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Mattress Review Idle Sleep Natural Latex Hybrid Mattress

Idle Sleep is making it’s move within the online mattress industry. Just when you didn’t think you could get more innovative, they decided to introduce a thick, durable and ideally comfortable on both sides line of flippable hybrid mattresses. Their most popular option is the Idle Hybrid, but close behind is the Idle Sleep Latex Hybrid mattress.

Below we will look at what makes this two sided mattress better than the rest. Not only is it a natural bed, but a great value and quite different when it comes to what you’d find in the online bed-in-a-box space. You’ll soon see that two sides are better than one.

Idle Natural Latex Hybrid At A Glance

We get it, you want to learn more about this bed, but a full on detailed review may not interest you. That is why we want to start with a quick run down of the important information about the Idle Natural Latex Hybrid bed. Giving you the option if reading more about this mattress is necessary!

  • idle sleep all natural latex hybrid mattress 7 Layers + Cover | 14″ Thick Mattress
  • Two Latex Options: Talaly or Dunlop
  • 3 Comfort Choices: Medium, Firm or Both
  • Ideal for Sleepers of All Shapes & Sizes
  • Motion Transfer: Limited
  • Temperature Regulation: Very Good
  • Edge Support: Very Good
  • FREE Shipping & Returns
  • 18 Month Trial Period & Forever Warranty
  • Price Range (With Out Coupons): $1212-$3,497
  • Financing Available

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Idle Sleep Latex Hybrid Mattress Review

idle natural latex hybrid Looking for more information? Great, we have lots of it! Below we will take an in depth look at what makes the Idle Latex Hybrid mattress unlike any other latex hybrid as well as unlike most other double sided mattresses out there. With a unique build, solid materials and luxurious feel you’ll be stunned with this mattress option.

We will start by looking at the materials and construction, next we will focus on the comfort options available and how that translates to what is best for you you. Additionally we will look at other sleeping benefits and conclude with basics and logistics of buying an online mattress. And specifically and Idle Sleep online mattress.

Idle Sleep Latex Hybrid Mattress Materials

As you can see, this natural bed is built a bit different than other hybrid mattresses, whether in store or online. Almost all latex hybrid mattresses are one sided. This means that  the coil system is at the bottom, or base of the bed. It is than layered with latex over that and than finished with a natural cover. While there is latex and a natural cover, the Idle latex hybrid you’ll have the coil system in the center, or core of the bed with latex on either side of it.

In the image below you will see that on each side of the coils is the exact same comfort layers and thicknesses of each. You’ll also see that each side offers the same organic cotton cover too. This design gives you a mattress that has a sturdy core support, but also offers ideally comfortable foams for the best feel on both sides.

  • idle sleep latex hybrid materials Natural Organic Cotton Cover
  • 1″ Natural Wool Quilted Top
  • 3″ Natural Dunlop OR Talalay Latex
  • Coil Support Layer
  • 6″ Quantum Edge-to-Edge Pocketed Coils
  • Coil Support Layer
  • 3″ Natural Dunlop OR Talalay Latex
  • 1″ Natural Wool Quilted Top
  • Natural Organic Cotton Cover

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What Makes The Idle Latex Hybrid Different?

There are a few features that make this mattress different than others out there. To again reiterate, the Idle Latex Hybrid is a double, or two sided mattress. As you saw above, this makes for a bed that provides double the comfort as well as double the life because of this design.

idle sleep natural latex hybrid mattress This is also a 100% natural bed, which in general are becoming more and more popular. However, with the Idle Latex Hybrid you also get the choice of going with a natural Dunlop Latex OR Talalay Latex.

This may not sound like a big deal, but most online latex hybrids only give you the option of one or the other. Not a choice between the two. Also, finding an online double sided latex hybrid bed is tricky. But, finding one that also gives you several choices is almost impossible.

