January 19, 2021

Bathing Tips For Sleep

Scrub a dub dub, lets talk about that tub! We all have to get clean and bathe, however, how we do so can help us to fall asleep and wake up! If you go about choosing when to take a warm shower versus a cool shower could make all the difference when it comes to not just getting clean, but having more energy to start your day as well. Stick around for our top bathing tips for sleep, and better sleep at that.

bathing tips for better sleep

Take Cold Showers In The Morning:

benefits of cold showers and your energy and health

If you like to take your showers in the mornings, we suggest taking a cool or even cold shower. Cold or cool morning showers help to spike adrenaline and cortisol levels in order to wake you up and energize you.

They are also great for your skin and hair. Cold showers can increase blood flow while also closing pores. There have been many studies that follow the benefits of cold showers and getting your body adapting to cold temperatures overall.

The best part of a cold shower in the morning is that it is a great way to wake yourself up in a hurry. It is nearly impossible to feel drowsy after you have taken a cold shower, this is due to the spike in cortisol and adrenaline. We promise you, it is better than a cup of coffee.

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Take Warm Showers In The Evenings:

why you should always take a cold morning showerWho doesn’t love a hot shower? They are soothing and relaxing, the steamy air and hot water opening up all of your pores and making you feel extra clean. However, if you love to take warm showers, we suggest doing this in the evenings.

Warm or hot showers are great in the evenings in order to calm yourself down and prepare for sleep. It can be a good way to ease into your morning if you have plenty of time to slowly wake up. However, if you are needing to hit the ground running, a warm shower may slow your roll too much.

While if you flip your schedule and take that warm shower in the evenings, it could be a delightful treat as you slow down and prepare for bed.

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Can’t Stand a Cold Shower?

bathing tips for sleepIf you love having your showers in the mornings, but you just can’t stand the idea of taking a cold shower. Then we have a suggestion for you! Take your regular warm to hot shower like normal, then give yourself a cold rinse right before you get out. This is also great for closing up pores while they are nice and clean. Great for skin and hair.

This can even be more effective than taking a cool shower for the entire time. Since your body is toasty warm from bathing in the warm to hot water, the cool water will feel even more cold and refreshing. Making this cool blast even better for waking you up and boosting your energy.

A Warm Bath Is Great Before Bed:

Looking to squeeze in some alone time and get some rest? Warm baths are also a great way to relax the body and mind while preparing for sleep.

They are soothing and help to relieve aches, pains, and sore muscles. If you have any tension in your body, a warm bath will also help to relieve that tension and help you to physically and emotionally relax.

There is something about taking a warm bath that goes beyond just relaxing the body, it also soothes the soul. Making it a great choice when you need a little help letting off some steam before heading to bed.

Quick Morning Wakeup Call:

If you need a refreshing kick to start off your morning but you have no time for a shower. Then a cold splash of water on your face can also help you to wake up in the morning. Or cold compress or face roller. A splash of cold water helps to reduce swelling or puffy skin on the face. Which helps to get rid of the puffy undereye and sleepy tired looking skin.

Many say that cold water on the face in the morning can help with circulation and keep wrinkles away. It is also a great way to get that jolt of energy without having to take the time for a full shower. Allowing you to look and feel like you have been up for hours when you have really only been up for a few minutes.

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Allergy Sufferers – Rinse Off Before Bed:

During allergy season, it can feel impossible to get the sleep you need. Sneezing, coughing, runny nose, stuffed nose, and a sore throat from post nasal drip can leave you feeling like you have a cold. When it is simply allergies making you feel miserable. Which is why it is vital that you wash off before you climb into bed. Even walking to and from your car is enough for your hair, skin, and clothes to collect allergens.

Ideally washing your hair daily would help tremendously. However, it is the trend to not wash your hair for days on end in order to maintain style without having to use heat tools daily. If you do not wash your hair daily, we suggest wearing your hair up and out of your face while you sleep to avoid dust, dirt, allergens getting in your face and sheets.

At the very least we suggest washing your face and rinsing off your skin in a shower before you climb into bed. (always change clothes before you sit or sleep on your bed as well.) This will help to keep from dust, pollen, and other allergens from collecting in your sheets and giving you more allergy issues while you’re trying to sleep.

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Aromatherapy & Bathing:

Scents have a very powerful affect on us, they can help you to fall asleep, wake up, feel sensual, or energized. Which is why adding some aromatherapy to your bathing can be a fun and enjoyable tool to use in order to help calm yourself down or wake yourself up! Lavender and chamomile are to of the top scents thought of and used to induce and encourage relaxation and sleep.

However, any scents that you find warm, soothing, and calming are a great choice to use before bed. For example vanilla and oats, sandalwood, almond, and amber are all great scents for soothing you to sleep. While energizing scents like citrus, mint, and eucalyptus are invigorating and can help you to feel energized and alert. These are fantastic scents to use in the morning.

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Bathing Products We Love:

bathing tips for sleepWhen it comes to our bathing tips for sleep we can tell you what we recommend, but it’s also fun to show you! With so many great products out there we have some of our favorites. Below are several bath and shower essentials that help you relax and calm down for better sleep. As well as energize you to help start your day on a bright note.

Relaxing Nighttime Cleanser: Calm your nerves and wash stress away with French Lavender Shower Gel or Lavender Body Scrub.

Calming Evening Candle: Set the mood of your bath with the sound of crackling wood and the spa scent of the WoodWick Lavender Spa Candle.

Soothing Bath: Get extra relaxed in a warm tub filled with a Coconut Milk Bath or Magnesium Bath Soak.

Invigorating Morning Cleanser: Start your day with the bright and awaking scent of Dove Go Fresh Energize Body Wash.

Fresh Body Lotion: Wake up and nourish your body with the amazing smell of 100% Pure Eucalyptus Body Cream.

Dry Body Brush: Help your body naturally replenish and find all the benefits of using the GingerChi Dry Brush.

best bathing products for sleep

Bathing Tips For Better Sleep – Final Thoughts:

If you have to get clean, you might as well enjoy it. Taking a warm bath with soothing scents is great way to prepare for sleep. While a refreshing cool shower with zingy stimulating scents can help you to feel refreshed, awake, and ready to start your day. We hope these tips not only help you to get clean, but also sleep well and wake up refreshed and ready to take on the world.

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