July 20, 2018

DreamCloud vs Crystal Cove

The design of the DreamCloud and the Crystal Cove are far from the same. However, it is important to compare these two hybrid mattresses as they’re new to the online mattress world. As well as come in at similar price points and will appeal to many of the same sleepers. Hence why we have created our DreamCloud vs Crystal Cove comparison review.

dreamcloud vs crystal coveThe DreamCloud is one mattress in one option. It offers a long list of materials that should check all your boxes for desired qualities. The popular and more established brand, Brentwood Home, brings us their newest design, the Crystal Cove. This mattress is the latest addition to their line of existing beds. It offers a customized sleeping experience unlike most anything else on the market. Continue through our side by side look of these brands to see the specifics for each mattress and our final pick.

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DreamCloud – Overview:

dreamcloud vs crystal coveThe DreamCloud is a hybrid mattress that contains eight different layers of foams, latex, and coils. These all stack up to give you a 15-inch thick take on comfort. With contouring memory foams, you are sure to have excellent pressure point relief. You’ll receive a responsive bounce from the naturally aerated latex. They zoned the coil system in five sections to target support where you need it the most. The design also covered it in a hand-tufted cashmere fabric styled with fashionable side panels.

You’ll have good reduction in motion transfer and fairly firm edge support with the DreamCloud. There are also a few additions that aide you in sleeping cool. However, with a foreign build and less durable materials how will it compare against one of the best brands on the market?

Crystal Cove – Overview:

dreamcloud vs crystal coveBrentwood Home’s brand-new Crystal Cove design gives you two options for customized sleep. This hybrid mattress contains memory foam on the luxury-plush side for a softer more slow responding take on comfort. On the gentle-firm side is a layer of natural latex that gives you a more supportive feel as well as more response and ease of movement. Creating one of the only 2-sided mattresses on the market that give you both a latex and memory foam bed in one.

Between these two sides, is a high-quality set of springs that they individually wrapped. This includes edge retention coils. You get cooling benefits and isolation of motion transfer with these high-density components. Is the Crystal Cove a better mattress than the Dream Cloud? Our comparison article gives you the answer, so keep reading.

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DreamCloud vs Crystal Cove – Delivery and Off-Gassing:

You’ll get fast a free delivery of your new DreamCloud mattress through FedEx. Your setup should be simple, but you’ll need someone to help due to the heavy weight. Tipping the scales at 94 pounds, the mattress is compress and roll-packed into a box for convenience. Once getting your new bed out of the box and in place, you’ll simply unroll it and remove the wrapping. It should only take a few moments to fully expand.

cedar mattressHowever, it could take up to 24 hours to reach its true firmness level. You might notice some faint smells during your setup process. This is called off-gassing. This bed is not made in the USA, which generally leads to a more noticeable off-gassing experience than with others. Avoid the area while the mattress breathes if you are more sensitive to strong smells.

Free shipping is included with every Crystal Cove purchase. Your mattress will be made to order in California before it is compressed and packaged into a convenient box. After it arrives, you unbox and unwrap your mattress in its desired location. You can choose this shipping method or upgrade to the white glove delivery option for a fee of $199. In this method, your mattress will be fully setup for you.

Once set up, your Crystal Cove will need some time to breath. You shouldn’t experience much off-gassing with this mattress since it is made in the USA. It also uses only natural and non-toxic materials to give you a high-quality item. If you are more sensitive to smells, avoid the area for a day or two. After this time, you can place your bedding and enjoy your new bed.

DreamCloud Mattress Comfort:

dreamcloud mattress reviewDreamCloud states this mattress rates at a 6.5 on a firmness scale where 1 is softest and 10 is firmest. This is a Luxury Firm feel that should satisfy most sleeping positions. Several layers of memory foams contour to your body to give you a cradled sensation. This gives you ample sinking at the hip and shoulder while sleeping on your side. This also gives you a contoured groove at the neck and shoulders when back sleeping. You will have a firm feel for enhanced lumbar support and proper spinal alignment.

You can even comfortably sleep on your stomach with the Dream Cloud mattress. The latex layer gives you a responsive bounce that makes changing positions a breeze. The coil system in this bed is zoned for the right amount of softness and firmness in targeted areas. This gives you outstanding spinal alignment and pain relief.

