September 9, 2019

EcoCloud Hybrid vs Birch

There are a lot of unique mattresses on the market. Even when two are rather similar in comfort or construction there is typically a clear winner when we compare different mattresses to one another. Then we came to these two, the EcoCloud Hybrid mattress by WinkBeds and the Birch mattress by Helix. We had to really search deep into the details to see how these two latex hybrid mattresses really differ. They are so comparable on so many levels, but there are a few key differences. Keep reading our EcoCloud Hybrid vs Birch review to find out which mattress will be best for you.

ecocloud hybrid mattress vs birch comparison review

Why Choose the EcoCloud Hybrid Mattress:

  • Universal Medium Comforteco cloud hybrid mattress vs birch mattress review
  • 4 inches of premium natural Talalay Latex & Wool
  • Zoned coils provide extra edge support
  • Great at preventing motion transfer
  • Trial Period – 120 Nights
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Price $1299-$2199

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Why Choose the Birch Mattress:

  • should i get the birch mattressUniversal Medium-Firm Comfort (Optional Mattress Topper)
  • 2 inches of premium Natural Talalay Latex & Wool
  • Naturally cooler sleeping mattress
  • Great edge support
  • Trial Period – 100 Nights
  • 25 Year Warranty
  • Price – $1049-$1799
  • Price With Pillow Topper – $1299-$2299

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Who Wins? Which Mattress is Better?

  • birch mattress vs ecocloud hybrid review Comfort For Back & Stomach Sleepers – Birch
  • Comfort For Side Sleepers – EcoCloud Hybrid
  • Motion Transfer – EcoCloud Hybrid
  • Sleeping Cool – Birch
  • Edge Support – Birch
  • Value – Tie (Birch without Pillow Topper)
  • Warranty/Trial Period – EcoCloud Hybrid
  • OVERALL – Everyone Wins!

Keep reading to get all of the details and decide which mattress will work best for you. Also, check out the FULL review of each mattress too. Birch Mattress Review and EcoCloud Hybrid Mattress Review.

EcoCloud Hybrid vs Birch Mattress Construction

One of the best ways to decipher the quality of a mattress you are looking into purchasing, is by looking into the details of how the mattress is constructed and what it is made out of. Which is why this is where we are choosing to start the comparison of these two mattresses.

EcoCloud Hybrid Comfort & Materials:

WinkBeds made sure they created the EcoCloud Hybrid mattress with some of the leading naturally derived materials on the market to date. Starting with their 4 inches of premium Talalay Latex. This latex is much more breathable and cool to sleep on than other latex options out there.

review on the eco cloud mattress

They also made sure to create channels through the latex, maximizing airflow and allowing heat a place to escape. This latex is covered in a quilted top layer, this quilted cover is made out of cotton and wool. Both materials are natural and extra breathable.

Their hybrid construction starts with a layer of individually wrapped coil system. This system consists of two zones, the inside of the mattress and the surrounding perimeter. Around the edges of the mattress are reinforced coils made to withstand the extra pressure of sitting or sleeping close to the side. This allows optimal edge support and ensures the bed is good for sleeping from edge to edge and not just in the middle.

The firmness level of the EcoCloud Hybrid mattress comes to a Medium feel. This is an ideal firmness level for those who prefer to sleep on their sides. Or for those back and stomach sleepers that prefer a softer mattress feel overall. The EcoCloud Hybrid only comes in one firmness option.

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Birch Comfort & Materials:

birch organic wool mattress top

Similar to WinkBeds, Helix also made sure their mattress was made with quality natural materials. Many of which you will find are similar to each other. Birch also has a layer of Talalay Latex, however their layer is only 2 inches while the EcoCloud has 4 inches.

On the other hand Birch has a much heftier full layer of wool batting on the top and bottom of the mattress as comfort layers. Birch also has a two layer cover made of a soft breathable cotton top layer and a bottom fire retardant layer of wool and rayon.

When it comes to the coil system of the Birch Hybrid Mattress, you get 8 inches of individually wrapped coils. The individual wrapping gives extra support and reinforces the side. This ensures you get plenty of edge support.

review on the birch mattress

The comfort level of the Birch without the pillow topper is a solid Medium-Firm firmness level. However, you also get the option to customize your comfort level with the addition of their disconnected pillow topper. With this added pillow topper the Birch Mattress is changed to a Medium to Medium-Soft firmness level.

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EcoCloud Hybrid vs Birch Mattress Benefits:

The sleeping benefits are both exceptional with the Birch and EcoCloud hybrid mattresses. In the following sections you will see very little difference between these two mattresses. However, we are scrutinizing these two beds for the most accurate and detailed review. Giving each section a “winner”, but just barely.

