September 8, 2023

Buffy Bedding’s Top Products

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If you are a lover of bedding that is extra soft, fluffy, and comfortable then you have come to the right place! We are going to share with you some of our all time favorite products from Buffy! The Buffy Brand creates fun and comfortable bedding products.

Buffy specializes in creating cool and cozy products that everyone can love. They even create products that use eco-friendly or recycled materials. We are going to share with you what we consider to be the Best of Buffy Bedding! Stick around to find out which Buffy products we like most and think you will love too.

Buffy Cloud Comforter

buffy cloud comforter reviewThis extra fluffy duvet insert from Buffy is one of their top selling products and it isn’t hard to see why. If you love extra fluffy duvet inserts, then this is a great option for you. It is their slightly warmer duvet insert that really is their all-season option.

Making this great to use year-round including in the winter time. We think this cloud like duvet insert is a great option, as long as you are not the type of sleeper that tends to get hot easily. If you are a rather hot natured sleeper, skip down to the Buffy Breeze!

However, we found that most sleepers are comfortable and really enjoy the look and feel of this extra puffy duvet insert.

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Eucalyptus Sheet Set + Duvet Cover

best sheets from buffyThe Buffy Eucalyptus Sheets are one of our top favorite picks from the Buffy bedding line. These silky smooth sheets are great for staying cool and comfortable throughout the night.

They made these sheets out of a soft lyocell fabric that is made from eucalyptus fibers. They do not contain any essential oils in them so they do not have any scent of eucalyptus.

Instead, they are simply comfort cool sleeping sheets with a silky look and feel to them. If you really like the feel of Tencel fabric or the look of a sateen sheet, then we think you will also love the look and feel of the Eucalyptus sheets from Buffy. They also make a duvet cover in this same material that is ideal for going over with the Cloud or Breeze comforter.

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Buffy Breeze Comforter

lightweight breathable buffy duvet insertIf you like the sound of the Eucalyptus Sheets from Buffy, then you are going to love the Buffy Breeze. This comforter from Buffy is lightweight and made to feel extra soft while keeping you comfortably cool throughout the night. If you want to stay cool throughout the night and love the feeling of a fluffy comforter, then this is a great option for you.

The cover is made out of their signature eucalyptus lyocell fabric, similar to their sheets. This fabric is breathable and wicks away more moisture than cotton. Making this ideal for anyone who tends to get a bit sweaty when they sleep. The internal fill is also made from a eucalyptus based fiber. This is our favorite duvet recommendation for any of our hot sleepers out there.

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Buffy Cloud Pillow

squishable puffy pillow from buffyTake the same extra fluffy comfort that you get from the Buffy Cloud Comforter and turn it into a pillow! This is a great fluffy pillow option for anyone who wants a simple straight forward fluffy pillow option.

This pillow has no stiff memory foam or allergy inducing down feathers. It instead features recycled materials and is hypoallergenic.

The cover is made out of their lyocell fabric. While the internal fill is 100% GRS-certified, BPA-free, recycled PET fill. Making this an eco-friendly fluffy pillow. They even sell these pillows in convenient packs in order to buy and save more.

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The Puffer Blanket

puffer jacket blanketThe Buffy Puffer Blanket is something out of our dreams. Such a fun and inventive take on a blanket. Buffy made this blanket to feel like a puffy winter jacket without the slick plastic-y feel. Instead, this fun throw blanket has a soft silky eucalyptus cover. They recommend using this blanket indoors or outdoors as you see fit.

If you love everything outdoorsy, we think you’re really going to enjoy the look and feel of the Puffer Blanket. It is stain-resistant and makes for a great picnic blanket or throw blanket on the bed. It even makes a great secondary layer when camping. A great blanket to have around.

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Hemp Linen Sheets + Duvet Cover

hemp linen sheets from buffy beddingIf you adore the look and feel of linen, but want something a bit more low-key and not quite as pricey, then you will love these sheets! The Buffy Hemp Linen Sheets look and feel like real European flax linen. However, they are slightly more affordable and slightly more eco-friendly. Making these a fun alternative to the traditional flax linen.

We love the texture these sheets bring into the bedroom. They have a chic natural vibe that looks and feel great. They continue to get soft the more you use and wash them. You can also get the duvet dover in this material to match with your sheets or mix and match with the eucalyptus for a mixed texture look.

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Wiggle Pillow

our favorite buffy bedding productsWe would place our bets that you have never seen a body pillow quite like the Wiggle Pillow before. These are fuzzy, flexible, shapeable body pillow that are designed to be your best snuggle buddy ever. The cover is an extra fuzzy sherpa like material that comes in a few fun warm neutral shades that are definitely on trend.

This pillow is great for lounging, but we particularly enjoy using it between the knees for side sleepers or wrapped around for neck or back support. Overall, this works well for anything you use a body pillow for, but it is better!

Plushy Mattress Topper

extra soft mattress protectorAdd the breathable fluffy comfort of the Buffy Cloud Comforter on top for your mattress!

This mattress topper adds that pillow top feel to any mattress you put it on. It is such a fun way to add a bit of added pressure relieve and luxurious comfort to your bed.

It of course features the Buffy signature eucalyptus lyocell fabric on top and their recycled PET fill in the center. Overall, this is a great way to add a bit of fluffy comfort to your bed.

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Buffy Essentials Set

buffy sheets essentials packYou can get this set in either their Eucalyptus or Hemp Linen material. This set is a popular choice because it combines so many of their popular items. Many of these items are often purchased together. This includes their sheet set, duvet cover, and a set of extra pillow cases.

This Essentials Set is an easy and quick way to create a full bedding set. It also comes in at a pretty decent price point. Simply add pillows and a duvet and you are all ready to go.

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Best of Buffy Bedding – Final Thoughts:

We think that the Buffy brand is a fun bedding brand that makes a lot of good bedding products. Their comforters (or duvet inserts) are their bread and butter. If you really want a product from the Buffy brand, we recommend trying one of these products first. However, they are not only a comforter brand. From their sheets and pillows to their unique bedding options like their puffer blanket or the wiggle pillow they have a lot of fun and comfortable options to choose from.

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