Another variable that makes the Idle Sleep Hybrid different is the comfort options. You can either order a medium feel for both sides of the bed, a luxury firm feel for both sides of the bed or one of each. Giving you total control over comfort and materials to create a latex hybrid mattress that is perfect for you.

why idle sleep is better One of the BIGGEST downfalls most other flippable, two sided mattresses have is that they only come with two different comfort sides. Often times one side being soft to medium and the other being firm. Meaning that even if you have a two sided bed, the likely hood of you actually using both sides is slim to none.

Let’s be honest, if you like a soft or medium feel why would you ever switch the bed to a firm side? And vice versa! These other two sided beds seem almost pointless, while the Idle Sleep Latex Hybrid Mattress makes a dual sided bed smart and useful, NOT gimmicky. Another reason this bed truly stands apart from the same old.

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Dunlop vs Talalay Latex

When it comes to natural latex choices there are two types, Dunlop and Talalay. Between the two, Dunlop is considered more natural. This is because it has a few less steps to process than Talalay. Though this may make for a more natural latex, it also makes the foam slightly more dense and less consistent. Giving it an overall firmer feel that isn’t quite as soft.

While Talalay latex uses a few more steps in the production process. The end result creates better consistency as well as lighter, less dense foam. This foam has a slightly softer, more pliable feel than Dunlop.

zenhaven vs spindle

Though both will do great for relieving pressure, sleeping cool and being super durable they do have some differences. Dunlop may offer slightly less motion transfer due to it’s density. While Talalay is considered to be a more plush and accommodating when it comes to comfort.

Also, Dunlop is typically less expensive, while Talalay has a slightly higher price tag. It really comes down to comfort on this one. If you like a slightly softer more consistent foam than you’d probably prefer Talalay latex. While if you like a denser and firmer feel, than Dunlop will appeal.

Should I Choose the Idle Dunlop Latex Hybrid?

When it comes to comfort, each latex hybrid is available in medium and luxury firm. Though depending on the type of latex you may have a slightly different feel, but the firmness level of each should be very similar. Regardless, latex is a responsive and buoyant foam that contours to your body and relieves pressure, but differently than a memory foam. While a memory foam sinks in, a latex will push back. Providing the same concept of pressure relief but using different physics.

comfort of idle sleep latex hybrid

The Idle Sleep Dunlop Latex Hybrid is most popular in a medium feel. This is typically the most popular comfort option due to the fact that it is most accommodating to a variety of sleepers.

The Medium Dunlop latex hybrid is best for average to larger size combination sleepers. It works well for sleeping on your side, back and stomach, making it most ideal for couples too. It is also a substantial and durable material, giving you not only comfort but support too. Making it great for anyone who is on heavier side but doesn’t want a super firm feel.

While the Luxury Firm Dunlop latex hybrid is also ideal for average to heavier people, but much better suited for anyone looking for a true firm feel. This will have little give to it. Meaning it will be comfortable, but certainly not plush. This is best for someone who sleeps only on their back and stomach.

Also, this mattress comes with the option of having one side that is Medium and the other side Luxury Firm. So if it’s hard to choose, you can have it both ways.

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Should I Choose the Idle Talalay Latex Hybrid?

The Idle Sleep Talalay Latex Hybrid is going to appeal to anyone who wants a latex hybrid mattress that is a tad softer and more consistent feeling. This mattress is again great for providing pressure relief, but will have some natural spring to it that will help you move easily as well as contour to your body and comfort needs.

idle sleep talalay latex hybrid

The Medium Talalay Latex Hybrid is again the most popular option. The feel is going to be a great “sweet spot” of comfort that truly works well for everyone. Including side, back and stomach sleepers. Though if you are a side sleeper ONLY, I would choose this option over the Dunlop, especially if you are on the lighter to more average size. The medium is a fantastic option for couples, and is going to appeal to smaller framed individuals as well as more average size sleepers.

Though larger sleepers would also be fine with the medium option they may lean more towards the luxury firm. While this is still a plusher feel, but will have some added firmness for long term comfort. Also, back and stomach sleepers looking for a firm, but not hard surface, would like the feel of the Luxury Firm Talalay latex hybrid by Idle Sleep. Don’t forget, if you can’t decide, you can get one side with a medium feel and the other with luxury firm!

