January 29, 2020

Latex Mattresses: Pros & Cons

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Natural mattresses are taking over the industry. People are wanting natural and organic options that are sustainably made. Which is why latex is booming as a material for mattresses. With latex foams like Talalay and Dunlop making a big impact for their versatility and comfort. Organic and premium comfort now go hand in hand. Which is why it is important to understand the latex mattresses pro & cons, which we have laid out below.

Pros of Latex

With so many advantages to latex it’s a wonder it isn’t more popular. All the benefits, and natural benefits at that, provided by incorporating latex foam into your bed are vast. Below is a short list of some of the key pros to latex, but we could certainly add more.

Responsive & Pressure Relieving

difference between talalay and dunlop latexThere is a seemingly endless supply of natural/organically sourced materials in the universe but there are only a handful that can make for a truly comfortable mattress. Latex Foam is perfect for creating a mattress. It has the ability to simultaneously provide support and relief to pressure points.

It is so responsive which makes changing position in bed, or getting in and out of bed oh so easy to do. This is also how latex can be so great at providing pressure relief while also support the curves of your body.

Sustainably Made

what makes latex better than memory foamThis is a huge benefit for anyone who wants to support companies that are trying to maintain sustainable practices and protect the world we live in. Natural and Organic latex products do not take extensive processes to create. They are far better for the environment than other materials on the market.

Some latex foams take more processing in order to create than others. So if you’re looking to get the best most natural latex products out there be sure to look into how mattress brands source and process their latex materials.

Head to our post on How To Create a 100% Sustainable Bedroom in order to find other products and practices to have a more sustainable home today.

Organic Options

organic foam best for mattressesSince natural latex is made from the sap of a rubber tree, you can have certified organic latex foams for you mattress. Which means there are now certified organic mattresses on the market.

Whether you want to pair latex with the comfort of organic wool batting or keep it vegan with cotton, there are now organic mattresses that are comfortable for just about anyone.

We have a whole page dedicated to the top natural and organic mattresses on the market, Best Natural Mattresses. Check it out to find some of our top favorite natural and certified organic mattresses, many of which feature lovely layers of latex.

Easily Aerated

what type of latex foam is the bestThe process of creating latex foam involved pouring liquid latex into a mold and heating it through. Different ways to accomplish this process will often change the type of latex foam it will become.

We will get into those details later on, however by changing the shape of the mold, or freezing bubbles into the latex before baking are two ways you can create air pockets and airflow throughout a section of latex foam.

These processes both help with creating a contouring material, as well as keeping their sleepers cool throughout the night. Which just so happen to be our next on the Pro list for Latex.

Sleeps Cool

why should i have a latex foam mattressLatex Foam is a much cooler sleeping surface than polyurethane products, like Memory Foam. Especially when it is paired with other naturally breathable materials like wool or cotton. (Which are very common pairings with natural latex foams.)

Like we mentioned earlier, latex typically is filled with small holes and bubbles during the molding process. This also helps to keep the sleeper nice and cool. Keep in mind that the more airflow you can get throughout a mattress the more cool it should feel.


is latex foam hypoallergenicThe truth is that Latex helps you to sleep clean and healthy. Latex foams are anti-microbial which means it is not a suitable place for micro-organisms like bacteria, to live breed and grow. Which means you will have less bacteria, and other disease causing yucky things growing in your bed and potentially making you sick.

Latex foam is also made differently than other latex products that cause allergies like gloves, which makes it safe for folks with latex allergies to sleep on. Without a latex allergy triggering features, this makes latex foam hypoallergenic and safe for allergy sufferers to use.

Long Lasting & Very Durable

latex full of comfort and durabilityLatex foams are incredibly durable, stretchy, and strong. Not only does this help in making your mattress last an incredibly long time without breaking down. This also means that your mattress will maintain it’s original comfort much longer.

Unlike other materials that breakdown overtime, latex lasts longer and maintains it’s strength and shape. Which means you don’t have to rotate it nearly as often (if at all)

These latex foams make for strong long lasting mattresses that will maintain their comfort and are incredibly durable. Which makes their price all the more reasonable. When you’re buying a latex mattress you’re getting a bed that you are absolutely going to get your moneys worth out of.


sturdy stable dunlop latexLatex comes in so many different comfort levels and densities. So many in fact that is one of the most supportive and versatile materials on the bedding industry. It can be made so supportive than you can create a mattress that is 100% latex foam from top to bottom.

You heard that right, you can create a mattress where the comfort layers, transition layers, and even the base foam are all made out of different densities of latex foam.

The same cannot be said about any other type of foam currently in production.

