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August 15, 2019

I Can’t Wake Up! How To Wake Up A Heavy Sleeper

In order to wake up a heavy sleeper, you need to find out what the real issue is. Because no matter what it is, there is an underlying cause to your struggle to wake up. Once you figure out what that issue is, then you can find a way to cure it. No alarm clock (no matter how loud or far away from your bed) can beat depression, sleep deprivation, or many of the other issues that can make it extra difficult to get out of bed. Keep reading to find out potential causes and solutions to your exhaustion.

how to wake up a heavy sleeper

Wrong Amount Of Sleep:

motivation to wake up for deep sleepersIf you are under sleeping or oversleeping, it could be the cause behind your heavy sleeping and difficulty waking up in the mornings. Obviously not getting enough sleep can make it incredibly difficult to get out of bed. When your body is running off of less sleep than it needs, you are going to feel those effects.

However, on the other hand getting too much sleep or sleeping in may cause issues as well. If you are in the middle of a REM cycle when your alarm clock goes off, you are going to struggle to wake up and get out of bed, you will feel groggy and exhausted.

  • We have a solution to this problem. The good news is that it is now easy for you to figure out what is the right amount of sleep for you. We love a good sleep calculator, this helps you determine when the optimal time to go to sleep is in order to wake up in the lightest level of sleep at your desired rise time.

Erratic Sleep Schedule:

staying up late and eating is bad for your sleepYour circadian rhythm (your bodies natural cycle that triggers wake and sleep hormones) loves consistency. If your sleep schedule is changing all the time, then your internal clock is going to get all mixed up. Then your body won’t know when to stay alert, or when to put you to sleep. This can cause real exhaustion and make it difficult to wake up in the morning. Causing situations like sleeping through all of your alarms.

  • Thankfully, you have the power to change and train your own sleep schedule. Remember that staying as consistent as possible is the best way to fix your sleeping habits. We have a detailed article all about How To Fix Your Sleep Schedule. You can find all of our top tips on there.

Poor Diet:

heavy sleeper eat poorlyYour diet plays a huge part in all of your bodies natural functions, including sleep. In order to get healthy happy sleep, your body needs a healthy balanced diet. If you are overloading your diet with sugar, salts, alcohol and caffeine, it is going to be especially difficult to get up in the morning.

Each have their own negative impacts on sleep, like drinking. Alcohol will dehydrate you, and make it difficult to regulate body temperature. This will cause you to have a restless and unproductive nights rest. While caffeine tends to stay in the body far longer than people suspect, while you may think you are used to caffeine and that you will get to sleep just fine, it can still negatively impact the quality and longevity of your nights sleep.

  • Clean up your diet, cut off your caffeine intake at least 6 to 7 hours before you plan to go to sleep. Lower your carbohydrate and sugar intake overall, and avoid drinking alcohol in excess. We suggest you make these habit changes earlier rather than later because the healthier you are, the better you will sleep. Which leads us to our next potential cause for heavy sleepers, lack of exercise.

Want to quit caffeine for good? We have an article for you, Caffeine Free: The Benefits of Quitting Caffeine

Lack of Exercise:

exercise can help heavy sleepers wake up easierObesity and complications from being overweight can cause all sorts of issues that could leave you restless and unable or willing to wake up. Sleep apnea is a leading cause of insomnia, when you are consistently being woken up throughout the night from a lack of oxygen, you better bet you’re going to have a hard time getting up in the morning.

Even if your weight is in the healthy range, if you add exercise into your routine you will be surprised how much energy it can give you.

  • Create a healthy fitness schedule and eat right. Many small changes can turn into a huge change in your way of life. We suggest starting slowly and then add changes into your life at a steady pace. If you eventually exercise on a regular basis you will be stunned by how much more energy you will have throughout the day. It will be much easier to wake up and stay awake once your body is healthier.

Electronics In Bed:

put down technology to sleep better as a heavy sleeperThey seem harmless and they have slowly entered nearly every aspect of our lives. We now have incredible technology at our fingertips everyday. You very well might be reading this off of a smartphone right now. There are so many benefits to having this technology so easily accessible, yet it can also be highly addictive and difficult to put down or shut off.

Whether it is your TV, Laptop, Tablet, or Smartphone, if you are bringing these items to bed with you, you can pretty much say goodbye to a good nights rest. Accidental binges on social media or movie nights can keep you up far past your intended bedtime and can make it feel impossible to wake up in the morning.

  • Put them away, turn them off, and get away from your electronics. We suggest getting a separate alarm clock, this will eliminate any need for having your phone laying underneath your pillow. If you want to look into how to let go of your electronics, go read Technology and Sleep: The Blatant Hypocrisy

Poor Mental Health:

poor mental health effects your sleepIf you are having issues with your mental and emotional well being, it is just as important to get help as it is when you are physically ill. The truth of the matter is that mental illness can make it very difficult to get a healthy amount of sleep.

Staying up late and and having extreme difficulty with waking up in the morning, or staying awake during the day are common signs of depression. Anxiety can make it difficult to get to sleep at night, making it difficult to wake up in the morning. Even narcolepsy is a mental illness that can benefit from seeking professional help.

  • Seeking help is the number one solution. It is important to talk to your doctor about what you’re struggling with an get the help you need. It is also important to talk to your doctor about the kinds of medications you are on as they can have symptoms that may be causing your struggle to wake up in the morning. If anxiety is really making it difficult to fall asleep, you may like our article How To Sleep Better With Anxiety. It has a lot of tips that could help you get to sleep and stay asleep throughout the night.