Overall, both latex options are going to be amazing, but will have slight variances that make them very appealing. If you need help deciding, send us an email. We love helping our readers find the most ideal mattress for them! Also, find out more at

Idle Sleep Latex Hybrid Benefits

When it comes to latex hybrid mattresses the comfort, durability and quality of materials is a given. But, they also offer some other amazing sleep benefits that are just a natural part of this design. The inherent properties of latex really lend itself to being a perfect material for mattresses. While paired with coils give it added strength to create a bed unlike any others. Keep reading to see how else this mattress will help you get better sleep.

Motion Transfer:

idle sleep hybrid bed While coils and latex have a more buoyant feel the thoughtful design of the Idle Sleep Latex Hybrid bed helps minimize motion transfer. Giving you limited partner disturbance. To start, the coils of this mattress are individually pocketed coils, meaning that they are independent of each other. As well as covered in fabric to help reduce and excess vibrations from traveling.

While the latex is a also more responsive, the density of the foam helps offset any distracting movement. Meaning that it will be helpful when switching positions or getting in and out of bed, but won’t travel far. Meaning your partner, unless right next to you, will feel very little motion.

One thing we will say is that if you are very sensitive to movement, you may find the denser feel of the Dunlop latex to move slightly less. Making that one a hair better at isolating motion. But, all in all, both do a great job for reducing tossing and turning as well as any excess movement. Making this mattress great for anyone sharing a bed looking for amazing motion isolation.

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Sleeping Cool:

One of our favorite things about latex hybrid mattresses is the fact that they sleep very cool – naturally! This is true for both the Dunlop and Talalay Latex mattresses from Idle Sleep. Even better than being literally cool, is that they sleep temperature neutral, meaning they don’t hold heat like traditional memory foam or poly foam. Giving them an edge for sleeping more comfortably all night long.

best materials for naturally cooler sleep

To start at the cover, you have very breathable organic cotton. Next is the holy grail of 100% natural temperature regulating materials and my personal favorite bedding material – WOOL! This regulates body temperature, wicks away moisture and adds a bit of extra cushion. As well as provides so many more benefits.

Latex is aerated, giving you literal channels for air to flow and any heat to escape. It’s naturally buoyancy also ensure you’re never feeling stuck in the bed which leads to a overheating feel. And lastly, the coils create plenty of space for any possibly trapped heat to escape. Meaning that every material in this bed is ideal for sleeping cool. Making this an ideal bed for every sleeper, even if you are the sleep very hot.

Edge Support:

idle latex hybrid mattress review The Idle Sleep Latex Hybrid comes with Quantum Edge Support like you’ve never seen it. It uses a Quantum Edge to Edge Coil System that is the best on the market. The advantages are: first, this quantum system uses coils all the way to the edge so you never get that rolling out of bed feeling.

Second, with over 1000 coils, this mattress is durability. It will give you an all over sleeping surface that is usable from edge to edge. Want to sit on the edge? No problem, Your sitting is supported by coils that reach the very edge.

Also, latex is one, if not the most, durable foam used in mattresses. Making it much better for support from middle to edge. Creating great consistency and durability. Making the Idle Natural Latex Hybrid fantastic for creating solid perimeter support for sleeping, getting in and out and even occasionally sitting.

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Idle Sleep Basics

With so many details now you know exactly what you’ll be getting with the Idle Sleep Latex Hybrid, Dunlop or Talalay mattress. It’s hard to believe, but this bed is packed in a box and shipped right to your door. Meaning your new mattress could be only a few clicks and few days away from getting. Below we will look at not only the convenient delivery of this bed, but also the price, latest coupons, financing and other perks of this bed-in-a-box.


idle sleep dunlop latex mattress The best thing about a two sided mattress is that you are getting two beds but ONLY paying for one. Making the value of this mattress phenomenal. In all reality you could be up charged for a double sided mattress, especially with the materials that come in this one. But, instead it is 100% comparable with any other latex hybrid online. Making you the winner at the end of the day.