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Crystal Cove Mattress Comfort:

crystal cove mattress brentwood homeThe Crystal Cove gives you two options for optimal comfort. You get a gentle-firm side and a luxury-plush side all in one durable bed. If you need to switch to a softer or firmer mattress after a few years, simply flip your Crystal Cove. One of the best parts of this bed is not just eh fact hat it is two sided but the materials featured on each side too.

The gentle-firm side consists of a responsive natural latex foam. It makes changing positions a breeze. You get a supportive sensation from this layer and still have contouring benefits to relieve pain. As well as the natural cooling benefits of the aerated latex. The latex used in this bed is Dunlop latex which is very durable and dense to provide years of unchanging comfort. Making for a medium-firm feel that will accommodate all sleeping positions but appeal to anyone who wants a slightly firmer feel.

On the luxury-plush side you get a softer feel that will allow for plenty of sinking at pressure points. This is achieved with ta layer of Flow Foam that is more responsive over a thicker layer of memory foam to provide an almost perfect medium feel. This side is also great for all sleeping positions but stands out for relieving pressure and contouring to the body even more. As well as has recovery properties by the added charcoal infusion in the memory foam.

brentwoodhome essentials
DreamCloud – Materials:

oceano vs dreamcloudSix layers of foam and a coil system come together to create the 15-inch thick DreamCloud mattress. For the measurements and amount of different materials used to create this bed, the weight should be more. This has raised questions about the true density and durability of the DreamCloud.

It starts out with a Truetufted Cashmere Top, which is a hand-tufted cover that is luxuriously soft and breathable. The next layer is a Gel-Infused Memory Foam that contours to your body with cooling properties. Next is a Super Soft Quilted Memory Foam that’s “as close as you can get to lying on actual clouds”. The Supreme Natural Latex layer comes next to give you a responsive feel with hypoallergenic qualities.

Two more memory foams make up the next segments. The first is “Dream Plush” Supporting Memory Foam that gives you deep contouring support that adjust to your position. Next, the Super Dense Super Soft Memory Foam gives you support and contour for comfort in every sleeping position. The Patent-Pending “BestRest” Coils are a five-zoned, foam-encased, pocketed micro coil compression system that isolates movement while providing targeted support. The High Density Super Soft Memory Foam makes up the solid foundation of the DreamCloud, ensuring that vibrations are absorbed.

Crystal Cove – Materials:

crystal cove mattress reviewFour layers of foams, latex, and coils make up the Crystal Cove mattress. Starting with the gentle-frim side, a 2-inch thick segment of natural latex is available in a medium feel. This 4-pound density material is naturally aerated and provides a responsive quality for moving around easily.

The luxury-plush side uses comfort layers consisting of a 1-inch thick Flow Foam over 2″ of memory foam. The Flow Foam has a density of four pounds, it helps regenerate the body by contouring for relief from aches and pains. And the pressure relieving memory foam layer is infused with charcoal to enhance the restorative properties of this mattress.

crystal cove mattress reviewProviding support to both sides is an 8-inch thick Combi-Zone Coil Unit. This layer is sandwiched between the outer comfort layers. A queen-sized Crystal Cove has 1,130 individually wrapped coils. They are reinforced to provide extra support through the lumbar zone. In addition, there are edge retention coils to give you a solid structure.

The Crystal Cove is wrapped in a removable cover for easy cleaning and maintenance. The gray fabric is artfully quilted with a modern design. They incorporate handles on every side for easy moving. All materials in the Crystal Cove are natural or non-toxic. The foams are Certi-PUR-US® certified, and the latex s eco-INSTITUT® certified.

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DreamCloud vs Crystal Cove – Motion Transfer:

crystal cove mattress reviewEven though the DreamCloud is a hybrid mattress, it has several layers of memory foam to absorb vibration. The coil system is foam-encased and individually wrapped for isolation of almost all movement. The DreamCloud features a foundational layer of foam to create a solid surface that reduces the sensation of most movement. Overall, you should have a nice experience with reduced motion transfer in this mattress. If you want a hybrid that will give you an undisturbed night of sleep, consider the Dream Cloud bed. It might be just what you are looking for.

Even though the Crystal Cove is not an all-foam mattress, there are many accommodations aimed at stopping motion transfer. Each component is wrapped separately to avoid a domino-effect of vibrations transitioning from coil to coil. This mattress has two contrasting sides for different comfort preferences. The luxury-plush side uses memory foam. This material is best at absorbing vibrations and isolating movement. You may feel more vibration on the gentle-firm side because it uses a natural latex. This material is known for its responsiveness, but it doesn’t create any extra movement. You will have a pleasant night of sleep with minimal disturbances no matter which side you choose.

