January 29, 2020

Memory Foam vs Latex: Which One Is Better?

latex vs memory foam mattress material

Mattress shopping opens up a whole world on materials that all claim to be the very best for your comfort. It can be difficult to figure out which style of mattress is best for you, let alone what materials you would prefer to have in your bed. Whether you are looking at a hybrid or an all-foam mattress, almost all mattresses feature some kind of foam these days. Two of the most popular kinds of foam are Latex based foams and Memory Foam (which is a polyurethane based foam). Keep reading our memory foam vs latex guide to learn more about each and their different benefits.

Why Choose Memory Foam

  • memory foam mattress over latexStops Motion Transfer
  • Pressure Relief
  • High Tech Material
  • Contouring Comfort
  • Hypoallergenic

Learn more about what makes Memory Foam so popular, head to our post Memory Foam Pros & Cons.

Why Choose Latex

  • why to buy latex instead of memory foamResponsive Feel
  • Supportive Comfort
  • Sustainably Made
  • Organic Options
  • Sleeps Cool
  • Anti-Microbial Properties
  • Very Durable & Long Lasting

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And The Winner Is…

  • should i buy a memory foam or latex mattressMotion Transfer – Memory Foam
  • Edge Support – Latex
  • Natural & Organic Options – Latex
  • Safe New Mattress Smells – Latex
  • Comfort – Tie
  • Sleeping Temperature – Latex
  • Value – Memory Foam

Winner Overall: Latex!

Keep reading below to get all of the details on why we chose the winners we did for each category. Some of these categories were a close call, get the details to better decide which material is the right choice for you and your future mattress.

Motion Transfer

motion transfer memory foam or latexFirst, we would like to mention that Latex Foam, especially Dunlop and Talalay latex foams do any incredible job at limiting motion transfer throughout a bed. They get an honorable mention here because latex foam really does a great job at deadening motion and vibration through a mattress.

However, Memory Foam wins because is just fantastic at completely eliminating motion transfer. It is by far the biggest selling point to memory foam overall, because it does such a fantastic job.

This is especially true if memory foam is featured in an all-foam design. If all you have ever wanted in a mattress was to never feel your partner get in or out of bed, then you are going to love memory foam.

Edge Support

which mattress is better memory foam or latexLatex is one of the only materials that can be used in ever level of a mattress. It comes in so many different densities and firmness levels that you can use it for your base layer, transition/supportive layers, as well as your plush comfort layers.

Latex Foam is such a versatile material. Since you can create Latex that is far more dense and supportive than memory foam, you can therefore create mattresses that have much more edge support than memory foam.

Although we would like to note that if you really want a memory foam or latex mattress that has loads of edge support, try taking a look at hybrid mattresses. The coil systems do a great job at providing edge support while allowing your comfort foams to do their work at providing support and contouring comfort.

Natural & Organic Options

latex is better than memory foamIf you are wanting a mattress full of natural materials, then Latex is absolutely the way to go. Talalay and Dunlop are two popular latex foams that are often certified organic and are made out of the sap from the rubber trees.

While there are synthetic latex foams, there are far more natural and organic options then there are synthetic versions. If having a mattress made out of sustainable, organic materials is important to you, then finding an organic latex based mattress is easy to find.

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Safe New Mattress Smells

does memory foam smell badNot many choose a mattress by the way it smells. In fact we have never met anyone who put this feature at the top of their needs list. However, the way a mattress smells and what that smells is made out of is a big sign of how healthy a mattress is for you to sleep on. If your mattress is made out of healthy happy materials like Organic Latex, then your mattress is going to smell better and be safe to take a big whiff of.

However, if you smell a mattress and it stinks of noxious chemicals, that is not only annoying and irritating. It can also be unsafe. Mattresses made with natural or organic latex, you can place your bets that it will smell better and be safe and non-toxic.

Most companies have gotten a lot better about how they product their memory foam. Although, not all have kept up with the times. Which is why we always suggest reading our reviews and checking the Off Gassing or New Mattress Smell section to ensure that the bed you’re looking at is not heavily odored or letting off potentially dangerous chemicals.

Note: Not all smells are dangerous, any mattress compressed and vacuum wrapped in plastic is going to have a bit of a scent. Knowing how and what your mattress is made of is the best way to determine how safe your mattress will be. Natural and organic latex is a great way to go if you’re wanting a safe smelling bed. 


which is more comfortable? memory foam latex foamThis is always a tough category because so many different people have different preferences on comfort.

Overall what the human body needs is a balance between plush contouring comfort that relieves pressure, and supportive comfort that keeps your body from folding in on itself. Too soft and your spine will fall out of alignments, while too firm will put pressure on your joints and cause discomfort.

Memory Foam does a great job at providing plenty of pressure relieving comfort. When paired with supportive transition layers and base layers, memory foam is great for side and back sleepers. Typically stomach sleepers will find even small amounts of memory foam will be too soft for them. Lightweight side sleepers tend to really enjoy the pressure relieving properties of memory foam.

Latex has a responsive feel that contours to the body, while also making it easier to move around in bed without the “stuck feeling” that memory foam sometimes causes. Latex foams have so many different firmness levels that there is a latex mattress for everyone. Whether you sleep on your stomach and love a firm mattress, or you’re a side sleeper and need loads of contouring plush comfort. There is truly a latex bed for everyone.

Sleep Temperature

latex sleeps cooler than memory foamDifferent materials and styles of beds warm up and retain heat differently. The more airflow you can get through a material or mattress, the cooler your bed is going to sleep.

So if you struggle to stay cool throughout the night, then you’re going to want to get a latex mattress over a memory foam mattress. This is because memory foam in known for holding onto heat for long periods of time. Which is why there are so many memory foams that are enhanced with cooling materials like gel.


buy your mattress with a coupon todayThe truth is that you can find a memory foam or latex based mattress suitable for just about any price range. This is even true if you are looking for an organic latex mattress.

There are a lot of well priced beds for either mattress style. However, there are far more low price comfortable mattresses made out of memory foam then latex. Which is the whole reason why we chose memory foam as the winner for the value category.

Although remember that value should always be based on getting your best mattress at a price you deem reasonable. So we always suggest getting a mattress that is within your price range and has the most features that you truly desire.

Don’t forget! We have special coupons! Head to our mattress reviews to find the mattress you’re looking and to get our latest coupons and savings.

Latex vs Memory Foam: Final Thoughts

If you are choosing between Latex or Memory Foam, it is truly coming down to preference. These are both quality materials that provide loads of comfort for all different types of sleepers. The main difference we always come back to is that anyone who values sleeping cool and/or natural materials are going to prefer latex. While anyone who really wants the ultimate defense against motion transfer will want to give memory foam a try.

get teh best sleep ever in your new memory foam latex mattress

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