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August 28, 2019

Get Buck Naked! 9 Pros & 9 Cons to Sleeping Nude

How nice it is to sleep free and breezy. It can be tempting to skip pajamas all together and simply jump into bed all natural. Especially in the summertime, when even the idea of having to put on pajamas sounds hot and uncomfortable. But is sleeping in the nude all it is cracked up to be? Or could sleeping naked have some downfalls as well? We are going to go through all of the potential pros and cons of sleeping nude to help you decide for yourself if you’d rather cuddle up in your pajamas or to skip the jammies and sleep in the buff.

benefits to sleeping naked

Sleeping Nude Pros:

#1 – Create Better Natural Temperature Regulation

When you sleep naked, your body is forced to learn how to regulate temperature better. If you are covered in clothing, it is more difficult to adjust to the changing temperature around you. While if you sleep naked it is much easier to stay cool throughout the night. Especially if you have a good bed that wicks away moisture and pulls heat away from the body. Like one of our top rated Best Mattresses for Hot Sleepers.

#2 – Sleep Deeper

pros and cons of sleeping in the nudeThose who sleep in the nude regularly claim that it helps them to get a deeper nights rest. This is likely due to temperature regulation.

One of the leading causes to waking up during the middle of the night is overheating. Without the disruptions, you will remain in REM sleep longer. Providing you with a deeper night’s sleep. This will also make it easier to wake up in the morning. And leave you feeling better rested throughout the day

#3 – Fall Asleep Faster

When you sleep naked, gone are the days of wasting time searching for clean comfortable pajamas. Instead you can simply strip down and jump into bed. It can also be easier to get comfortable quickly when you are not dealing with pajamas. The faster you can find comfort, the faster you will be able to fall asleep. Which is why sleeping naked can help you fall asleep a bit faster than you might normally.

#4 – No Restricting PJ’s

sleep unrestricted without pajamasIf you have ever experienced ill-fitting pajamas, and even underwear, then you know how easily it can annoy and even keep you awake. Sleeping in the nude naturally rectifies this issue. No pajamas? No problems!

So if you are sick of waking up tangled in your PJs. Or find your boxer briefs a little too snug. Then give sleeping naked a chance. It may just be the ticket to a good nights sleep you’ve been looking for.

#5 – Increase Intimacy

sleeping naked increases intimacyIf you share a bed with your significant other, then sleeping in the nude can be a great way to increase intimacy. Both physical and emotional intimacy increases with skin to skin physical contact. When you sleep nude together, you are getting an extra dose of that skin to skin contact.

Even if all you are doing is snuggling up, your bodies will release more Oxycontin, the love hormone. This helps to bond you to one another. The added benefit of sleeping next to each other naked can be rather exciting and will likely lead to a more active sex life.

If you want to know more about the benefits of snuggling, check out our article How To Cuddle: The Benefits of Cuddling

#6 – Less Stress and Anxiety

lower stress and anxiety by sleeping nakedIf you can relax enough to allow yourself to sleep naked, you are setting yourself up for an extra dose of relaxation. By allowing yourself to sleep naked, you are telling your subconscious that you are extra safe and that this is a time and place to let go and be vulnerable.

If you have not tried it yet, you honestly should. The feeling of sleeping in the nude can be a great way to let go of stress and tension. And for some reason you still feel a bit of anxiety but still want to sleep naked, just add a weighted blanket. One of our very favorite brands that offers a variety of anxiety reducing blankets is Bearby. They have both a chunky knitted Weighted Blanket as well as a one of a kind Weighted Comforter. Both can be found at

If you struggle with getting enough sleep due to anxiety then you might be interested in reading our article How To Sleep Better With Anxiety 

#7 – Burn Calories

when you sleep in the nude you burn more caloriesWhen your body is exposed to cooler temperatures, it costs calories for you to maintain healthy body temperature. This means, if you are sleeping a cooler environment at night, that you will likely burn more calories while sleeping.

Sleeping naked is by no means a new workout trend, nor should it be viewed as exercise at all. However, it is a cool tid bit to know, if you can burn some extra calories just by sleeping in the buff, then why not add it to your routine?

