. Nolah Original | Best Mattress for Light Seniors | BUY HERE!
  8. Titan Mattress | Best Mattress for Heavy Seniors | BUY HERE!

What Seniors Should Look for in a Mattress:

best mattress for elderlyTaking care of your body at every age is important. However, as you get older what your body needs may have altered over time. Realizing that your requirements for comfort may have completely changed, and you may not have even noticed. This is why mattress shopping can be confusing and downright tiring.

And finding the best mattresses for seniors can be a little different than if you were at a different stage in life. Understanding what is important to look for in a mattress is a great place to start. Below is a quick list of a few key elements a mattress should have for an older sleeper.

  1. Proper Mattress Height (12″ or Less)
  2. Best Mattress Type (Memory Foam, Hybrid, Etc.)
  3. Ideal Comfort & Support
  4. High Quality
  5. Temperature Regulation
  6. Solid Edges

#1 – Proper Mattress Height:

The mattress height may be one of the most overlooked but essential parts of choosing a mattress at this stage. Especially if you are older, because getting in and out of bed is not only more difficult, but also typically more frequent.

mattress height for seniorsMattresses are always a standard length and width, but height varies quite a bit depending on the materials and construction. Often times mattresses range from about 8″ thick all the way to 15″+ thick, making a big difference in height.

The most ideal height of where you want to be getting in and out of bed is right about hip level. You want to easily sit on the bed without falling into it, which will happen if it isn’t far enough off the ground. But, you don’t want it too be too far off the ground where you have to practically jump to get into it or you need a stool.

Measuring the distance between the floor to your hip (right under you rear) will give you a good idea how high you need your mattress off the floor. This number will not only take into account the thickness of the mattress but also what type of base you will be using. Having an idea what your mattress will be sitting on first, may be the best place to start.

Below are a few scenarios to help you understand how to figure out what mattress height to look for.

Measuring Mattress Height Examples:

best mattress height for seniorsFor example, you start by measuring from the floor to your hip a rough distance of 27″. This is where you would prefer your idea height for the top of your mattress to be. Let’s say you already have a frame and box spring that you want to use and just replace the mattress on top.

Together your frame and box spring equal 16.5″ off the ground. This means you will want a mattress that is about 11″ thick (give or take an inch) to make a total height of about 27″. This will help you eliminate any mattress options that aren’t between 10″ to 12″.

Working with the same 27″ preference but maybe you want to also get an adjustable base at the same time you purchase your new mattress. However, the adjustable base only comes up 14″ off the ground.

You still need the top of the bed to be about 27″ so now the height of mattress will need to change. This now makes your mattress height preference to about 14″ thick. Now looking for a mattress you will want to stay around 13″ to 15″ total to make sure you find something that comes as close to your preferred height as possible.

#2 – Best Type of Mattress for Seniors:

When it comes to mattress styles you have plenty of options. Each style has their own unique benefits, pros and cons. Making it another important part when choosing a new mattress. Having an idea of which style will be best for you can help narrow down your options even further.  Below are the 5 most popular mattress style options. With a brief overview of their typical construction and pros and cons.

  1. Memory Foam

    memory foam mattressThe ever popular memory foam is even more popular for people in their 60’s. As promised, a memory foam evenly distributes your weight. This is ideal for pressure relief on all your joints. And minimal sleep disturbance if great for your partner. The only downside to a memory foam is heat. Since a memory foam sleeps warm, if you are a woman with night sweats, this mattress is not ideal.

  2. Innerspring

    innerspring mattressThere’s a reason innerspring mattresses have been around for so long. They are universally comfortable and come in a variety of styles. With an innerspring, more expensive does not mean a better mattress. While you may not need the most coils ever, you definitely need more coils than your old mattress. The coil count is only important if you choose an innerspring mattress, but as we mentioned before, the innerspring is a classic among the elderly. The idea is that the more coils, the more support. However, get too many coils and it may be too firm and hard on your back. Pay close attention to the coil count to find the perfect balance between comfort and support. 

  3. Hybrid

    hybrid mattressIf you want the best of an innerspring mattress and memory foam mattress than you’ll love a hybrid. Hybrid mattresses offer a solid coil system for the foundation. Giving you ample support and long lasting durability. However, when paired with several layers of foam you also get the comfort and pressure relief your body also needs. Making hybrid style mattresses a fantastic choice for older sleepers.

  4. Latex

    latex mattressAnother mattress option is the all foam or hybrid option that uses latex foam. Latex is a very durable, responsive and pressure relieving foam. Not to mention natural too. A latex mattress is typically more supportive than memory foam or poly foam, which is often recommended by health professionals. It also happens to sleep much cooler than man-made foams as well. Though some may argue it doesn’t have the same pressure relief as memory foam, it is a great option. And can be a great option for anyone who suffers from back pain.

