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Mattress Review Idle Sleep Hybrid Mattress

If you are in the market for a new mattress getting the most bang for your buck is always a priority. Which is why the Idle Sleep Hybrid mattress is a great option for anyone looking to not spend a lot but get a whole lot.

The unique two sided design of this mattress gives you two beds in one. Each side delivers on providing a quality and durable sleep surface that also is ideally comfortable. The build of the Idle Hybrid sandwiches a solid steel coil system between plush yet dense layers of foam to create perfect support and comfort. Keep reading to find out all the ins and outs of this fantastic bed.

Idle Sleep Hybrid At A Glance

We understand that not everybody has the time, or desire, to read a long winded mattress review. Which is why we first want to start with some at a glance information of the Idle Hybrid bed. You can either decide if more information is necessary or not!

  • idle sleep mattress review 7 Layers + Cover | 14″ Thick Mattress
  • 3 Comfort Options: Medium, Firm or Both
  • Ideal for Sleepers of All Shapes & Sizes
  • Motion Transfer: Limited
  • Temperature Regulation: Very Good
  • Edge Support: Very Good
  • FREE Shipping & Returns
  • 18 Month Trial Period & Forever Warranty
  • Price Range (With No Coupons): $1041-$2,134
  • Financing Available

In Depth Idle Hybrid Mattress Review

idle sleep mattress review

Below we are going to take a look into all the details that make the Idle Hybrid mattress one that truly stands apart in an industry of the same. This bed has set itself apart by being one that offers a premium feel, an affordable price and a double sided long lasting durability that will give you a solid sleep surface for years.

We will specifically look at the materials and build that make this bed one-of-a-kind, along with the comfort options and what that means for every sleepers needs. As well as the additional sleeping benefits you can expect. And the basic logistics of ordering an online bed-in-a-box.

How Is The Idle Sleep Hybrid Mattress Made?

This bed is a little different than other online or in store hybrid mattresses. Most hybrid mattresses are one sided, meaning that the coil system is at the base, or bottom of the bed, with varying foam layers over top. With the double sided Idle hybrid you have a bed that still uses coils and foams, but it’s build offers a core of coiled support with comfort layers on either side.

As you can see below, each side of the bed offers the same comfort layers on either side as well as same cover. Giving you a mattress that has a solid central and comfortable yet supportive foams for an ideal feel times two.

  • the idle hybrid materials ThermoCool Cover + Natural Fire Barrier
  • 1″ Idle Contouring Foam
  • 2″ Idle Cooling Buoyancy Foam
  • 1″ Supportive Transition Foam
  • 6″ Quantum Edge-to-Edge Pocketed Coils
  • 1″ Supportive Transition Foam
  • 2″ Idle Cooling Buoyancy Foam
  • 1″ Idle Contouring Foam
  • ThermoCool Cover + Natural Fire Barrier

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What Makes These Materials & Build Special?

To reiterate, the Idle Hybrid is distinct in that it is a double, or two sided mattress. This creates a bed that provides twice the comfort and twice the life. Coil systems aren’t what break down in a mattress. The foam layers on top of the coils are what sink, sag and break down starting from day 1.

idle hybrid mattress review However, when you have a mattress that incorporates the durable coil system but offers two sides of the exact same foams and feel you’ll get a mattress that literally lasts twice as long as a single sided mattress. On top of this niche build that makes you wonder why every bed isn’t two sided, is also uses some great materials too.

The coils in this bed are pocketed coils with a quantum edge. This means that the coils used around the perimeter are reinforced for better edge support.

While each side uses three distinct foams that work together to provide a very balanced feel that contours to your body to relieve pressure points, but is also just responsive enough that you don’t feel as though you are stuck. They also don’t hold a ton of heat and provide plenty of support too.

All of this is covered in a Thermo Cool cover that gives each side of the bed a cool to the touch feel. It not only has an initial cooling feel but helps keep the mattress temperature neutral all night long. Making not only the build of this mattress unique, but also perfectly chosen materials to create a very detailed, well designed mattress.

How Firm Is The Idle Sleep Hybrid Mattress?

idle sleep bed review When it comes to the comfort of this mattress you know you’ll get two sides. But, is each side different or the same? Soft or Firm? Well, you have a few choices when it comes to choosing the comfort of this mattress.

