September 12, 2018

Casper Wave vs Alexander Signature

When it comes to buying a mattress, it can be easy to get lost in a sea of white rectangles. When it comes to buying a mattress online where do you even begin? One definite place to start is with the Casper Wave or Alexander Signature. These all foam mattresses give you options, so there’s no need to be intimidated by online shopping. The Casper Wave uses sleep driven technology and the Alexander Signature offers various firmness options. Continue reading for an in-depth review of the Casper Wave vs Alexander Signature.

casper wave vs alexander signature
Casper Wave Mattress Overview:

casper wave vs alexander signatureThe new Casper Wave is 13 inches made up of 5 layers that will not disappoint. The first velvety soft layer lays over a responsive latex layer. Then comes pressure relieving memory foam, transition layer, and finally the base layer. The Casper Wave targets optimal back and core support. The materials are designed for ergonomic alignment and ultimate comfort. However, you’ll sleep the most comfortable of all with its open cell structure designed to keep you sleeping cool all night long. The foam is thick and sturdy creating almost no motion transfer and solid edge support to keep your mattress in shape for years to come.

You will also sleep happy knowing the Casper Wave is a healthier mattress for the environment. Made only in the U.S. it uses certi-PUR foams and has low VOC emissions. The Casper Wave also offers free shipping a 100-night Sleeping trial, and 10-year warranty, giving you all the time you need to see just how happy and healthy your sleep can be. This review will continue to show you how the mattress should perform, but the experience is trying it yourself.

Want to jump right to the full review? Find the Casper Wave Review HERE or shop at Casper.com.

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Alexander Signature Mattress Overview:

casper wave vs alexander signatureThe Alexander Signature mattress by Nest Bedding, is not your average bed in a box. The mattress is thicker so you know you’re getting a more durable mattress, with more comfort, that will last for more years to come. You can enjoy several years with the medium option, giving you equal support with a touch more plushness on top. Or with its 12”+ thickness and durability, the luxury firm option is also built to last and offers a touch more firmness on top.

Purchasing an Alexander Signature is easy with a great price point that includes free shipping, 100-night sleeping trial, and limited lifetime warranty. That’s a lot of luxury for one mattress, so if you’re looking for a mattress fit for a King, the Alexander Signature is the best option. You will see how it stands apart from other foam mattresses in comfort, Sleeping Cool and even Edge support.

Jump to the full Alexander Signature review HERE. Or get the latest pricing and shop at NestBedding.com.

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Casper Wave vs Alexander Signature – Delivery:

The delivery and unboxing of you bed in a box is almost as important as it’s comfort. The last thing you want is a mattress that is poorly packaged, damaged, or leaves an unwanted smell. When you purchase a Casper Wave or Alexander Signature mattress however, you can purchase with confidence in their delivery and off-gassing process.

Casper Wave – Unboxing & Off-Gassing:

casper essential vs tuft and needleYour Casper Wave mattress will arrive shortly after your purchase online, in a fairly compact, brightly colored, blue-striped box. At well over 100 pounds, you will want some extra help to lift the mattress and place it where it needs to be. Once the mattress is in your desired location, first remove it from the box and set it on the foundation (such as a box spring, frame, etc.). Carefully cut away the plastic and be sure not to damage the mattress. Then, just sit back and watch the magic happen before your eyes.

Your mattress will quickly expand, but keep in mind it’s true shape and firmness takes 24 to 48 hours. Sleep on it, but know that it’s firmness will change. You may notice a few new smells, but if you don’t prefer that ‘new mattress’ smell, an open window should do the trick. Rest assured there are no noxious fumes since the Casper Wave is made in the US with Certi-PUR foams, and the lowest VOC emissions tests you can imagine.

Have your new mattress conveniently shipped to your door with the Casper Wave at Casper.com.

Alexander Signature – Unboxing & Off-Gassing:

brooklyn bowery vs love and sleepThe classic, white, nest bedding box featuring your Alexander Signature mattress will quickly arrive at your door, ready for your best sleep! The mattress weighs approximately 70 pounds, but is still awkward to maneuver, so investing help is never a bad idea. The setup of the Alexander Signature includes taking your mattress where it needs to be, removing it from the box, and cutting away the plastic.

Then, there is no better feeling than watching your mattress come to life. You may notice a little bit of off-gassing, but if you don’t absolutely love the smell, simply open a window for up to 12 hours. There is comfort knowing that regardless of the slight smells, the Alexander Signature is made in the US, with quality materials, so there won’t be any harmful gasses.