Edge Support:

eco cloud mattress vs birch

These two mattresses are very close when it comes to edge support. Both mattresses feature reinforced zoned coils around the edges to ensure plenty of edge support. There is only one difference that lead us to giving Birch the lead position for edge support.

This is the fact that the Birch only has 2 inches of foam (without the pillow topper) while the EcoCloud Hybrid comes with 4 inches. While more foam is prime for a medium soft feel, the extra plush foam does lend for slightly more dipping around the edges. While this is extremely slight, this is the hair that allows Birch to pull ahead to be slightly better with Edge Support.

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Motion Transfer:

should i get the ecocloud or the birch mattress

Hybrid mattresses in general terms, tend to have more trouble with motion transfer than all foam mattresses. However, both of these mattresses are made with foam comfort layers and individually wrapped coil systems. This combination is very helpful when it comes to limiting motion transfer.

It is the 2 extra inches of Talalay foam in the EcoCloud Hybrid Mattress that allows it to pull ahead and beat out the Birch on motion transfer. While it is small, those extra couple inches of foam can really make a difference. If you are leaning toward the Birch and want a softer feel and less motion transfer, we suggest looking into adding their pillow topper.

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Sleeping Cool:

which mattress is better the birch or eco cloudBirch beats out EcoCloud on sleeping cool. Again, just by a hair. This is because of the extra layer of wool batting in the top of the Birch mattress. This layer is small, yet highly effective.

Wool is a fabulous material for mattresses because of it’s ability to regulate heat, give plush support, while also wicking away moisture and being a natural fire retarder. It is the wool’s ability to regulate heat retention that we find most important in this category. Both mattresses sleep rather cool, the Birch sleeps just that little bit cooler.

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EcoCloud Hybrid vs Birch Mattress Basics:

Now that you know all the details that surround these beds comes the logistical aspect of ordering these online mattresses. Again, the process is similar and both come with some great added perks. Learn more about what comes with each of these mattresses below.


birch mattress boxThe delivery process for both mattresses is going to be rather similar. When you order either mattress it will show up at your door within 3-5 business days. Both mattresses will be compressed into a box and will need the same unboxing process. You also get free delivery for either mattress, and neither company provides white glove service.

Value & Financing:

If you are looking to get a Medium Soft feel, then these mattresses are priced nearly exactly dollar for dollar. This is when you add the Birch Pillow Topper to their mattress which takes their mattress from a Medium feeling mattress to a Medium Soft feel, matching the EcoCloud in comfort level.

However, if you prefer a true Medium firmness level on your mattress, then you truly win out, because you can skip the pillow topper and save a few bucks on your new mattress.

More and more companies are offering financing options now. Allowing everyone to get a new, quality mattress. WinkBeds offers a financing option through BREAD, while Birch has financing options through Zibby.


Below are the latest and best coupons for both of these mattress brands. Though each coupon changes from time to time we will always have the most up to date EcoCloud Hybrid Mattress Coupons and Birch Mattress Coupons.

WinkBeds EcoCloud Hybrid Mattress Coupon:

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Birch Mattress Coupon:

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Trial Period:

which mattress should i purchase reviewEcoCloud wins with a short 20 day longer trial period. At the end of 100 days you should know whether or not a mattress is going to work for you. So these 20 days really shouldn’t make much of a difference in your final decision on whether or not you choose to keep your mattress. Which at the end of the day is what trial periods are all about.


The EcoCloud takes the cake for a warranty, it is hard to beat a lifetime guarantee. On the other hand the 25 warranty offered by Birch is nothing to be scoffed at either. Both companies fully trust in the quality of their products and this shows in their warranty programs.

EcoCloud Hybrid vs Birch Mattress Summary:

If you are trying to pick between these two awesome mattresses, you certainly have not made things easy on yourself. You will likely be happy with either mattress you choose out of these two. Both mattresses are handmade in the USA, both use natural materials, and are made with quality construction. We believe comfort preference really becomes your deciding factor between these two. If you want a medium-firm comfort option (great for back sleepers and stomach sleepers) then we suggest saving a few bucks and getting the Birch mattress without the pillow topper.

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While if you prefer a true medium firmness option (great for side sleepers) then you should choose between the Birch with the pillow topper or the EcoCloud Hybrid. Which come out to be priced evenly. While the Birch has extra layers of wool and all of it’s benefits, the EcoCloud won’t have any of the potential downfalls of an external pillow topper, with all of the comfort.

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You can see the dilemma in choosing a clear cut winner between these two. It truly comes down to preference on rather flight variations. Which is why our final answer is Both Win! They are evenly matched competitors, and you get to decide which minute details/differences tip the scale for you personally.

ecocloud hybrid mattress vs birch comparison review

Did you pick between these two? We would love to know which one you picked and how it worked out for you. Go to the Contact Us page and share your experience with us.