September 30, 2020

Country Living & Sleep

When it comes to better sleep, putting some distance between the bright lights and noise of the city might just be the answer. If 2020 has taught us anything it might be that simple is best. And that country living & sleep, health and happiness are what we are craving. However, is there any truth to the benefits of sleeping in the fresh country air? Or is it just longing notion? Find out as we explore how country living and sleep are as perfect a pair as peanut butter and jelly.

country living & sleep

Rural Living Lifestyle:

better sleep in the countryWhen living in the country your lifestyle is certainly quite a bit different than city life. At least if you’re doing it right. Whether your up at dawn to milk the cows, going fishing at the pond before lunch or picking ripe raspberries in the afternoon there is a level of physical involvement that we often don’t get sitting in rush hour to sit at our computer to than sit in front of the tv.

The literal physical demands of country life are quite a bit different than those of city life. But, in the same instance our mental demand is also improved and our overall connection to world around us is vastly improved in a natural setting. Meaning that we are much less likely to suffer from stress, anxiety, depression and so many other avoidable ailments. All of which directly impact our lives 24-7, including sleep.

Though we can’t say country living doesn’t come with it’s own stresses, we can all admit that the day to day tasks of more a simplistic nature offer appeal. The biggest difference, in my opinion, is the lack of technology. By eliminating a constant distraction, or a device that never allows you to focus on one task at a time, you are able to pace yourself. And find a rhythm that offers a sense of peace.

Better Sleep In The Wild:

sleeping in the wild

There is something about fresh air, the sound of the breeze in the trees and the hum of crickets that could lull anyone to sleep. It’s no wonder that finding a link to better sleep in the country isn’t necessarily something we just conjure up. It also happens to be that are natural surroundings are biologically where we thrive.

Up until the industrial revolution most people lived rural lifestyles. With industrial jobs came mass migration to the city. Though those jobs have evolved from physically labor intensive to more mentally intensive, many people are still in a setting that isn’t quite natural – literally. With city life comes close shared quarters, less green space, a faster pace lifestyle and a disconnect from the rhythm of the Earth. Which all can impact your sleep.

bring nature inIt isn’t just happenstance that we sleep at night. This is part of our natural circadian rhythm. Our body knows that we need daylight to achieve most of our tasks. Our body also knows that int he evening is when our body is meant to rest. When you attune yourself with nature and it’s clock your body runs and sleeps in a deeper natural state.

Top that off with a more active lifestyle that fills you with more outside fresh air and more physical demand and its no wonder why you would sleep better in the country. You also are more likely to have a full day, in the sense that you are up and at it with the rooster and working and enjoying Gods good earth until the sun sets.

City Living With Country Sleep:

We know it isn’t possible for everyone to pack up and relocate to the country. However, there are several ways to try to bring the simplicity of rural living to your bedroom and your sleep.

get your hands dirty

To start, try your best to disconnect with technology and reconnect with nature. This may be a little tricky, but if you can get outside and try to go for a walk at anytime during the day is a good start. Or if it’s the right time of year, open the windows to let in some fresh air. Or start a garden… inside or outside, bring nature in. Even picking up a real book and flipping through the pages is a good alternative to looking at the tv or your phone.

If you can’t get the real deal, trying to mimic it could also help. Using a sound machine in your bedroom that gives you an array of natural sounds can help lull you to sleep. Also, using a fan to create a bit of a breeze could also help create a little air movement. And lastly, creating a bedroom space that has more of a natural or country flare could help you relax too.

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Create A Bedroom Getaway:

country bedroomSometimes having a reminder to leave our technology outside of the bedroom is necessary. Though it is as debatable as whether or not to have a TV in the bedroom, other devices could also be unintentionally interrupting your sleep. Creating a simplistic haven in your bedroom might be a great way to gently remind you that this is your time for rest.

Which is why we thing that having a bedroom that literally makes you think of a country cottage, cozy cabin or idyllic farmhouse are the perfect answer. By walking into a room that makes you feel transported to a simpler feeling place could help your mind and body relax much better. Keep it simple. Keep it peaceful. And keep it cozy. But, also make sure to keep it your own!

Country Living Home Collection:

If you are looking for some inspiration straight from the source, Country Living, than what better way than to look into pieces straight from their collection? With a few charming pieces to add to your bedroom you could make your bedroom feel more rustic, or at least cozy and casual, instantly.

By adding a cozy throw, gingham sheets or a perfectly charming quilt, you could change the feel of your room quickly. Add a house plant or two for added life and fresh air along with a sound machine that adds a touch of ambiance and voila!

Country Living Mattress Collection:

Whether you actually live in the rural countryside or not there is one thing you can certainly have. A mattress that lets you sleep like you are. You know that comfort and quality is key when the magazine Country Living has put it’s stamp of approval on it. More on this coming soon!

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