There are two comfort levels available. A Medium feel that is most ideal for average size adults that are back, side and stomach sleepers. This feel offers a more adaptable comfort that isn’t too soft or too firm, but right in the middle. This is the most popular choice because of how accommodating it is.

While the other option is Firm and is best suited for a larger sleepers or anyone who wants a truly firm mattress.

The great thing with the Idle Hybrid is that you can choose between getting two sides of medium comfort, two sides of firm comfort or one of each. Giving you three flippable options to choose from. Making this mattress a great option for anyone.

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Which Comfort Should I Choose? 

idle hybrid mattress review As stated earlier the medium comfort option is the most popular feel the Idle Sleep Hybrid is sold in. This is probably because this feel is the most ideal to the largest number of sleepers. If you are a side sleeper you for sure want the slightly softer feel of this mattress. While if you are a back or stomach sleeper that still wants a bit of cushion, than you’ll prefer this feel too.

Overall this mattress is best for lighter to average size sleepers, couples, combination sleepers, side sleepers  and anyone looking for a good balance of strong support and contouring comfort. If you fall into this category, than the Medium Idle Hybrid is going to be best for you.

While if you are a larger or heavier person or like a very firm or supportive mattress, the Firm Idle Hybrid is up your alley. This bed is a ture firm feel that is going to be most ideal for back and stomach sleepers looking for rigid support.

Idle Sleep Mattress Benefits

The amazing design and feel of this mattress isn’t all it has to offer. Beyond a well balanced feel and durable build this bed also offers minimal motion transfer, a temperature neutral sleep surface and solid edge support. Making the additional benefits the cherry on top of this double sided sundae.

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Motion Transfer:

Motion isolation is an important aspect of buying a mattress. This is especially true for couples who are going to be sharing a bed. Many couples find it difficult to sleep with their partner when a bed has a lot of motion transfer. Most mattress companies have taken note of this problem and started to focus on their bed having little to no transfer.

idle sleep hybrid mattress review

The Idle hybrid mattress uses a quantum edge to edge coil system. These coils are not only independent of each other but also wrapped in fabric. Above the coil system is several inches of dense foam too. These foams help absorb any initial vibrations and soften it before it even gets to the core. Both of these properties make for very little motion transfer.

The Idle Sleep hybrid bed is made of several different types of materials to keep your movements from affecting your partners sleep. This bed can even be great for parents of children who like to sleep in bed with them or have fur babies who like to sleep with you too.

Sleeping Cool:

idle sleep hybrid mattress A big benefit to having a hybrid, and specifically this one, is sleeping cool. Though no mattress is going to literally cool you while you sleep there are ways to keep the mattress from getting too hot.

The Idle hybrid bed not only has a coil system but also uses a comfort foams that are more breathable. Allowing it to stay cooler and retain less heat. It also has Thermocool fabric cover that is breathable as well as designed to work with the body to feel the way you need it to.

Not only do the layers do a great job of keeping you temperature neutral, but the cover of the mattress helps too. This ThermoCool cover has a literal cool to the touch feel. This reactive technology helps you cool down when your body is hot and heat up when it is cold.

Giving you a superior feel from the time you go to bed until you wake up. All in all, the Idle Sleep Hybrid does a great job of adjusting to your bodies needs.

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Edge Support:

idle sleep hybrid bed Edge support can be one of the most important runner up factors when determining if you want to go with a mattress. Sadly, many shoppers don’t know to look into or ask about the edge support of a bed when shopping around.

A mattress without proper edge support will force you to sleep near the middle of the bed. And when you get within a few inches of a the edge of a  bed without perimeter support, you will find yourself slowing sinking towards the floor. This can make sleeping uncomfortable, especially if you are sharing a smaller size of bed like full, or even a queen.

When it does come to edge support though, Idle has thought things through. The Idle Sleep Hybrid uses several different layers to help make supportive surface for you to sleep on. Every inch of this bed is usable for sleeping, even if you like to sleep on the very edge of the bed. This mattress is also great for providing a solid surface for getting in and out and even works well for sitting occasionally.