Cons of Latex

When it comes to the disadvantages of latex there are fewer than you may think. Though it may have a few drawbacks, the positives that come with latex far outweigh any cons in our mind.

Motion Transfer 

motion transfer for latex is greatIf we are honest, it is a bit difficult trying to find cons for Latex. It is such a great material to use for bedding overall.

If we were to compare Latex foam directly to Memory Foam then we would have to admit that memory foam has a slight upper hand when it comes to motion transfer. Memory foam almost works like sinking sand it is so amazing at deadening motion transfer.

However, latex foam has a great balance between responsive feel and support while having minimal motion transfer. If you jump on a latex mattress you’re partner will feel it. Although you likely won’t be woken by your partner tossing or turning throughout the night. It is a good balance of the two features, responsive feel and motion transfer.

Can Be Expensive 

what makes latex mattresses so priceyThe truth is that latex can be an expensive material and many natural mattresses that use the material can be on the pricier side of the spectrum. However, if you were to compare these price tags to the longevity of the materials and mattress overall. Then you will see that you are absolutely getting your moneys worth.

The price you pay for a mattress is only ever worth the comfort it provides at the length in which it provides it for. In short, you get what you pay for.

Typically VERY Heavy 

latex mattresses are heavy to left dense materialsLatex is a very heavy material. When you have many layers of foam in a single mattress it can become seriously heavy. This is really only ever an issue when first installing your mattress or when it is about time to move. If you are hoping to get a mattress with latex that doesn’t weigh too much you can always look for a hybrid option, this will give more air to the bed making it a bit lighter than the all foam versions.

Overall any mattress featuring layers of latex foam is going to be heavy. If you move often and purchasing a mattress that is easy to move/light as a feather. Then we would not suggest purchasing a latex mattress.

Different Types of Latex

benefits to latex mattressesHow natural is your latex? There are a few terms commonly used to refer to how natural latex really is. If a foam is made out of 20% or less natural rubber latex is it commonly referred to as “Pure Latex” and the rest is typically made out of synthetic latex.

While if a mattress has at least 85% natural rubber latex and 15% synthetic latex, then it can be referred to as “Natural Latex”. Finally for a latex foam to be called “100% Natural Latex” it must be made out of 100% natural rubber latex.

  • Pure Latex – made with 20% natural rubber latex and 80% synthetic latex
  • Natural Latex – made with 85% natural rubber latex and 15% synthetic latex
  • 100% Natural Latex – made with 100% natural rubber latex
  • Dunlop Latex – Made with 100% Natural Rubber
  • Talalay Latex – Made with 100% Natural Rubber

Head over to our page Best Latex Mattresses to see our full list of latex mattresses we have reviewed.

Difference Between Dunlop vs Talalay Latex

Dunlop and Talalay latex are often thought of as having different material makeup. However, the truth is that they are make from the same type of liquid latex. They just have two different processes, which determine whether a latex foam is considered Dunlop or Talalay. It is no big secret, but it is a common misconception. The different curing process does change some of the characteristics between the two foams overall.

Organic Dunlop Latex

latex mattress comfort benefitsIn order to create Dunlop (or Talalay) latex, you must start with a base of natural rubber. Rubber is a made out of a liquid sap from the rubber tree. This sap is then collected, and then whipped into a frothy consistency. By whipping up the sap it is filled with little air bubbles throughout the liquid.

After the whipping process, the liquid is then baked. The air pockets are contained throughout the latex giving it plenty of cushion and support.

Because of the process used, Dunlop Latex is typically more dense than Talalay Latex, although they can both be made with different firmness levels.

Organic Talalay Latex

talalay process difference dunlop latexWhen creating a Talalay Latex product, you first start with the same natural rubber tree sap. You also whip the sap for Talalay and then it is vacuum sealed inside it’s mold in order to ensure an even distribution of bubbles. Then they flash freeze the liquid to keep the bubbles in place before baking.

This is why Talalay is more airy/less dense than Dunlop. This is also the reason why it tends to sleep cooler and have a more plush feel. While Talalay is loved for it’s premium comfort and contouring features, it can also be made in firmer options in order to create transition and base layers of foam as well as the comfort layers.

Latex Mattresses: Pros & Cons – Is Latex For You?

Understanding the pros & cons of latex can give you much more insight into our next mattress purchase. Though memory foam mattresses seem all the rage the natural benefits you’ll find in latex beds could be far better for so many reasons. When it comes to finding a healthy mattress that offers comfort, support and long lasting durability you can’t go wrong with latex. Whether Dunlop or Talalay you’ll appreciate the feel, cooling mattress benefits and solid feel this type of bed will provide.

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