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Accessory Review Fisher-Price Rock n Play Sleeper Review

The Fisher-Price Rock n Play is a great portable bassinet that is a convenient and necessary. Initially I wasn’t sure what would be best for Lily’s first few months of sleeping in this new world. You have the option of bassinet, co-sleeping, crib or what I settled on after so many rave reviews, the Fisher Price Rock ‘n Play. Because of the strong testament to the Rock ‘n Play I really didn’t do much research into the other options and figured this must be the holy grail for newborns to adjust to sleeping outside the womb.

I have to say that there were several benefits to this light weight, portable slightly inclined little basket with lots of style options and literally a snap to put together. And only a few things that made me wish I had given a little more thought to what my other options for her initial sleeping space.



As far as how comfortable this handy little sleeping tool is I thought that the design seemed great, it has a nice deep, slightly inclined, supported but nicely padded sleeping surface that gently swaddles the baby. For a newborn, it is kind of ideal. The fact that it can so easily be moved around makes it great for bringing with to any room in the house. The incline also adjusts so you can also prop your little one a little more upright if they are awake and want to see what’s going on around them.

This was perfect for about two months and after that I started to have a little bit of difficulty with Lily staying comfortable in it. She was on the longer side to begin with and she grew so much in the first few months that this seemed so perfect at first and like nothing all of sudden seemed a little too snug for her as well as she grew out of the stage of always wanting to be swaddled and confined and wanted to stretch out. Because this is so much different than sleeping in a crib, or any flat surface for that matter, it did take a little bit of time and trial and error and products to try and make her comfortable (like the memory foam pillow) to transition her to her crib.



The Fisher Price Rock and Play was designed like most infant products. Mesh surround to prevent suffocation, safety strap to harness them in and minimal to no loose parts or fabric. However, the safety strap in my experience was not used once, primarily because we either swaddled Lily or put her in a sleep sack before we put her in this and the safety strap is one that goes between the legs, which didn’t work for us. I never felt like she was going to tip over or fall out, so I wasn’t concerned about her safety without the strap, but it did feel like a poor design choice.

The only other thing that made me question the safety of this was the vibration option. When I purchased this I figured since its name is the “Rock ‘n Play” that the automated feature would be a rocking motion. Instead it is a vibration that is meant to mildly shake or hum the baby to sleep. My daughter was 6lbs 13 oz when born and about 6 ½ lbs when we took her home and the gentle vibrations seemed way too aggressive for her size. I refused to even use it, not like she even cared for it anyways, what she liked was the rocking motion that I literally had to sit and manually move back and forth… oh the time that felt lost due to this. I have heard that there is an option that is/was available with the rocking part automated but from what I can tell it looks like it may have been discontinued, why, I don’t know.



The Fisher Price Rock ‘n Play doesn’t break the bank, which is why even if you end up not using it for full-time sleeping and just for naps here and there and a place to put your baby while you are trying to jump in the shower, it is worth it. Depending on the style and where you purchase it they run anywhere from $40 to $65. Most items made by Fisher-Price have a fairly reasonable price point, especially if you are going back and forth between something like this and a bassinet that can go upwards of $200.



Overall I found that the multiple high recommendations I had received from friends and family for this product for the most part held true. I would recommend this item for your little one especially if you want them sleeping in your room but you don’t have space for a bassinet or crib, you want them to have an easy transition from sleeping in the womb or you want a sleeping space that is portable and easy to move from room to room. I would say that this product is great for the first few months and definitely comes in handy. I would just recommend trying to get your newborn to at least try and take naps here and there in their crib to help the transition easier once they move to their crib full-time.

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