September 11, 2017

Purple vs Loom & Leaf

The Loom & Leaf and Purple mattresses are both well known brands and priced closely to each other. And that might be all they have in common. We have had the opportunity to try both of these mattresses and can give you our subjective insight. As well as the objective facts comparing these two beds. Continue reading to learn more in our Purple vs Loom & Leaf comparison review.

Loom & Leaf Overview:

purple vs loom & leafif you want a luxurious well made memory foam mattress than the Loom and Leaf is right up your alley. This very thick, durable and well made mattress puts the standard 10″ thick bed in a box to shame. The level of detail and top notch construction put this affordable bed in several of our best mattress lists for obvious reason. It is even delivered for free through a white glove delivery service leaving no work for you. Having ideal comfort, optimal support and spinal alignment and the best customer service leaves the Loom & Leaf in a class of its own.

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Purple Overview:

purple vs loom & leafThe Purple mattress is a unique mattress popularized by it’s off the cuff marketing and polymer grid design. This mattress sets itself apart from many of it’s competitors with this differentiating feel. The grid offers a squishy surface that is intended to be optimal for pressure relief and letting heat escape. Many are curious if this mattress really is all it claims to be. It is offered in one standard universal firmness that makes up this 9.5″ bed.

Below we have our comparison review of the Loom & Leaf vs Purple mattress. This is a great way to see how these two beds compare to each other and help you see which may be a better fit for you. Continue reading to see if there are any similarities as well as the many differences that these two beds have.

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Purple vs Loom & Leaf  Delivery & Off Gassing:

These mattresses have very different delivery processes. The Purple bed is compressed, rolled and put in a large bag and shipped to your door. The Loom and Leaf on the other hand is a scheduled delivery by a white glove delivery service. This service does all the work for you and your mattress is never compromised by being compressed and rolled. They merely bring your carefully packaged mattress right to your bedroom, set it up and clean up all the garbage and plastic. They even can take the old mattress with them. Making the process easy and very customer oriented.

purple vs loom & leafNot only is the delivery process as easy as possible but the mattress has far less trapped off gassing fumes as well. The Loom & Leaf barely had any scent after it was set up and any noxious odors were at a minimum and quickly dissipated. While the Purple’s delivery process may be more convenient in some peoples opinion it also made for greater fumes and off gassing. Being tightly wrapped in plastic and placed in a plastic bag for an extended period of time the mattress did have a strong odor once unpacked and unrolled. Initially it is quite strong and takes about a full week to fully dissipate. It is definitely a good idea to have a window open when unboxing the Purple.

Another thing to note with both of these beds is how long before each was ready to sleep on. Since the Loom and Leaf was never compressed and rolled it was immediately ready to sleep on and the ideal feel you would expect. While the Purple did take several hours to expand and a good 24 hours before reaching it’s medium firm feel.

loom and leaf couponPurple vs Loom & Leaf Comfort:

Comfort is something that is very subjective. So approaching it in an objective manner means looking at a few different aspects of the mattress. These aspects include the firmness level each bed has as well as the materials used too.

Most mattresses are considered somewhere between soft and firm and everything in between. Each feel being more ideal for certain sleeping positions, sizes and shapes and preferences. Most mattresses can be measured on a firmness scale from 1 to 10 that indicates how firm they are and ideally how that coincides with sleeping positions.

our mattress guide

The Purple mattress is offered in one universal firmness. It is considered a medium firm feel and on this scale falls around a 6 to 6.5. This feel is typically the most popular comfort level and should work for the majority of sleepers. It should make a mattress that has the necessary support for proper alignment as well as enough comfort to allow your body to sink in where needed.

The Loom and Leaf is available in two firmness options. A relaxed firm and firm. The relaxed firm is the most popular option and is a medium firm feeling bed. It should fall right around a perfect feeling 5.5 to 6. While the firm is a just right for anyone who likes a very supportive and denser feeling bed. It will come in around an 8 on the firmness scale. The Loom & Leaf is not offered in softer feel mostly because memory foam that is too soft looses support and becomes like quick sand. However, the two options available are ideal feels for high quality and durable memory foam mattresses. Having two options gives sleepers a chance to choose which is best for them.

