September 20, 2019

New Purple vs Brooklyn Aurora Mattress Review

There is never enough time in the day to get everything done you need to. So don’t waste time trying to compare mattresses. We have already gone through the trouble for you. Read our “Who Wins?” section to find out which mattress wins in each category along with our overall winner. You can stop there or continue reading to get all of the details and to learn why we picked which mattress for each category. Either way, this article will help you determine if the New Purple or the Brooklyn Aurora is the right mattress for you.

Why Choose the New Purple Mattress:

  • New Purple 2 3 4 Mattress vs Aurora Bedding3 Comfort Options (Soft – Purple 4, Medium – Purple 3 & Firm – Purple 2)
  • Patented Purple Polymer Smart Comfort Grid
  • Great for Sleeping Cool
  • Solid Edge Support
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • 100 Night Trial
  • Price $1,299 – $3,499

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Why Choose the Brooklyn Aurora Mattress:

  • best cooling mattress aurora3 Comfort Options (Soft, Medium, & Firm)
  • CopperFlex Foam with Phase Change Technology
  • Great for Sleeping Cool
  • Dampens Motion Transfer
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • 120 Night Sleep Trial
  • Price – $999-$2,124

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Who Wins? Which Mattress is Better?

  • brooklyn aurora mattressConsistent Comfort– Brooklyn Aurora
  • Comfort For Pressure Relief – New Purple
  • Motion Transfer – Brooklyn Aurora
  • Sleeping Cool – Tie
  • Edge Support – New Purple
  • Value – Brooklyn Aurora
  • Warranty – Tie
  • Trial Period – Brooklyn Aurora
  • OVERALL –  Brooklyn Aurora! (By a Hair!)

New Purple vs Brooklyn Aurora Mattress Construction

We are going to start with comparing the similarities in construction between these two mattresses. They are both hybrids, with individually wrapped coil systems. The Brooklyn Aurora features an 8” quantum edge encased coil system, while the New Purple has a 7.5” coil system.

Both provide the majority of the support to their mattresses. For the comfort layers New Purple has their signature Purple Smart Comfort Grid™ in varying thicknesses for the different comfort options. While the Brooklyn Bedding has three top layers of comfort foam all used to keep you sleeping cool and comfortably.

purple hybrid materials

New Purple Comfort & Materials:

The differences between the different comfort levels for the New Purple Mattress is made in the Smart Comfort Grid. The Purple 2, Purple 3, and Purple 4 are named specifically in order to reflect the thickness of their Smart Comfort Grid. The Purple 2 having 2 inches of grid, the 3 has 3 inches, and of course the 4 has 4 inches.

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Brooklyn Aurora Comfort & Materials:

There are three different comfort options for the Brooklyn Aurora mattress. Pretty easy to follow these comfort options are Soft, Medium, or Firm. Unlike the New Purple, the overall thickness of the Brooklyn Aurora is consistent between comfort options. This is because they change their comfort options by changing the density of the Titan Flex Foam, not the thickness of this layer. So no matter which comfort level you go with, you will get a 13” thick mattress.

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brooklyn bedding aurora vs signature mattres

New Purple vs Brooklyn Aurora Mattress Benefits –

Edge Support:

helix luxe vs new purpleWhen it comes to edge support, hybrids have a major advantage over all foam mattresses. When Purple decided to take their original all foam design and create a hybrid version, they made sure to pay extra attention to their edge support. Their coil system provides the majority of the support.

However, they also encased the perimeter with a dense foam in order to give their edges a bit of extra support. This way you can sleep from edge to edge comfortably.

Brooklyn Aurora also has a coil system that provides the majority of the support to their edges. You can comfortably sleep on the entire top of this mattress. If you would like to sit on the side of this mattress you will also have enough support, however it is not made for sitting on the edge for extended periods of time.