Medication Complications:

know your medicines, they could be causing your heavy sleepingRanging from vitamins to prescription medications, your medicine could be causing your heavy sleeping issues. It is important to know the symptoms of what you are putting in your body. You should also be sure to follow instructions for taking medications, like a multivitamin may suggest taking with food in the morning. This may be because some of the vitamins will keep you awake, so it is important not to take it at night.

  • Know the symptoms of what you are taking, follow instructions, and talk to your doctor before making any changes. Sometimes it takes a while to get on the right prescription that will work for you. So be sure to be open with your doctor on what you’re experiencing and everything else you are taking.


addictions can cause issues with your sleep, seek helpCigarettes, other tobacco products, alcohol abuse, and drug abuse are overall a bad idea. While we could go into great detail on how each of these can really wreck havoc on your health and make you oversleep or be unable to get out of bed, the story is really the same for all of them. Being able to get a healthy amount of rest is dependent on having a healthy body and mind. If you are treating your body poorly, it will not be able to sleep well.

  • Cut the bad habits, sometimes easier said than done but it is possible. Seek help if you need it. That cannot be said enough. Addictions can take over every part of your life if you let it, including your sleep.

This is a link to National Drug Helpline, they can help with a multitude of addictions. Don’t hesitate to get the help you need.

Lack of Motivation:

lack of motivation might be making you sleep inLet’s be honest, this is one of the most common issues that can make it nearly impossible to wake up in the morning. It is easy to fall back asleep when you have zero motivation to get up.

This is more difficult to fix and is often tied in with depression. Motivation comes from within, while you can find it temporarily from TedTalks, mentors, or by hearing about someone else’s success story, at the end of the day all motivation comes from within.

  • Look toward the future and make goals. Then break those goals down into tangible and achievable tasks. Doing these tasks everyday to get closer to your goal is a great way to improve your motivation. The most important part is having a goal that really moves you, this is where you can find inner motivation.

Tips and Tricks!

We also have some tips and tricks to share on how to wake up A heavy sleeper. These tips should help give you that extra boost to get up in the morning. Especially if your health is great and you just tend to sleep deeply. We will also share a few of our favorite products and even apps for our extra deep sleepers out there.

Multiple Types of Alarms:

alarm clock that will wake up heavy sleepersThere are different ways your body can receive signals in order to wake up. If the loud sound of an alarm clock simply isn’t doing it for you, there are other ways. We suggest using multiple layers of signals to wake yourself up. First start with light, find a light like the Philips Hue Go lights that can be scheduled to turn on at a certain time.

Light is one of the most important tools for waking up, it sends signals to the brain to start sending out hormones to wake up the body. Then comes sound, the most popular for alarm clocks because it can be so effective. If you need to get a louder alarm clock, do so. Or if your mind is good at tuning out these deliberately alarming sounds, find one that is customization so you can change it often, preventing you from getting used to the sounds.

Then finally there is distance, one of the oldest tricks in the book is to put your alarm clock where you have to physically get out of bed in order to turn it off. Making it nearly impossible to not wake up a heavy sleeper.

Go All Out:

Sometimes you just have to go all out, especially if you’re struggling to wake up a heavy sleeper. Or if you are the heavy sleeper who can’t wake up. This alarm clock goes out of its way to be truly obnoxious. Break out the big guns and get yourself the Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock. This alarm clock is not only incredibly loud, it is specifically designed to wake up even the heaviest of sleepers. It is loud, comes with a powerful bed vibrator to shake your awake, it also has built in lights that flash while alarming. This alarm clock is no joke and in no way meant to wake you up gently. The Sonic Bomb clock is a great example of using multiple tactics to wake yourself up.

Make Mornings Fun:

have a happy morningWho wants to get up just to go straight to work or class? That is no fun and gives you very little incentive to get out of your cozy bed. Find something fun quick and productive that you love to do and schedule a date with yourself in the morning.

Whether it is watching your favorite show, eating an extra delicious breakfast, or simply getting some much needed alone time, this can be a great way to give yourself a good reason to get up in the morning.

If you are wanting a little something to do while drinking your coffee, try a guided journal like the Morning Ritual Journal. By doing something like this every morning, it becomes part of your morning routine.

Make Your Bed

make your bed first thingWhile this will happen after you are physically moving and not completely out of it, it is an important tip for staying awake. Make your bed the moment you get up, before you do anything else. This should help you resist the temptation to climb back in to squeeze in a couple more minutes of shut eye. There is also the added benefit of feeling like you have accomplished something first thing in the morning that can help you start your day.

App Alarms:

alarmsy review wakes up heavy sleepers appOkay, okay, we know that we just said earlier that technology can really be the underlying cause of your exhaustion. However, they can be helpful tools for waking up. If you want to try them out, we suggest putting your phone or tablet away from your bedside table, in order to resist temptation at night.

Alarmy is an app that forces you to perform some simple tasks before it will turn off. Or the Alarm Clock For Me has a feature where an alarm can go off as soon as 10 seconds after hitting the snooze button. There are plenty of cool tools out there if you’re willing to look for them.

How To Wake Up A Heavy Sleeper Final Thoughts

We hope that this article helps you out. Whether you just need extra help getting out of bed, or if your health is really weighing you down. These issues could be making it feel impossible to wake up and get out of bed.

Overall, remember to do the following. Seek help when you need it. Get the right amount of sleep. Take care of your mental, emotional, and physical health. And finally create life goals that give you something to wake up for. These are the tips that will truly make it easier to get out of bed.

how to Wake Up A Heavy Sleeper

Want to go a step further and become a morning person? Check out How To Become a Morning Person for our tips and tricks.