August 27, 2018

Helix Plus vs Big Fig

In this mattress comparison article we review the Helix Plus vs Big Fig. The Big Fig is a brand with a goal to provide comfort and long-lasting quality to “bigger figures”.  While Helix’s goal is to find the ideal mattress for all sleepers, including all sizes and shapes. Which is why they have even dedicated a mattress constructed specifically to a “bigger & taller” crowd too. Both of these mattresses are hybrid options that have durable and solid materials from top to bottom. They are thicker and easily accommodate sleepers that weigh above average. Discover which brand is the better choice for you when you read our Helix Nightfall vs Big Fig review.

helix plus vs big fig

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Helix Plus – Overview:

helix plusHelix entered the online mattress industry with a unique approach of offering custom comfort. By assessing a sleepers needs through a short survey they were able to deduce the ideal feel and support needed for individuals. In Summer of 2018 Helix updated their offerings as well as the selection process to be more streamlined. Now offering not only a survey but also the opportunity for sleepers to select their mattress directly too. This has allowed them to still easily offer options for all sleepers needs while giving more say to the purchaser.

The Helix Plus (formally Helix Nightfall) is one of their specialty mattresses that aims to provide comfort and support for plus-sized sleepers. It is a slightly upgraded variation of their standard selection hybrid mattresses. It includes an extra layer of dense foam and larger higher grade coils for more strength and durability. With these additions it measures two inches thicker than the other Helix designs. Making it more appealing to taller individuals as well. This addition to the Helix line-up is a great option for larger sleepers who are looking to stay within a more reasonable budget while still getting the necessary comfort and support they need.

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Big Fig – Overview:

helix nightfall vs big figThe Big Fig mattress was designed with the comfort of larger people in mind. This bed can hold up to a combined weight of 1,000 pounds. The mattress measures 13 inches thick and contains several layers of foams, a coil set, and a foam encasement. There is gel in the top layer of foam and the cover for cooling benefits. There are twice the typical number of individually-wrapped springs in the Big Fig coil set.

This mattress will easily accommodate larger sleepers and still offer plenty of support and comfort. With your purchase the option of adding a foundation and solid steel frame is available too. These upgrades will come with a price but may be worth it to ensure the solid support of every angle of this bed. There is also the option to upgrade to white glove delivery too. This company completes all their manufacturing in the USA and upholds their value with a 20-year warranty.

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Helix Plus vs Big Fig – Delivery:

helix nightfall vs big figThough the delivery process for these two mattresses may be different both have their own appeal. The Helix is shipped at no additional charge in a convenient box. Your new mattress should arrive within about a week of your purchase date, giving you little wait time. When it does arrive the process should be fairly simple. Move the box to the location you will be sleeping. Take the rolled up mattress out of the box and position on your frame or foundation and carefully cut the plastic away.

The Helix should only take a few minutes to initially expand. Though a good 24 to 48 hours is needed to let your mattress fully firm up you can sleep on it that first night. Just keep in mind that the feel will slightly change within those first few days.

The Big Fig mattress will be brought directly to your door for free by means of a delivery service. However, to bring it in and set it up will cost an additional $99. Since this mattress is not roll packed and weighs 120 lbs the process of getting it to your room may be much more cumbersome than the Helix. Especially if you don’t splurge for the white glove delivery.

One of the positives with this mattress not being roll packed is it will take no time to expand which is nice. However, besides the added cost or added inconvenience of getting your new mattress to your room is also the wait it may take to get your new bed. Unlike most boxed mattresses the Big Fig goes through shipping services. This process usually takes several weeks longer and you may be waiting up to 5 or 6 week before you get your new Big Fig.

Helix Plus vs Big Fig – Off-Gassing:

our rating guideDuring the unboxing of the Helix you will notice very little off gassing odors, if any at all. This USA made product spends little time in the box or plastic. And the materials are free of any toxins or chemicals. Giving the mattress if anything a “new” mattress smell, but nothing noxious.

The Big Fig will also have very limited smells during the unpackaging process. Though there may be a few lingering “new” mattress smells, but should dissipate very quickly after unwrapping. With both of these mattresses you will not notice much, if any fumes. The materials and quality of both of these American made beds upholds the highest standards of quality control. Including using safe and healthy materials.

Ready to order you new Helix Plus? Learn more and shop at HelixSleep.com. Or order your Big Fig now at BigFigMattress.com.

Helix Plus – Comfort:

helix plus vs big figThe Helix company prides itself on mattresses that are specific to the comfort needs of individual sleepers. The Nightfall version was created to incorporate the preferences and necessities for larger people. An additional denser foam layer and a larger coil set create more strength and durability. These give you the firmer support needed for improved comfort.