Idle Hybrid Mattress Basics

Now that you know all the details of the bed comes the super easy ordering process. This online mattress is compressed and shipped right to your door. Meaning your new mattress could be only a few clicks and few days away from getting. Below we will look at not only the convenient delivery of this bed, but also the price, latest coupons, financing and other perks of this bed-in-a-box.


idle sleep mattress review When it comes to finding a new mattress that checks all your boxes it’s already hard enough. But, seeing a price tag that gives you sticker shock makes the whole experience turn sour. Luckily, the Idle Sleep dual sided hybrid mattress will drop your jaw – but in the best way possible.

The Idle Hybrid mattress is a great price making it a fantastic value. Thinking that you are getting two beds in one may make you think you have to pay for two beds too, but the cost of this bed is just as affordable, if not more affordable, than most of it’s one sided competitors. Giving you an amazing mattress that will truly be well worth every penny, and than some.

Currently the most popular size, the Idle Hybrid queen mattress is only $1420 before coupon. Included with this is also 2 FREE pillows. As well as free shipping and an 18 month trial period. To top it all off you also have a lifetime warranty, giving you peace of mind for all your nights ahead.

Idle Sleep Coupons:

The price of this mattress is already a steal, but when combine with the latest Idle Sleep mattress coupon you get a price that leaves this mattress in a league of its own. Simply click the coupon code link below to take advantage of the latest savings on your new bed.

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When it comes to buying a new mattress your back may be ready before your wallet is. If this happens to be the case you’ll be happy to know that Idle Sleep offers easy and fast approval through their finance partner, Affirm. You can make easy monthly payments on your new bed to help you get better sleep sooner than later. Learn more at


metta bed mattress reviewNot only is the delivery of the Idle Sleep hybrid mattress easy, but also totally FREE! This mattress will come right to your doorstep compactly in a box. It’s amazing that a mattress this thick and durable can even ft, but it does!

Once it arrives you will need to begin the unpacking process. All you need to do is open the cardboard box and take out the mattress. Next you just need to unroll and cut away the plastic wrapping. After that it will instantly expand quickly. However, it will take several hours for the foams to full firm up.

You can certainly sleep on this mattress the first night you get it, but we have noticed that it does take several days for boxed mattresses to regain their truest feel. Also, there may be a few new mattress and plastic wrap smells when unboxing, but nothing noxious or harmful.

This mattress is made in a one of two factories in the USA. It is made to order, once you have confirmed your order online and everything’s processed, the manufacturing phase will begin. Once purchased, the mattress will take about 2 to 3 business days to build. And the actual shipping takes about 2 to 6 days before arriving at your door. For a total of about 4-10 days. The mattress will be shipped through UPS ground with a tracking number so you can follow the delivery progress of your order.

Trial Period & Warranty:

Consumers are understandably cautious of anything they buy online that isn’t from a well-known company. To combat this mattress company started to offer sleep trial periods to let buyer try out the product before completely committing to it.

idle hybrid mattress review The trials last for a set amount of days and after the first 30 days, you can return the product for a full refund credited back to your original purchasing method. Like most models, the Idle Sleep Hybrid comes complete with a sleep trial period. The period for the mattress is 18 months long and can be returned up to the last day of the sleep trial.

If things end up going well with your new mattress then you will be covered by Idle’s lifetime warranty that comes with all its products. This warranty covers any defects or unnatural sagging the mattress may have. If you find that your mattress has a defect then the company will replace it with the same mattress at no cost to you. Even the return shipping for this mattress is free for both warranty returns and sleep trial returns. All you need to do is contact Idle to let them know you need to use your warranty.

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Manufacturer Promises

  • Shipping: Free Shipping
  • Trial Period: 18 Month Trial Period
  • Warranty: Lifetime Warranty

Current Pricing

  • Twin: $1041
  • Twin XL: $1105
  • Full: $1320
  • Queen: $1420
  • King: $1848
  • Cal King: $1848


The Idle Sleep Hybrid Mattress Mattress might be good for you if…

  • You like a thick hybrid mattress that is available in two comfort options and is 2 sided!
  • You like minimal motion transfer, good edge support and a temperature neutral sleeping surface.
  • You like a mattress with a great price point, quality warranty and top notch materials & construction.


Still looking for some more information? Visit Idle Sleep at Also, have questions for us? Please contact us and we would be happy to help you!