DreamCloud vs Crystal Cove – Sleeping Cool:

dreamcloud mattress reviewThere are a few additions in the DreamCloud that support a cooler sleep. This is a much-needed advancements, since there are so many layers of memory foams in this design. The coil system immediately gives you better air circulation than with an all-foam mattress. They hand-tuft the breathable cover on this bed to prevent sagging and bunching. However this can lead to heat retention. They infuse the top layer of foam with gel. This draws heat away from your body and disperses it evenly across the mattress. The latex layer in the DreamCloud is naturally aerated to increase airflow. This mattress isn’t one of our favorites for sleeping cool, but you will still get an okay experience.

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crystal cove mattress reviewBrentwood Home has incorporated many good aspects to sleeping cool in both sides of the Crystal Cove. The gentle-firm side’s latex layer naturally aerates to promote increased air circulation. This allows warm air to dissipate as it travels through the channels. On the luxury-plush side, a layer of Flo Foam is directly on top. It was styled to disperse heat retention evenly across the mattress surface. Under this layer, the memory foam is infused with graphite and activated charcoal. This will encourage heat to pull away from the body, giving you a refreshing feeling. These materials will also facilitate total body recovery effects, to help you wake feeling well-rested and regenerated.

Learn more about the Crystal Cove Mattress in our in-depth Mattress Review or at BrentwoodHome.com.

DreamCloud vs Crystal Cove – Edge Support:

dreamcloud vs crystal cove Edge support in the DreamCloud is comparable to other hybrids. You will have more ability to sit at the side of your mattress for short times. It will not have amazing support, but you get enough comfort to get the job done. And will have a fully usable surface for sleeping purposes. You can get right up to the edge without feeling like you’ll roll out. Your partner and you can stretch out as much as you need to and still find great support. You will get to use every square inch of the DreamCloud with the same comforting contour.

Hybrid mattresses already have better edge support than their all-foam competitors. Brentwood Home has taken this one step further in the Crystal Cove providing you a bed to stretch out in. You will never get a rolling out sensation with this mattress due to the stellar design of the coil system. They individually wrapped these 8-inch tall innersprings to target support where it’s most needed. Thicker-gauged coils go around the entire perimeter to reinforce the coil system with extra support. Your body weight will evenly distribute for comfortable sleeping all the way up to the edge. You can even sit at the sides of this mattress comfortably for short periods. This is a great choice in mattress for couples who need their space to get a well-rested sleep.

DreamCloud vs Crystal Cove – Value:

The price for a DreamCloud mattress in a queen size is $1,399. Your purchase will come with free delivery. In addition, you receive a 365-night sleep trial to make sure the DreamCloud is a perfect for your needs. You will also get a lifetime warranty for this mattress. It covers defects in all materials for the first ten years and repair and replacement after that.

The price of a Crystal Cove mattress in a queen size is $1,295. Included in your total is free shipping, a 365-night sleep trial, and 25-year warranty. And that isn’t even including our EXCLUSIVE 15% OFF coupon. Just use the code: OURSLEEPGUID15 to get your Crystal Cove two-sided mattress for only $1,100.

brentwoodhome essentials

Brentwood Home has given the ultimate in peace of mind with this bed. You are getting two choices in one with memory foam and latex options as well as two feels too. And the convenience of shipping right to your door. You also have a full year to try out the Crystal Cove to make sure it’s right for you. You also get the replacement and repair values for one of the longest periods in the industry. This mattress is a great price espeically considering you are getting two beds for one. And a ton of optimal sleeping benefits.

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DreamCloud vs Crystal Cove – Our Pick!

crystal cove mattress reviewWhen we look at these two mattresses, it is important to discuss where they are manufactured. Since the DreamCloud is not made in the USA, the materials may be questionable. You will also have an improved off-gassing experience from a mattress made in the USA, like the Crystal Cove. When we look at materials, the different layers in the DreamCloud just can’t stack up to having two comfort options. The Crystal Cove also provides you better properties for sleeping cool and edge support.

The Crystal Cove also comes in at a lower price, even before coupons, than the DreamCloud. And after our exclusive 15% off Brentwood Home coupon it blows the value out of the water. Crystal Cove is definitely hands down checking the boxes we expect a good quality mattress to have. And make sure to save with code: OURSLEEPGUIDE15 at BrentwoodHome.com.

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