  5. Air Mattress

    An air mattress may be a surprisingly good choice as you age. The benefit is that air mattresses can be used when partner have differing mattress needs. If this seems like the solution for you, be sure that you choose an air mattress that is firm enough. If it is not, it could do more harm than good on your back pain.

#3 – Ideal Comfort & Support:

Regardless of age, comfort is subjective. But, having a mattress that offers great support is something everyone should have. When it comes to a new mattress almost all will have great support. At least initially. For better long term support more robust materials will hold up better. Typically steel coil systems offer better long term durability. While latex foams also outrank any other type of foam for longevity. Having an all foam mattress that uses denser, high quality base foam also makes a difference for support.

comfortable sleep at every ageWhen it comes to comfort, it really comes down to your sleeping preferences and your shape, size and any additional needs. Typically a medium to medium-soft mattress is more ideal for side sleepers. While back and stomach sleepers will prefer a medium-firm feel. If you are on the lighter side you may prefer a more medium to medium-soft feel. While heavier people will appreciate a more medium-firm feel.

If you suffer from any pains or aches you may also find that to make a difference when choosing a mattress. If you have arthritis or hip pain a mattress that offers great pressure relief from thick layers of memory foam or latex will be great. While anyone who suffers from back pain may be better off on a slightly firm to medium-firm mattress. We have some great recommendations below for a variety of needs.

#4 – Quality:

best quality mattressChoosing a mattress is not something you’d prefer to do often. So buy a mattress that will last and support you for years to come. A good mattress should typically last 7-10 years. Most mattresses made of inner springs and coils, latex, or memory foam are made with more durable materials. They often include a great warranty, should anything need to be replaced.

A few tips when it comes to materials. Make sure if you choose latex that it is 100% latex and not synthetic or a blend. This will be the best choice to last a long time.

With memory foam the density of the foams is going to give more insight to the long lasting quality. The denser the foam, the more resilient it is.

And if you have coils keeping an eye on the coil count as well as gauge of steel will help. The thicker the coils the less you may need, but if they are a little thinner than you’ll want more. Finding the best balance of quantity and gauge is best for quality and comfort.

#5 – Temperature Regulation: 

best cooling mattress for seniorsWomen aren’t the only ones who sleep warm. Night sweats can also be linked to lower testosterone in men. Regardless, getting older brings it’s own new challenges, especially to sleep. And, to top it off, the more restless you’re sleeping means you’ll create even more body heat. This is where a mattress can make a different.

You want to ensure that your mattress has breathability and good airflow. Traditional spring coil mattresses are the coolest because there is plenty of air flow between coils. Latex is the second most cooling. And finally, gel infused memory foam strives to use technology and engineering to create ways to make memory foam as cooling as possible.

However, if you are older and find yourself on the opposite spectrum, and looking for a little extra warmth, than your needs and desires might shift towards a bed that does hold the heat a bit more. So, if you sleep cool an all foam or memory foam mattress that sleeps a little warmer may be best. Or adding a memory foam or wool mattress topper to a cooler sleeping mattress to add some extra plushness and coziness may be in order too.

#6 – Solid Edges

sitting on edge of bedThe edge support of a mattress is key when buying at any age. But, will become increasingly important when you use the edges even more for getting in and out and sitting as needed. Finding a mattress that has solid and sturdy edges not only provides a more usable sleeping surface but also allows you to never feel like your mattress is going to give way when getting in or out of bed.

This is also true if you use your mattress more and more for sitting too. When we get older we need more assistance and making sure we have a mattress that won’t let us down, literally, is very important. This is where quality and materials can play a role again. By having denser and more durable foams, like latex and higher end memory foam, as well as coil systems will create better edges for better use.

Our Picks for Best Mattresses for Seniors:

best mattresses for seniorsYour body has given you everything you have needed for all time. Don’t make it suffer at night on a saggy mattress. You and your body have worked hard for several years to earn this sleep, you deserve it. Once you break it down and know what you’re looking for, mattress shopping should be the easiest thing to do, after sleeping.

Below are several ideal options for a variety of sleepers and needs. One thing all of our choices for the best mattresses for seniors have in common is a height that is less than 12″. Mattresses that are between 10″ to 11″ will be more ideal to easily get in and out of at this stage of life. Making the overall experience and comfort optimal for seniors.

Overall Best Mattress for Seniors: Brooklyn Signature

comparison review signature vs auroraIf you are looking for a well made and balanced hybrid mattress that offers an ideal medium to medium-firm feel we suggest the Brooklyn Bedding Signaturemattress.