Ready to order your new Alexander Signature mattress? Shop and learn more at NestBedding.com.

Casper Wave Mattress Materials:

The 13” Casper Wave mattress comes with 5 layers of ultimate comfort and unique design as follows. The first layer is the Flo Foam Top Layer. It uses breathable foam for a velvety top layer that gives you the luxurious feel you want at the top of your mattress.

The next layer is made of Latex Foam. It’s key features are allowing you to sleep cool and maximum mattress responsiveness so you can move freely throughout the night without feeling “stuck”. The third layer consists of Visco Elastic Memory Foam. This layer supports pressure points while contouring to your body. Following that is a layer of High Resiliency Foam with Polymer Network, which provides precise support where you need it most.

Finally, the foundation is the Dense Base Foam Layer is just as important as the rest. Not only does it provide an even sleeping surface, but also all the support and alignment you need. Altogether the Casper Wave is comfort, alignment, hyper-targeted support, breathability, and pressure relief. It doesn’t get any better than that.

casper wave mattress

Shop the Casper Wave and get the latest pricing at Casper.com.

Alexander Signature Mattress Materials:

Keep in mind that the Alexander Signature comes in two different firmness options. This means that each mattress comes with a different number of layers, but all are 12”+ thick. Each option will also use varying layers of poly foam and memory foam to create the ideal feel, but all mattresses will use the following materials.

The top layer is made with a Quilted Cover Cool Stretch Fabric, which gives you that ‘ahh’ feeling when you get into bed, while keeping you cool all night long. The next layer will be a 4lb. Gel Memory Foam followed by a 4lb. Visco Memory Foam. Beneath that will be a unique 1.8lb. SmartFlow Foam, and finally a 1.8lb. Base Foam with solid edge support like no other.

While the mattresses will vary in the combination of these materials, bother firmness options will also be covered in a thermocouple phase-changing cooling fabric, made of 80/20 rayon and polyester blend. As part of the quilted top layer, this is what keeps the top cool. The side panels also have a velvety blue texture and design which adds to the luxurious softness, plus the aesthetic appeal. With these unique and more than comfortable materials, the Alexander Signature is sure to be your signature mattress for sleep.

alexander signature series materials

Think the Alexander Signature sounds like the fit for you? Get the latest pricing and coupons at NestBedding.com.

Casper Wave Comfort:

casper wave mattressIf you’re looking for an all-foam mattress, the Casper Wave is the way to go; it will be appealing no matter what. The Casper Wave is luxury with a focus on support and optimal comfort. It is the perfect medium feel to appeal to all sleeping positions, shapes, and sizes. This way, no matter how you sleep, you will still receive precision support and luxurious softness.

Even if you’re a side, back, or stomach sleeper, you’re sure to have optimal balance and support. The Casper Wave is a true medium feel, which means if you’re a heavier or predominantly stomach sleeper, you may want a mattress with a touch more firmness. However, if you’re looking for pressure relief in your shoulders, hips, and lumbar areas, the Casper Wave will do the job.

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Alexander Signature Comfort:

alexander signature mattress reviewThe Alexander Signature offers comfort that is more unique. The two comfort options are medium and luxury firm. All Alexander Signature mattresses have great support, ideal pressure relief, and are thick, durable, long-lasting mattresses.

The medium option of the Alexander Signature falls around a 4.5 to 5.5 on a firmness scale, which means it is a true medium mattress. It is the perfect blend of cushion and support that medium mattresses offer. Side, back, and stomach sleepers will love this mattress most because it provides support with just a little extra softness to sink in. The medium option is also best for couples because it accommodates such a wide variety of sleepers, each partner is bound to keep peacefully.

The luxury firm option of the Alexander Signature falls around a 6.5 to 7.5 on a firmness scale, so it will have a completely different feel than the medium option. This option has incredible support, but offers firmness on top. So, if you’re predominantly a back or stomach sleeper and don’t change positions much throughout the night, this is the ideal option. You won’t sink in too much and you will feel like you’re sleeping on top of the mattress instead of in it. The comfort layers of the luxury firm are still conforming and responsive, but solid and sturdy.

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Casper Wave vs Alexander Signature – Motion Transfer:

casper wave mattressOne thing you shouldn’t have to worry about when you purchase a mattress is motion transfer. With so much sleeping technology, you shouldn’t have to feel your partner tossing and turning, so with the Casper Wave and Alexander Signature, you won’t.

