April 18, 2019

Awara vs Zenhaven

Mattresses can be so the same and yet SO different. Hybrid, coils, latex, memory foam, polymer; what does it all even mean? For starters, some of these materials can mean your best night’s sleep. For example, the Awara hybrid mattress, which uses Dunlop latex; and the Zenhaven latex mattress, which uses Talalay latex, are two different mattresses with one common goal: your sleep.

The Awara mattress is made of all natural and organic materials, a growing trend in the mattress world. The Zenhaven mattress is two sided, giving you options and longevity with your mattress. If you’re still unsure which mattress will be the best for your sleep, continue reading to see a side by side comparison of the Awara vs Znehaven.

awara vs zenhaven

Awara Mattress Overview:

awara mattress review on platform bedWe all know that natural is better when it comes to our food, and the same goes for our mattresses as well. Natural and organic made mattresses are better for your health and better for the environment. This means you’ll sleep soundly and gilt-free. Several online mattress companies are jumping on this opportunity to create new and natural products, and one of the newest brands is the Awara.

However, novelty aside, the Awara mattress has already claimed a name for itself. The hybrid latex mattress is made with Dunlop latex, combined with a coiled support system that you cannot resist. Even the cover is made of organic cotton and quilted wool. As if that’s not enough, in this review you will find all of the ways Awara naturally succeeds in sleeping cool, motion transfer, and other mattress qualities you absolutely need.

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Zenhaven Mattress Overview:

zenhaven mattress reviewTheirs is something heavenly about the Zenhaven mattress. If you’re looking for organic, the Zenhaven is the best on the market. The 10” thick Talalay latex mattress is 100% Talalay, 100% organic. Keep in mind that all-natural does not mean a lower quality mattress, the Talalay latex used in the Zenhaven is durable and long-lasting, which gives you a mattress that is meant to perform its best for many years to come.

This natural, luxury mattress sleeps cool, has ideal motion transfer, and best of all- you can flip it. So, you’re basically getting two beds in one. The Zenhaven mattress is an incredible, trusted product, that will give you just as much piece of mind, as it does comfort while you sleep.

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Awara vs Zenhaven – Delivery & Unboxing:

As simple as the delivery and unboxing may be, it is important to describe the process exactly, to protect the integrity of your mattress. With the Awara mattress, you won’t be paying anything extra for shipping. Once you order, your mattress will be shipped with 2-5 days, and arrive within 2-3 days after that.

The Awara is roll packed and shipped in a box. When it arrives, all you need to do is remove it from the box and plastic as directed. Set it in the room on the frame or platform that you wish for it to be, sit back, and watch your mattress expand before your very eyes.

Not all delivery and unboxing is creates equally. Superficially because with the Zenhaven, you will have your mattress delivered via white glove delivery service, free of charge. This means that professional movers will transport your mattress, remove any trash, and since it will already be expanded, your mattress is ready to use and rest on immediately.

This is an incredible offer considering most companies charge for white glove delivery, and Zenhaven has establish customer satisfaction that is through the roof. Since the Zenhaven mattress is made in the US and not roll-packed, it typically has very few smells, and definitely no noxious fumes. This means you can use your mattress sooner, and don’t have to wait as long for it to ‘air out’.

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Awara Mattress Materials:

awara mattress reviewAt 13” thick , the Awara mattress stands out as an incredibly thick and all natural mattress. It uses two materials for the top and two materials for the core, giving you an honestly comfortable mattress. Let’s start from the bottom-up. On the very bottom of the Awara mattress is the foundation; the sturdy coil system.

The base is a total of 9” and uses a premium 5 zoned coil system. The zoned coil system creates ideal alignment and posture like you’ve never felt it before. On top of the coil system, sits the 4” layer of Dunlop latex. This layer alleviates pressure points, sleeps cool, and creates responsive comfort. After sleeping on the Dunlop latex of the Awara mattress, you’ll immediately appreciate how durable and supportive, yet pliable the mattress is, making it ideal for all sleepers.