This mattress is not only priced right, but uses a 6″ coil system paired with two layers of comfort foams for a 10″ mattress that will appeal to many sleepers. The pressure relief is just right. While the support is plentiful. Offering many benefits and a great sleeping surface.

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Best Firm Mattress for Seniors: Saatva

best firm mattress for seniorsIf you like a traditional feeling innerspring mattress that is solid, stable and more on the firm side, than you’ll absolutely love the Saatva mattress.

This mattress may be a little thicker at 11.5″ but the dual coil system will last for years and years. Giving you a sleeping surface that creates ideal posture for back sleepers. The ample air flow will ensure plenty of breathability for a cool bed too. While the coils on coils provide amazing edge support too.

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Best Soft Mattress for Seniors: Helix

helix luxe mattress reviewIf you like a mattress that is a little softer but still very supportive and made with you in mind we suggest the original Helix mattress.

Though this 10″ mattress is available in 9 unique and different comfort levels, the Sunset and Moonlight models provide a great sleep surface that uses slightly softer foams on a hybrid build for just enough pressure relief and ideal comfort on your shoulders and hips.

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Best Cooling Mattress for Seniors: Avocado

best mattress for older sleepersIf you want a mattress that has everything and than some you’ll surely appreciate the amazing aspects of the 11″ Avocado latex hybrid mattress. It is a 100% natural mattress that is also a very cool mattress great for anyone who sleeps warm.

This organic bed uses a combination of Dunlop latex, coils, wool and cotton to create the ultimate sleeping experience. The responsive yet pressure relieving feel creates ideal balance. With support that will outlast your expectations and quality and durability that you’d expect from a mattress that costs much more.

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Best Mattress for Seniors with Arthritis: Puffy

best memory foam mattress for seniorsIf you want a memory foam mattress that is super balanced, extremely pressure relieving and not to firm or soft, the original Puffy mattress is the bed for you.

This 10″ mattress uses 3 layers of foam to create a perfectly contouring mattress that doesn’t sleep hot, has very minimal motion transfer and comes in at a great price. The bonus with this mattress is the fact that the cover is even removable and can be washed too. Giving you a quality mattress that is perfect at every stage of life.

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Best Mattress for Seniors with Hip Pain: Spindle

best mattress for hip painWhen it comes to aches and pains having a mattress that contours to you, but also gives a little push back is perfect. An all latex foam mattress, like the Spindle, gives you a great natural mattress with pressure relief in all the right spots.

The great thing about this all latex bed is that it is available in a variety of firmness levels. Meaning that you’ll find the perfect fit and feel that will not only give you support, but perfected comfort to make sure all aches and pains are minimized. This mattress will last and last and the price tag is quite reasonable too. Making this mattress one to seriously consider.

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Best Mattress for Seniors with Back Pain: Bear

best mattress for back painIf you suffer from back pain having a mattress that is firm yet pressure relieving will help. Add the recovery aiding power of Celliant and you’ll have the perfect bed. This is exactly what the Bear all foam mattress is.

This three layer foam bed is an ideal medium-firm feel that pairs memory foam and a more responsive transition foam. Together making a comfort level that is universal but best for back sleepers. Coming in with ample support but just enough softness to really cradle your lumbar and perfect your sleeping posture. Making an ideal sleep surface for older sleepers suffering from back pain.

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Best Mattress for Light Seniors: Nolah

best mattress for light seniorsIf you are on the smaller side and looking for a mattress that will still be supportive and comfortable the original Nolah all foam mattress is a great choice. This 10″ foam bed offers three layers to create an ideal medium feel.

This new age memory foam bed is often times associated as being one of the best mattresses for side sleepers. Meaning that it is just a tad softer than the majority on online mattresses out there. It also means that it is a great option for sleepers who are on the thinner or lighter side and still want great support but don’t want a mattress that is too firm.

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Best Mattress for Heavy Seniors: Titan

best mattress for heavy seniorsIf you are on the larger side but still want a solid mattress that isn’t overly thick the Titan by Brooklyn Bedding is a perfect fit. This mattress pairs the amazing quality of thicker beds intended for larger sleepers, but offers a thinner profile.

This means that you can have a lower profile mattress and you won’t loose out on quality, durability or longevity. The 6″ coil system of this mattress uses higher caliber steel for industrial support. The double thick layer of base foam also creates better stability. And the two layers of comfort foam are dense, yet pliable. Making this mattress one that will hold up and get you great rest.

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Best Mattress Pad for Seniors: Oceano

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Best Mattress Protector for Seniors: Tuft & Needle

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