Loom & Leaf Materials:

purple vs loom & leafThe Loom & Leaf mattress is a thick memory foam bed that comes in over 12″ thick. It uses four premium foam layers and a luxurious quilted cover. The top two layers create 4.5″ of 5lb dense eco-friendly & durable ideal feeling memory foam. They offer fantastic pressure relief as well as evenly distribute your weight. They are supportive and perfectly contouring as well as responsive enough to easily move on. The top of this mattress is ideal for what you would expect true good quality memory foam to feel like. Under these two layers is 2″ of transition foam. This layer creates a layer that provides a nice balance between the comfort layers and dense base foam that makes up the last 5.5″.

The Loom and Leaf not only has a true memory foam feel but a memory foam that feel superior to many other brands. It contours and adapts to every inch of your body. Allowing for total relaxation and proper alignment of your body. Your pressure points are relieved while you are cradled just enough to feel the luxurious quilted top. The quality and details of the Loom & Leaf make this mattress one of a kind that sets the bar high for any other memory foam mattress. It works great for all sleeping positions and all shapes and sizes. The materials are strong and the construction durable. If you are looking for the best of the best for online memory foam beds, than the Loom and Leaf is your answer to a great night sleep.

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Purple Materials:

purple vs loom & leafThe materials that make up the 9.5″ of the Purple bed start with it’s most unique feature. The top of this mattress is made of a unique polymer grid that is about 2″ thick. This hyper-elastic polymer is formed into a square grid that creates about 1.5″ of open space between each square. Between the material and layout of this top layer you get a pressure relieving as well as very open celled layer. This sits over another layer of 3.5″ of transition foam and another 4″ of base foam. Creating three layers of foam that make a very different feeling bed.

This mattress is one that appeals to several sleepers but also may not be everybody’s cup of tea. The grid of this mattress does have key points that make it great for certain situations. However, the grid is set fairly wide and is not as solid or sturdy as a more uniform piece. This may make the Purple a little less durable and comfortable for anyone over a certain size. The grid also isn’t covered by a very thick cover and may be felt easily. Being somewhat distracting and bothersome.

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Our Comfort Preference:

After trying out both of these mattresses we personally chose the Loom and Leaf over the Purple every time. The quality between the two is unparalleled. The adaptable comfort, necessary support and balanced contouring of the Loom & Leaf made it stand on another level. Not to mention that it is also available in two firmness levels and the construction and materials are superb. We really could rave about the Loom & Leaf all day, but quite simply it is one of the most, if not the most, comfortable mattress we’ve tried to date. We will say that the unique feel of the Purple has its own qualities that set it apart. The comfort of it however lacked a consistent even feel that made the mattress less comfortable and more distracting.

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Purple vs Loom & Leaf Motion Transfer:

The Loom and Leaf and Purple are both all foam mattresses. This quality alone makes for better motion isolation than most mattresses with coil systems. However, the materials and thickness of both of these beds make the motion transfer more or less apparent depending.

purple vs loom & leafThe Loom & Leaf bed is 12″ thick while the Purple is less than 10″ thick. The added two inches that the Loom and Leaf will absorb more motion making it less noticeable. Also, the Loom & Leaf is a memory foam mattress. Over 4.5″ of the top are a dense memory foam that quickly alleviates any vibrations. Leaving little to no partner disturbance in this bed.

On the other hand the thinner profiled Purple mattress has a very responsive top layer. The top 2″ are a hyper-elastic polymer grid that is basically a rubber. This is going to provide more movement than any foams would. This won’t provide a great deal of added vibrations but noticeably more than the Loom and Leaf when comparing them.

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Purple vs Loom & Leaf Sleeping Cool:

With any mattress being able to stay more temperature neutral while sleeping is key. The term sleeping cool doesn’t necessarily mean the mattress is going to literally cool you while you sleep. But what you do want to look for is a mattress that isn’t going to contribute to retaining more heat. Many mattresses have added features like gel infused and aerated foams to try and pull heat away. The best way to ensure heat doesn’t get trapped is by having a mattress with a coil system. However, even several all foam mattresses will do a fairly good job of not sleeping too warm. As far as the Loom & Leaf and Purple go both of these beds do not have a coil system. But both have features and materials that make these all foam beds more temperature neutral.

purple vs loom & leaf
Loom & Leaf Cool Factors:

Loom & Leaf tries to off set the typical heat retention association of memory foam by adding a gel panel under the breathable cover. This layer covers almost the entire top of the mattress with a thin layer of cooling gel to create a comfortable sleeping surface. The panel is not only great for minimizing excess heat but is also great for reducing pressure points too.