The Casper Wave does very well for motion isolation. It is thicker and has more robust foams than the previous Casper mattresses, which means motion, no more. The true medium feel also absorbs all the excess movement. Overall the combination of thick materials, plus the minimum motion transfer makes the Casper Wave perfect for couples and perfect for sleeping without disturbances.

Similarly, the Alexander Signature has very little motion transfer. The solid, dense, foam base; memory foam, and quilted top absorb vibrations quickly and easily. This means you or your partner can get in and out of bed as needed without disturbing the other. The Alexander Signature stayed true to its responsiveness feel, but was still thick enough to avoid motion transfer.

Casper Wave vs Alexander Signature – Sleeping Cool:

You should never have to compromise between sleeping and sleeping cool, but when it comes to all-Foam mattresses, we know there are limitations. The Casper Wave is admittedly not the coolest option out there. It does uphold some of the typical characteristics of all-Foam mattress, which means it just doesn’t dissipate heat like it could.

alexander signature mattress reviewHowever, the Casper Wave does offer several upgrades to keep you sleeping mostly cool. For example, the second latex layer, does offer a naturally breathable, aerated layer and contributes to not feeling “stuck” which means more space for you to move freely. In addition, the support layers are specifically cut for ideal ergonomics. With these two benefits you’re bound to sleep cooler than most, just not the coolest ever.

The Alexander Signature definitely takes it when it comes to sleeping cool. The thermic phase changing cooling fabric makes a huge difference with every Alexander style mattress. Built right int the mattress itself, it dissipates heat and directs it away from the body. Combine this with the gel foam and smartflow air foam and you have a mattress that stays cool in more ways than one. This gives you a slight edge preventing you from sinking in and therefore creating less heat around your body.

Casper Wave vs Alexander Signature – Edge Support:

casper wave mattressThe Casper Wave definitely made a huge improvement from its previous mattress styles when it comes to edge support. This is due to the thicker materials and construction. With the Casper Wave you can use every inch of its sleeping surface and you won’t feel like rolling out, even if you are on the edge. While it is never recommended to sit on the edge of your mattress for too long, with the Casper Wave you can sit for some time, on a perimeter than is sturdier than most.

The Alexander Signature is also sturdy and stable with edge to edge support, but not quite as much as the Casper Wave. You can utilize the entire sleeping surface of the Casper Wave and can feel the support especially from its dense base layer. The edges of the Alexander Signature are rounded, so it is advised not sleep directly in the edge because you may easily roll off. But, sleep a few inches in and you’ll sleep peacefully.

Casper Wave vs Alexander Signature – Value:

A price tag is one thing, but when it comes to online mattress shopping it’s all about value. An upgraded mattress means a higher price point. The Casper Wave can be ordered in a queen size for $2,095. Shipping is included at no extra fee. You also get a 100-night sleep trial to make up your mind. A 10-year warranty comes standard with this brand.

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Interested in the Casper Wave? Learn more and shop at Casper.com.

The Alexander Signature is exactly what you’re looking for when it comes to value. A queen size is $1199 and on top of that we are currently offering a $100 off coupon. That’s only $1099 for a mattress that you can choose for firmness and with high quality materials. There’s no doubt you’ll be satisfied with your Alexander Signature investment.

Interested in the Alexander Signature? Learn more and shop at NestBedding.com.

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Casper Wave vs Alexander Signature – Trial Period & Warranty:

mattress warranty & sleep trialWhen it comes to trial period and warranty, you’ll definitely want the deal that Alexander Signature has for you. Alexander Signature gives you a 100-night sleep trial and lifetime limited warranty. 100-days is the industry standard for bed trialing, so there is no doubt you’ll be able to see if the Alexander Signature is your mattress in that time.

The lifetime limited warranty however, is unique and we’re sure you’ll love this feature. This means that the warranty covers any defects over the life of the mattress such as manufacturer defects, visible sagging more than 1”, and cover of the mattress. You know Alexander Signature stands behind their product with a warranty like that.

The Casper Wave gives you the standard 100-night and 10-year warranty. While this is the industry standard for both categories, there’s just no beating the Alexander Signature way.

Casper Wave vs Alexander Signature – Summary:

alexander signature mattress reviewAll-foam mattresses can be tricky. You don’t want to be stuck with one that’s as stiff as rock or overly soft. With both the Casper Wave and Alexander Signature, you know you’re buying a high quality mattress. However, our pick is the Alexander Signature! With two firmness options, Alexander Signature speaks comfort and is more personalized for your sleep. Not to mention the price is unbeatable compared to the Casper Wave. We know our top pick, but in the end, it’s your sleep that makes the choice.

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