Next, in the ‘topper’ part of the mattress comes a layer moisture wicking, plush, wool. This layer is soft, and keeps the mattress healthier and cleaner. Finally, at the very top, the Awara mattress is wrapped in an organic cotton cover that is breathable and super soft to the touch. Put all of these materials together and you get a cohesive, comfortable, all-natural mattress that you never expected.

Zenhaven Mattress Materials:

Zenhaven Mattress materialsDid we mention the Zenhaven mattress is flippable? The 10” mattress is made of 100% Talalay latex from top to bottom, but really its like having two tops, because you can flip the mattress both ways. On each ‘top side’ there is a 1.5” layer of comfort Talalay latex that uses 5 zoned comfort to provide support where you need it. One side is softer, while the other is more firm, but they are constructed the same.

Beneath the top layers and in the center, are two 3” layers of support latex. These layers also differ in firmness to make up for and compliment, the softer and firmer top layer. In the center of the mattress is where you get your main support and core.

Finally, all the way around the mattress, and over each top side is a total 1” cover of organic cotton, with a layer of home wool sewn into the lining. The wool is both soft and moisture wicking to provide a cooler sleep. In addition, wool is a natural fire retardant, so you can cross that worry off your list. This flippable, comfortable, supportive mattress is truly amazing, no matter which way you turn it.

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Awara Comfort: 

awara mattressesWhen it comes to the Awara mattress, you only need one universal feel for ideal, sleeping comfort. This is why the Awara mattress is known as a medium-firm feel.

The comfort breakdown of the Awara mattress goes like this: For side sleepers who like a more supportive feel, the Awara is the mattress for you. However, if you are a side sleeper that likes a softer, more contouring feel, the Awara mattress is not that. It’s thick foam layer is 4” thick, however latex is more responsive than some side sleepers might be used to. The zoned coil system does allow you to sink in where you need to, so overall side sleepers should love the Awara, but there are some exceptions.

For back sleepers, the Awara mattress is just plain great. The mattress is firm enough to provide proper support, and the latex is durable to last for many years to come. As an ideal medium-firm feel, the Awara mattress is what back sleepers prefer and provides pressure relief in addition to a surface that doesn’t let you sink in too much.

Finally, for stomach sleepers, the Awara mattress is just as dense and durable as it should be. The latex pushes back against you while you sleep, which keeps your back from bowing. The coil system creates proper support and ergonomics, creating a solid core that wont alter or alter you over time. If you are all and not just one of these types of sleepers, then you’re in luck; you’ve definitely met your Awara match!

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Zenhaven Comfort:

zenhaven mattress reviewHaving two sides, the Zenhaven mattress is all the comfort you need. One side is luxury plush, while the other is gentle firm; giving you two incredible sides of one amazing mattress. Surely one of these sides is guaranteed to fit your needs, if not, just flip it over! The luxury plush side is the most popular side, especially for back and side sleepers. This side creates the perfect amount of cushion and support, and is meant for those who need support, but like a little extra softness.

The gentle firm side is great for stomach and back sleepers, as well as heavier people too. If you like firm, this side is firm, while still providing optimal pressure relief. Talalay latex feels amazing and alleviates pressure even better than other materials, for the same budget-friendly price. The natural buoyancy of Talalay latex allows you to move freely throughout the bed, while still contouring to your body. The Zenhaven mattress still sleeps cool, limits motion transfer, and comes at a great value; its natural materials just keep it real.

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Awara vs Zenhaven – Motion Transfer:

dreamcloud vs awaraMotion transfer doesn’t matter, until it does; when there’s someone else in the bed. Whether its your partner, dog, or baby, you want a mattress that prevents motion from being transferred. With the Awara mattress, limiting motion transfer is all about preventing motion in the first place; if you never toss and turn, there’s no motion to transfer. That’s why the high density Dunlop latex and orthopedic innerspring coils create the perfect night’s rest. Otherwise, in comparison to memory foam, the Awara will have slightly less ability to isolate motion. You may notice a little buoyancy when getting in and out of bed, but unless your partner is a light sleeper, this shouldn’t disturb them.