Motion Transfer:

brooklyn auroraFor motion transfer Brooklyn Bedding takes the lead. Their three top comfort foam layers and their base layer of foam all do their part to deaden any potential motion transfer caused by the coil system. The coils are also individually wrapped and not attached to each other. This helps to allow pressure relief while also keeping motion transfer to a minimum.

Another great feature of the Smart Comfort Grid featured in the New Purple mattress is that it is helpful to limited motion transfer. They also made sure to create a coil system that was not integrated and instead individually wrapped in order to ensure they deaden potential motion transfer.

Sleeping Cool:

purple polymer smart gridThis is the area in which both mattresses really shine. If you are looking to purchase a hybrid mattress that specializes in sleeping cool, either of these mattresses is sure to please. The New Purple will keep you cool with their Smart Comfort Grid, this helps keep air and space between you and the foam in the mattress. This space is what keeps you extra cool in the New Purple.

The Brooklyn Aurora takes a different approach to keeping you cool while you sleep. Their mattress features materials like CopperFlex and TitanCool gel in their foam and in the cover. These materials utilize phase change technology in order to pull heat away from your body in order to keep you feeling cool all night long.

There is also the benefit that both of these mattresses have, which is a coil system. Hybrid mattresses are great for creating airflow through their coil systems, which allows air to flow through the middle of the mattress and gives heat a place to escape.

New Purple vs Brooklyn Aurora Mattress Basics –


delivery and white glove service purple hybridThe delivery service for the Brooklyn Aurora is rather standard as far as online mattress companies go. When you place your order, you should expect your mattress to be delivered to your door in a compact box. This box will weigh around 100lbs so be sure to get a friend to help you move it to your room and for unpacking. You will also need to allow your mattress to air out and firm up. It will take roughly 24 hours for your mattress to reach it’s proper comfort level.

The New Purple provides a completely different type of delivery service. When you buy a New Purple mattress, you get free white glove delivery service. No heavy lifting necessary. You simply set up a delivery appointment with them and they will take care of the rest.

Value & Financing:

cooling mattress best for sleeping cool with menopauseWhen it comes to quality, these mattresses are well matched. When it comes to value you are getting a much better deal with the Brooklyn Aurora.

  • New Purple: $1,299 – $4,998
  • Brooklyn Aurora: $999 – $2,124

A difference between how they price their items is that New Purple’s prices are determined both by size and comfort level. While the Brooklyn Aurora’s prices are only determined by size regardless of which comfort option you go with. Keep in mind that the purchase price for the New Purple also covers the white glove delivery service.


Purple Hybrid Mattress Coupon- 

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Brooklyn Aurora Mattress Coupon –

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Trial Period:

saatva vs brooklyn auroraBrooklyn bedding takes the lead with a 120 night sleep trial over the 100 night trial offered by Purple. However, at the end of the day if you are determining whether or not your purchased mattress is the right one for you, anything more than 100 days is rather redundant. After a couple weeks, you should know whether or not the mattress is a keeper of not.


Both Purple and Brooklyn offer a 10 Year Warranty on these mattresses. This is a standard warranty and ensures that they truly believe in the quality of their mattress. This type of warranty gives you the assurance that you are getting a well made bed that is sure to last you a very long time.

New Purple vs Brooklyn Aurora Mattress Summary:

Overall these are both fantastic mattresses. If you are looking to get a hybrid mattress that specializes in sleeping cool, either of these mattresses will be a great option for you. You also get to choose between three different comfort options with either mattress. The main difference you will see in these two mattresses is the feel of the New Purple and the price.

While many people love the feel of the Smart Comfort Grid topper on the Purple, it is very different from anything you have likely slept on before. Either you’re really going to love it, or you’re really going to hate it.

The Brooklyn Aurora on the other hand has that traditional feel that is universally loved, and a much more competitive price. These two features combined really tips the scales in the direction of Brooklyn Aurora, giving them the winning position.

New Purple Mattress VS Brooklyn Aurora Bed Review

If you end up ordering one of these two mattresses, let us know! Send us an email through our Contact Us page. We would love to hear which mattress ended up being the right fit for you.