You will still have a bit of a plush feel due to the memory and dynamic foam layers on top. This makes side sleeping comfortable for larger people, but smaller people might find it too firm. Back sleeping will get you cradling at the neck and shoulders with optimal lumbar support. Stomach sleeping is achieved through the firm strength in the coil system. This prevents back bowing. The Nightfall will feel like a medium comfort level for plus-sized people. It will be sensed on the firmer side of comfort for average and petite people.

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Big Fig – Comfort:

helix plus vs big figThe Big Fig was designed with comfort and support for larger persons in mind. This 13-inch hybrid has all the high-quality materials to do just that. This mattress is great for back sleepers of any size to get contoured support where needed most. Heavier side sleepers will be thrilled with the cushioning pressure relief that won’t bottom out.

However, smaller people may feel that this mattress is too firm for comfortable side sleeping. Still, stomach sleepers of any weight and height will get ideal stomach sleeping support. There is enough firmness to prevent the back from bowing. The Big Fig can withstand a combined weight of up to 1,000 pounds. The solid core and durable foams were chosen for long-lasting comfort.

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Helix Plus – Materials and Construction:

All other styles of the Helix mattress measure only ten inches thick. Yet, the Plus measures 12 inches thick with the inclusion of an extra layer and larger coil set. It follows the same hybrid design with a the few additions to increase the firmness and longevity.

On top of the Helix Plus are the comfort foam layers. The first is a Memory Foam that is pressure relieving and evenly distributes weight. This is followed up by a Helix Dynamic Foam. This foam provides a nice amount of cushion as well as responsiveness. These foams work together to contour to your body while still providing a dense solid feel.

The new layer of dense memory foam in this variation rests under these two layers. This deepens comfort while providing a better transition to the coil set. The taller XL coil system features individually-wrapped springs. This creates the core of this mattress’s support. They prevent the bed from sagging and aid in getting correct spinal alignment.

The final component of the Helix Plus is the super dense base foam. This 1″ of dense base foam provides a solid foundation for the above mentioned materials. As well as more strength and durability to this mattresses design. All Helix mattresses use the Helix Two Touch Design cover. It is made with fabric that provides a soft touch and breathability. It stretches optimally to allow for perfect contouring. You can upgrade to the Cooling Cover to maximize heat reduction.

helix matress review

Shop the extra thick, ideally supportive and super comfortable Helix Plus mattress at HelixSleep.com.

Big Fig – Materials and Construction:

This 13-inch thick mattress is created with four layers of foam and a coil set. Its design even includes a cooling fabric cover and an edge foam encasement. For the icing on the cake, your purchase of a Big Fig mattress includes the Big Fig Foundation. Starting at the top of the layers, a gel-infused latex foam comes first. It is perforated to increase air flow while the gels evenly distribute your body’s heat.

Next comes three layers of high-density poly foams that prevent the mattress from sagging. Each measuring an inch thick, they have a minimum density of 1.8 pounds per cubic foot. These foams create a supportive contour that cushions the body without sacrificing support.

The coil set lies directly under these comforting materials to provide you with the solid support you need. The Big Fig consists of twice the average innerspring mattress with 1,600 individually-wrapped coils. They push back against your weight for strong underlying support. They surrounded this coil system with a firm foam encasement to strengthen edge support.

The cover of the Big Fig features ThermoGel cooling technology. The quilted surface will enhance the cooling properties in the top layer of foam to reduce heat retention. It is compressed and tufted in 16 key places to prevent the materials from shifting and sagging.

big fig mattress review

Shop the mattress made for the bigger figure, the Big Fig mattress at BigFigMattress.com.

Helix Plus vs Big Fig – Motion Transfer:

big fig mattressIn all Helix mattresses, you will notice very little motion transfer. The top layers of dense and solid foam do a good job at absorbing most vibrations created. And the Helix Plus includes an extra layer of memory foam that will isolate motion transfer even further. They individually wrapped the XL coils to keep movement from creating a domino effect in this segment. This means less disturbances from your partner. Even light sleepers should get a good night’s sleep on the Helix Plus.

Similar the Big Fig mattresses uses individually wrapped coils too. Again this decreases in the vibrations felt from movement on the other side of the bed. The design of the Big Fig includes three layers of dense foam that will quickly absorb the effects of motion. They made a fourth layer of comfort foam on top from a responsive latex that will make changing positions easy. However, it does add a bit of initial spring. Both of these mattresses will have limited vibrations making for good motion isolation in either choice.