If you really want to burn some calories and sleep better, check out how exercise effects sleep by reading Exercise and Sleep

#8 – Let Your Skin Breath & Prevent Infection

By wearing clothes day in and day out, we block a lot of airflow from getting to our skin. This is especially true with our most intimate areas. If we continue wearing tight clothing throughout the night, it can potentially cause some issues with infections.

allow your skin to breath by sleeping naked

Specifically tight fitting clothing that does not breath or wick away moisture, will trap sweat and bacteria and keep it close to the body. This can cause many issues and discomforts, including nasty infections. When you sleep naked, you are giving your body a chance to breath. This can help prevent potential infections.

Ladies, take note that this is especially true for our intimate areas. If you choose to wear clothes throughout the night choose breathable cotton underwear and loose breathable cotton pajamas. This will help prevent such problems as yeast infections. (No thank you!)

#9 – Self Esteem & Confidence

gain self confidence by sleeping without clothesIt is good to spend time with your own naked body. If you constantly feel the need to cover up, you are not allowing yourself the freedom of being completely open and natural.

By sleeping in the nude, you give yourself permission to be naked around yourself. This allows you to find comfort and confidence with your own body. This will give you a boost in your self-esteem and confidence that radiates from within.

Sleeping Nude Cons:

#1 – What if?!? Fire? Emergency?

emergencies are a con when sleeping without clothesHave you ever had that classic nightmare where you find yourself naked in front of everyone you know? Well, if you’re not careful sleeping naked can actually have you waking up in that very situation.

Emergencies happen when you least expect them. This includes in the middle of the night when you choose to sleep in your birthday suit. If you find yourself waking up during a fire or any other kind of emergency, you do not want to be wasting time hunting for you clothes. Nor do you want to expose yourself to the neighbors by skipping the clothes and simply running out the front door.

#2 – Too Cold

shivering because you don't have clothesIf you tend to stay rather chilly in general, you may find that sleeping naked makes you feel too cold through the night. While most people have trouble staying cool, you may find yourself having trouble staying warm. Which can be equally as disruptive to a good nights rest.

#3 – Kids

cons kids sneaking into your room at nightKids love to climb into your bed during the middle of the night. They also have a tendency to need things or get sick when you are in the middle of a nice deep sleep. Being naked may add an extra step you need to take before you go to help your little one.

If you have teens this can add a whole number of other potential complications to sleeping naked. If your teen has a bunch of their friends over for a sleepover, then you are going to want to wear some pajamas that night. Just encase someone gets lost on their way to the bathroom in the middle of the night, or someone ends up getting sick or needing to go back home.

#4 – Getting Out of Bed Feels Uncomfortable

having to get anything done in the night when nakedIf you have a habit of using the restroom in the middle of the night, or if for some reason your dog needs to go outside at 3am, you will need to get out of bed and walk around in the nude.

It can feel a bit cold and awkward stumbling through the house in nothing but what the good lord gave you.

#5 – Too Much Intimacy?

too much intimacyIf you are naked around your partner constantly, it may loose a bit of its charm. Of course they will still love you and find you attractive, but it may be just that little bit less exciting if you are around each other naked all of the time. Sometimes it is nice to have a little break and letting those moments of nakedness be a special treat.

You may also want some distance. If you are not particularly in the mood that night, you may get more attention from your partner than you were wanting if you climb into bed naked.

#6 – Mother Nature’s Monthly Visit

con getting your period while sleeping nakedWhen it is that time of the month for you ladies out there, you will likely want to put on the pajamas. Having those extra layers of protection can be important for keeping you and your bed clean.

It may also be more comfortable for feeling extra cuddly during that time of the month to throw on your favorite pair of sweatpants. By having that extra layer, you will likely stay warmer, which is helpful for preventing and easing cramps.

#7 – Uncomfortable Sheets

itchy scratchy sheetsWhen you sleep in the nude, you remove all layers between you and your sheets. This is why if you have uncomfortable sheets, then you are not going to enjoy sleeping naked.

While some sheets might be okay when you wear pajamas, they might not be nice enough to sleep in if they are touching your skin directly. Whether they are itchy, scratchy, prevent airflow, or all of the above. Then it is going to be very uncomfortable to sleep in the nude.

#8 – Washing Bedding More Frequently

more laundry to be doneAgain, you no longer have a layer of clothing between you and your sheets. Typically your clothing holds onto sweat, oils, and skin throughout the night. Then those get washed away whenever you wash your clothes.

Without your clothes, all sweat and oils will build up your sheets much faster than if you were to where pajamas. This means you will need to be washing your sheets and bedding more often than you would need to otherwise.

