December 21, 2020

Pillow Top vs Euro Top – What’s the Difference?

pillow top vs euro top mattress

Shopping for a new mattress can be confusing. There are so many new terms and materials that all claim to make their mattress the most comfortable. We are always on a mission to make mattress shopping as easy as possible. Which is why we are going to go through the differences between a Pillow Top & Euro Top style mattress. This is one question we are asked most frequently and it is easy to understand the confusion. Let’s get into it!

What is the difference between a Pillow Top & Euro Top Mattress?

The first step to clearing up the confusion with these two styles of mattresses, is the know that a euro top is simply a different style of pillow top. (Still confused? Don’t worry we will explain everything.) Think of these two as siblings, they share the same parentage but are unique in their own ways, and offer variations in order to supply different styles of supreme comfort.

Standard Pillow Top:

pillow top mattressesThe most noticeable difference between a regular pillow top and a euro style pillow top is the appearance. A standard pillow top looks like a complete mattress with an added mattress topper that has been sewn onto the mattress. Making for a loftier mattress overall.

  • Lofty Feel & Appearance
  • Extra Luxurious Comfort
  • Plenty of Pressure Relief
  • Difficult to cover with standard sheets – deep pocket sheets required
  • Too high for sitting, have to adjust bed and box spring in order to get in and out comfortably

Euro Pillow Top:

euro top mattressesWhile the euro top mattress also supplies a lofty and pillowy feel, its design is more seamless. While it may be the same loft as a standard pillow top, it does not appear to have that added topper that has been placed on top. Instead, the comfort layers are seamlessly joined into the rest of the mattress design.

The differences between these two are slight and sometimes honestly not even worth trying to distinguish. However, we are going to get into the nitty gritty so you can know what you prefer while shopping for your new mattress.

  • Luxurious Feel
  • Pressure Relief
  • Not Overly Lofty
  • Easier fit with standard sheets/bedding
  • Unable to see how thick comfort layers are
  • Sometimes slightly less luxurious feeling

Downsides to Pillow Top & Euro Top Mattresses:

Potential Heat Retention

the downside of a pillowtopWhenever you have a softer top layer of a mattress, there is a potential downside of heat retention. This is due to the fact that as your comfortable sink into a mattress, more surface area of your skin is now being covered by the bed. This will naturally cause you to sleep a little warmer than if you were to lay more on top of the mattress than in it.

However, the good news is that if you get a high-quality mattress that uses materials that are made to prevent heat retention, this can be avoided almost entirely. There are also firmer comfort options for pillow tops and euro tops, choosing a medium to firm comfort level will help with reducing heat retention as well.

Extra Lofty Profile

For many a thick/lofty mattress is a big bonus. However, there can be some drawback to these big beds. The thickness can cause even some “deep pocket” sheets to not properly fit over the edges of the mattress. Depending on your height as well as the height of your mattress and box spring, an extra thick mattress can cause difficulties with getting in and out of bed.

While an alternative support system for your bed/lower bed frame, and a super deep pocket sheet set can potentially fix all of these issues. It is still something to keep in mind before you buy a super thick pillow top mattress. (This is often less of an issue with euro top mattresses).

Faster Breakdown of Comfort Materials

saggy mattress breaking downWhen you have soft comfort layers in a mattress, they are made to give more to the pressure of your body laying on them. This is what gives you that pillowy soft pressure relief that people love so much about pillow and euro top mattresses.

One thing to keep in mind is that these softer materials will likely breakdown much faster than a firmer style of mattress. While a firm mattress without a pillow top takes more taken to break in, it will last longer overall. While a mattress with a pillow top is more likely to wear out faster. Again, the higher quality of the materials, the better chance you will have of having long lasting mattress support and comfort.

Benefits of Pillow Top & Euro Top Mattresses:

Lower Motion Transfer

the pros to a mattress with a pillow topWhen you have thick comfort layers on top of a mattress, like you get with a pillow top or euro top style mattress. You often get a great buffer between yourself and any coil system below you.

Because of these pressure-relieving top layers, you often get less motion transfer. Which means you can comfortably get in and out of bed without disrupting your partner. This is a big benefit for couples or anyone sharing a bed with pets or children.

Many Comfort/Firmness Options

When you think of a pillow top or euro top mattress, you often think of a softer style of bed. However, they actually come in just about any comfort/firmness option of your choice. There are even extra firm style pillow top mattresses.

Although, we must say that to get the most bang for your buck, a medium firm – medium soft is going to be that sweet spot that most people will enjoy.

Luxurious & Affordable Options

luxurious and affordable mattress comfortWhether your budget is limitless or very limited, you can find a fabulous pillow top or euro top mattress in your price range. There is such a large range of mattresses out there with either a euro top or pillow top that you are sure to find one that is just right for you. They come in all kinds of materials and styles of bed as well. You are sure to find one just right for you.

Combines Support & Comfort

There is a reason why so many mattresses are made with pillow tops or euro tops. It is because a pillow top mattress balances support and comfort so well. When you have an extra supportive base to a mattress and you add on the perfect comfort pillowy top to it, you get the best of both worlds.

Whenever you are looking for the perfect mattress, you really want to find that balance between pressure relieving top layers and supportive bottom layers that create a supportive and pressure relieving mattress.

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Pillow Top vs Euro Top Mattress – Which should you buy?

When it comes to choosing between a pillow top and a euro top mattress, either is going to make a fantastic choice! They are both all about giving you that top layer of premium comfort. The biggest difference is going to be the overall thickness of the mattress and appearance. If you want a loftier mattress with a separate added top layer, the go for a pillow top. While if you prefer a streamlined look and a mattress that is not overly thick, then you’re going to love the euro top. Either way, you are going to get a great mattress.

best mattresses with pillowtops

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