Helix Plus vs Big Fig – Sleeping Cool:

helix nightfall vs big figSince the Helix Sleep Plus is a hybrid mattress, you will have a much cooler experience than with an all-foam option. The Plus has an XL coil set that provides plenty of any trapped heat to escape. The foams in this mattress are also more dense, creating comfort that doesn’t let you sink in too far. There is also a more responsive foam under the first layer of memory foam to allow for ease of movement and never feeling stuck.

If you feel that this mattress might not provide you with adequate cooling properties, upgrade to the Cooling Cover. The fabric is very cool to the touch and has technology that draws heat away from the body. You should experience a temperature-neutral surface with this upgrade all night long with no overheating problems.

Learn more about the Helix mattresses in our full review HERE. Or hop now at HelixSleep.com.

helix nightfall vs big figThe Big Fig is also a hybrid style with a coil set that gives you healthy air circulation. As well as several layers of dense foam. Again the denser foams the less you sink in which means less heat retention. They infused the top layer of foam with gel as well as perforated. This increases the air flow and heat dissipating properties closer to the top.

The cover of the Big Fig is a ThermoGel treated fabric. It is cool to the touch, deepening the level of cooling power in the foam directly below it. They also tufted this cover in 16 key points. This keeps the materials from bunching and sagging, which can contribute to heat retention.  Both the Helix Nightfall and Big Fig will be limited in heat retention and sleeping cool should easy. So either choice in this matter will prove to be positive.

Learn more about the Big Fig mattresses in our full review HERE. Or hop now at BigFigMattress.com.

Helix Plus vs Big Fig– Edge Support:

helix nightfall vs big figHelix has updated its design to include more durable and high performing materials. The coil system in the Plus by Helix is a thicker and larger unit than in the other Helix models. Meaning the coils are taller as well as thicker gauged steel. They also feature a reinforced perimeter coil around the edges. This means even more stability and durability. The addition of an added layer of foam also improves the edge support. Not only is there an added layer but the foams are dense and very consistent.

This makes for a great combination of comfortable and very supportive materials. The feeling of an even and usable sleeping surface goes right up to the edge. Giving you full use of this mattress with no change from the center to the edge as far as feel or support goes. It also even gives a more resilient feel if you find yourself periodically sitting on the edges too.

helix nightfall vs big figUnlike many competitors, the Big Fig uses a dense foam encasement around the coil set instead of reinforced coils. This adds a durable strength at the perimeter for more usability. You’ll be able to sleep right up to the edge without a “rolling out” sensation. This means you can stretch out to use every square inch of the bed for sleeping purposes. You’ll even be able to sit at the sides of the mattress without an abundance of sinking.

The added edge support of both of these mattresses creates a sturdy and durable feel that will help the longevity, performance and overall comfort. Making both of these mattresses  a solid choice regardless of your size.

Helix Plus vs Big Fig– Value:

Even though Helix improved their designs, the prices never increased. Therefore, you get a better value for the same affordable price. You can purchase a HelixPlus in a queen size for $1,190. With the option of upgrading to the Cooling Cover for an additional $125. You also have the option of adding a foundation and frame or an adjustable base too. These will certainly increase the overall price though.

This includes your convenient boxed shipping right to your door for free. As well as a 100-night sleep trial with any Helix mattress purchase. A standard 10-year warranty covers any manufacturer defects you might encounter. Also, don’t forget to save with their latest coupon, making this mattress even more affordable!

Interested in the Helix Nightfall? Learn more and shop at HelixSleep.com.

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For $1,699, you can purchase a Big Fig mattress in a queen size. Included in this price is your Big Fig Foundation. You can opt out of this added foundation and save $100. The Big Fig also comes with a few other additional optional upgrades including white glove delivery as well as a steel frame.

Again these are optional but do come with an additional feel. However, the Big Fig does off set some of these added costs with their latest coupon. You’ll get the comfort of a 101-night sleep trial to ensure it’s the best fit for you. The Big Fig mattress comes with a 20-year warranty.

Interested in the Big Fig? Learn more and shop at BigFigMattress.com.

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Helix Plus vs Big Fig – Our Pick!

We would have to say that both of these beds will be great options for heavier, larger and obese sleepers. Providing ideal comfort with denser foams and more support with dynamic and durable coil systems. The Helix Plus and Big Fig really focus on quality both in materials and construction ensuring years of great sleep. With added support, comfort that is designed for more weight and all the benefits of sleeping cool, durable edges and minimizing motion transfer.

The price tag of the Helix Plus mattress does make it slightly more appealing. The benefits of both beds are plentiful and any larger or average size sleeper for that matter, won’t be disappointed. The Helix Plus option may be new, but it is serious competition when it comes to mattresses for the Big and Tall niche. Giving more options to this specific market of sleepers that may have gone unnoticed for too long.

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