When it comes to the Dunlop latex hybrid and the Talalaly latex hybrid there is a slight price difference. As of now, the Dunlop option in the most popular size, a Queen, is $2,141. While the Talalay option is $2,677.  The real kicker is that this price doesn’t include the latest coupon, found below. And your purchase also includes 2 FREE pillows. As well as free shipping and an 18 month trial period. To top it all off you also have a lifetime warranty, giving you peace of mind for all your nights ahead.

Idle Sleep Coupons:

Due to the materials used in latex hybrid beds their price tags are usually higher than other hybrid options. However, the log lasting quality and durability is well worth every penny. However, the prices of listed above don’t include the latest Idle Sleep mattress coupon. Idle Sleep has a very generous coupon making the price of these natural mattresses much more affordable. Follow the link below to take advantage of the savings for the best price latex hybrid mattress on the market.

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Idle Sleep Financing: 

When it comes to buying a new mattress you may find yourself ready to improve your sleep but your financial situation isn’t. If this happens to be the case you’ll be happy to know that Idle Sleep offers easy and fast approval through their finance partner, Affirm. You can make easy monthly payments on your new bed to help you get better sleep sooner than later. Learn more at


metta bed mattress reviewNot only is the delivery of the Idle Sleep latex hybrid mattress easy, but also totally FREE! This mattress will come right to your doorstep compactly in a box. It’s amazing that a mattress this thick and durable can even ft, but it does!

Once it arrives you will need to begin the unpacking process. All you need to do is open the cardboard box and take out the mattress. Next you just need to unroll and cut away the plastic wrapping. After that it will instantly expand quickly. However, it will take several hours for the foams to full firm up.

You can certainly sleep on this mattress the first night you get it, but we have noticed that it does take several days for boxed mattresses to regain their truest feel. Also, there may be a few new mattress and plastic wrap smells when unboxing, but nothing noxious or harmful.

This mattress is made in a one of two factories in the USA. It is made to order, once you have confirmed your order online and everything’s processed, the manufacturing phase will begin. Once purchased, the mattress will take about 2 to 3 business days to build. And the actual shipping takes about 2 to 6 days before arriving at your door. For a total of about 4-10 days. The mattress will be shipped through UPS ground with a tracking number so you can follow the delivery progress of your order.

Trial Period & Warranty:

It doesn’t get any more generous than the 18 month sleep trial and lifetime warranty that comes with every Idle Sleep mattress. With Idle Sleep, you know you’re buying from a company that stands behind their products.

Not to mention, the trial period and warranty are longer than factory standards, giving you the most amount of time to love the mattress that we already know you will. If by surprise you don’t love your Idle Sleep All Foam Mattress, returns are free and easy too.

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idle sleep benefits

Each Idle Sleep mattress is a double sided, superbly made bed. To see all of them together to compare and contrast, check out our Idle Sleep Mattresses Review. You’ll be amazed at how each of these beds set itself apart from so many one sided online bed-in-a-box mattresses.

Also, remember Our Sleep Guide is here to help and make sure you find the best mattress for you! If you have questions or need more insight during your mattress buying journey, please feel free to contact us.

Manufacturer Promises

  • Shipping: Free Shipping
  • Trial Period: 18 Month Trial Period
  • Warranty: Lifetime Warranty

Current Pricing

  • Twin: $1212 - $1677
  • Twin XL: $1284 - $1820
  • Full: $1998 - $1998
  • Queen: $2141 - $2677
  • King: $2427 - $3397
  • Cal King: $2427 - $3397


The Idle Sleep Natural Latex Hybrid Mattress Mattress might be good for you if…

  • You want a truly premium and very durable mattress that will last you many years.
  • You like the feel of naturally buoyant latex and the durable coil system that makes for a plush yet contouring surface.
  • You are a warmer sleeper and want the best mattress for keeping you cool as well as providing ideal comfort.
  • You want a 2 sided bed that allows you to pick the comfort options and has a lifetime warranty.


Still looking for some more information? Visit Idle Sleep at Also, have questions for us? Please contact us and we would be happy to help you!