Regardless of how often you’re washing your bedding make sure you do it right! Our guide to Changing Your Sheets will help ensure your sheets come out perfect every time.

#9 – Pets

sleeping with your petWhile Mr. Snuffles does not seem to mind if you are sleeping in the nude or not. It might be a bit uncomfortable for you when your fluffy friend comes to cuddle up next to you.

If you have allergies they might even be made worse if you pet sleeps on your bed. Even if it before you decide to jump into bed.

So while your pet may not mind, you might come to realize sleeping with a pet while sleeping naked isn’t always the best combination.

There might be a few other pros and cons to sleeping with your pet to consider before kicking them out of bed. Learn more in our guide to Sleeping With Your Dog to understand more about why you should or should not let your pet sleep in the bed.

Ways to Work Around the Cons:

In many of these instances there are solutions to help you still sleep naked, or at least closer to naked. Below are a few suggestions that will better prepare you to deal with some of the cons. So you can still feel comfortable and confident sleeping nude.

Sleep Almost Naked

sleep in comfortable sleep shirtYou can benefit from many of the best parts of sleeping naked, while also avoiding many of the downfalls by choosing to sleep in a loose fitting lightweight sleep shirt.

In emergencies you will be covered but you will feel close to nakedness. Allowing your skin to breath and to stay nice and cool. One of the cutest couple pajama options, when he gets the PJ pants and she gets the PJ shirt.

Neither of you are sleeping in the nude, but you are not fully dressed either. Could it be the perfect compromise? Potentially.

We love the look and feel of the super soft and tag free v-neck Sleep Shirt by Fishers Finery. And, it comes in at a very affordable price too.

Or, if you and your honey want to share a set, we suggest the classic 100% cotton button down pair of Men’s pajamas by David Archy.

Plan Ahead with a Bathrobe

Just in case an emergency arises, or your kids need you or it’s 3AM and your dog needs to go out, keep a bathrobe or cover up close by. Something you can easily and quickly throw on even if you are half asleep. This way you can be covered quickly if you need to be, and naked when you want to be.

We love this thick, yet breathable 100% Turkish Cotton unisex Kimono Robe by Turquaz.

Get Nice Bedding & Sheets

invest in quality sheets if you plant to sleep in the nudeIf you are going to sleep naked, a good set of sheets is going to completely change your sleeping experience. You don’t want to sleep with cheap, scratchy sheets that block airflow and keep your bed feeling stuffy and sweaty.

Instead, upgrade your sheets to a quality soft and breathable set. If this is what is going to be touching your skin all night long, you’re going to absolutely feel the difference.

Find out what sheets are the best fit for you, visit our Top Rated Sheets Page to see all of our reviews on our favorite online sheet sets.

Better Yet, Get Two Sets

get a second set of sheets in order to wash lessIn order to make the constant sheet washing less of a pain, invest in two sets of sheets. This way whenever you have to wash your sheets you can just switch it out with the second set that is already clean and ready to go.

That way you can take your time to wash your sheets and you’re not staying awake, waiting for the dryer to finish so you can go to bed.

Find a Great Pet Bed

get your pet their own bedIf you want to sleep in the nude, you might want to consider giving your pet another place to sleep. Especially if you have allergies, you are going to want to limit the amount of pet hair and dander you are sleeping in.

So instead of letting your pet sleep wherever they please, try giving them their own designated sleeping space. This way you can have your privacy, and they can have their own special place too.

Check out our review of the MyPillow Pet Bed, we really loved it and we think your fluffy friend will too.

Benefits to Sleeping Naked Final Thoughts:

Overall, there are plenty of potential benefits to sleeping naked. Especially with the right bedding and with some forethought to prevent potential issues. However, at the end of the day you should test it out and find what you are most comfortable with. While we found there was an even number of potential pros and cons, you may simply be more comfortable sleeping with pajamas (or not). So find what works for you and stick to it.

If you still want to wear pajamas, we suggest you limit the layers and make sure you choose loose, lightweight, and breathable materials. This will keep you healthy and comfortable throughout the night. And if you want to sleep in the nude, more power to you our naked friends, just invest in nice sheets and keep a bathrobe near by, just encase.

pros and cons to sleeping naked

Are there other health/sleep benefits to sleeping in the nude that you love? Contact us and let us know all about it!