The Zenhaven falls closely in line with the Awara mattress in terms of motion transfer. Many have heard the idea that Talalay latex is more responsive, however when you combine that with layers of foam and wool bating, with vibrations, you really shouldn’t feel a thing. Regardless of the inherent spring of latex you will notice little motion transfer with the Zenhaven. Making it a great choice for an all foam latex mattress with great motion isolation.

Awara vs Zenhaven – Sleeping Cool:

zenhaven mattress reviewSleeping cool is not only important during the hotter months, but all year long, because truthfully, no one wants to sweat in the winter either. Both the Awara and Zenhaven mattresses take specific precautions to ensure that you sleep cool. The Awara hybrid and latex has the upper hand, but the Zenhaven still does its best.

With the Awara mattress, its materials have natural inherent properties that keep you cool, such as the coil system which allows for heat to escape, and the latex that prevents too much sink, so there are fewer places surrounding your body to create heat. Both mattress uses some sort of wool in the cover/ topper which natural wicks away moisture and can be the key to keeping you cool. The Zenhaven is also naturally aerated and uses an open cell design to keep you cool all night long. So don’t mistake it for hot and sweaty memory foam, Talalay latex is far different.

However, if that is what you are in search of, than make sure to visit our Best Mattresses for Hot Sleepers page. The best materials and mattresses for sleeping cool are all located right here. 

Awara vs Zenhaven – Edge Support:

cedar vs zenhavenThe Awara and Zenhaven can say with confidence that their sleeping surfaces are fully usable. This means that from edge to edge, you may sleep on the mattress without feeling like you’re falling off. Specifically, the Awara mattress is dense, durable, and consistent throughout, making it an ideal mattress for couples. In addition, it ensures the longevity of the mattress.

The key to the Zenhaven mattress is that 5 zoned support system provides extra support in certain areas, making the edge support of the mattress, strong and consistent throughout. If you like to sleep on the perimeter of the mattress, go ahead; you won’t fall off the bed. The Zenhaven also has some integrity for sitting on the edge of the mattress for short periods of time. Although it is never recommended to always sit on your mattress like this, the Zenhaven can tolerate some occasional sitting.

Awara vs Zenhaven – Value:

Value is more than just the dollar amount, but rest assured, the dollar amount of both of these mattresses is not too costly, and worth every penny. The Awara is approximately $1499 for a Queen size. You have the option of a Twin up to a California King, in which the prices will change. The price also includes free shipping, 365 day trial period, and forever warranty, which pretty much supports your mattress for life.

Although the Zenhaven is slightly more expensive, it is still within reasonable price range. At $1899 for a Queen, the price also includes120-night sleep trial, generous 20 year warranty, and FREE white glove delivery, which is a rare perk. Not to mention, they will also remove your old mattress, which basically makes the value of the Zenhaven, unbeatable.

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Awara vs Zenhaven – Trial Period & Warranty:

zenhaven vs crystal coveIn terms of trial period and warranty, the Awara mattress does have the upper hand, but even with the Zenhaven, both trial period and warranty are generous. With the Awara you get a 365-night trial and forever warranty, compared to the 120-night sleep trial and 20-year warranty of the Zenhaven.

These trial periods and warranties are meant to coincide with the life of the mattress, and both are more than standard. Plus, if you ever do experience an issue, you get to work with the amazing customer service of the Awara and Zenhaven mattresses.

Awara vs Zenhaven – Summary:

So, you ask yourself; is it about the price? The materials? The flip? All in all, both the Awara vs Zenhaven mattresses are ideal mattresses for quality sleep and all natural materials. The Awara may be less expensive in price, but the Zenhaven is like buying two mattresses for the price of one. With both mattresses, nothing beats all natural. A healthy mattress means healthy sleep, and even better, a healthy environment. When it comes down to it, its all about the feel and style of mattress you want; hybrid latex, or 100% latex- the choice is yours.

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