Additionally the top layer of memory foam is infused with a gel too. This added cooling property helps pull heat away and regulate temperature. Lastly there are airflow channels in the base foam as well. This carefully designed feature allows a place for any trapped heat a place to dissipate. All these details make a typically warmer sleeping memory foam mattress much more temperature neutral. Making the Loom & Leaf a great option, even if you do sleep a little on the warm side.

Purple Cool Factors:

The Purple mattresses polymer grid is intentionally the top layer of this mattress for multiple reasons. The intent of the grid is to provide two specific features. It not has a unique feel but also is ideal for dissipating heat and relieving pressure. The grid itself features a rubbery elastic-polymer that is designed with pockets of open space. This allows for very minimal heat to be retained since the top layer is 50% air. This layer is thick enough that it shouldn’t completely collapse under your body weight allowing for air to flow under you all night long. Creating a mattress that not only has a one of a kind feel but also an all foam bed that retains far less heat.

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Purple vs Loom & Leaf Edge Support:

purple vs loom & leafThe support around the edge of the mattress may be something overlooked that shouldn’t be. The edge of a bed can give you much insight to several aspects of the mattress. The quality, durability and if you can fully utilize the entire surface. The edge of the mattress isn’t just something to look at if you sit on your bed but also from a sleeping standpoint too. Being able to comfortably use your bed right up to the edge makes a big difference. Good edge support can make the difference from making something a good bed and a great bed.

The Loom and Leaf is one of the rare all foam mattresses that is a great bed, especially from an edge support standpoint. Several factors like dense solid materials, top notch construction as well as not being roll packed go into making the edge sturdy and fully usable. This mattress is completely usable from edge to edge with a very consistent feel. Sleeping form the middle to the edge feels the same. And even sitting on this mattress you have a dense edge that will hold up very well.

Unfortunately the Purple bed does not have close to the same edge support. The polymer grid may be good for heat dissipation and pressure relief but it definitely lacks the sturdiness, especially around the edges. The perimeter of the purple mattress doesn’t offer necessary support to sleep right to the edge without having a feeling of rolling out. The majority of this mattress is usable, but the underwhelming edge support makes sleeping a few inches away from the edge necessary. As far as sitting goes, there is very little support and we wouldn’t recommend getting this bed if you need good edge support.

Purple vs Loom & Leaf Value:

When talking about the value you have to take into account not only the price, but what you are getting for that price. You can find a mattress at any price point, but what you are getting in return for what you are paying can make it a great deal or not so great deal. When discussing value we like to stress this aspect, because price and value mean two very different things.

purple vs loom & leaf
Loom & Leaf Value:

The price of the Loom and Leaf mattress is $1299 for a queen size. This also includes FREE white glove delivery service. As well as a generous 15 year warranty and 120 night sleep trial. And it’s important to also note great customer service at any step of your process.

The value of this mattress is amazing. You are getting a 12″+ thick durable memory foam mattress that uses superior quality and construction. The comfort, support and pressure relief from this bed is superb and the additional benefits are plenty. This mattress goes above and beyond in every category making it a truly premium bed with a very affordable price tag. This mattress is one of our top rated for very clear reasons!

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Purple Value:

purple vs loom & leafThe price of the Purple mattress is $999 for a queen size. This also includes shipping, however, it is not a white glove delivery service. It also has a 10 year warranty and 100 night trial period.

We consider this mattress an okay value, considering you are getting a 9.5″ mattress with some benefits, but lacks others. The unique feel and materials in the Purple bed certainly set it apart. If you are looking for an all foam mattress that is focused on sleeping cool and pressure relief than this one may be for you. One thing to keep in mind with this mattress and the price is how much of what you are paying is going towards marketing. This brand has a very robust marketing campaign and it doesn’t pay for itself. This is just something to remember with any highly advertised brands.

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Purple vs Loom & Leaf Summary:

purple vs loom and leafWe feel confident in recommending the Loom & Leaf for most any sleepers. This mattress is dreamy memory foam mattress that goes above and beyond in quality and comfort. It is a luxurious mattress at a very affordable price with great pressure relief and ideal ergonomic support. It also has very minimal motion transfer, great edge support and for memory foam doesn’t sleep too hot. If you want a durable memory foam mattress that will check all the boxes than look no further. This mattress is not only our top rated memory foam bed, but are overall top rated mattress. Expect to be impressed with this thick premium bed.

As far as the Purple mattress goes it ended up being exactly what we expected. It has a unique feel that does accommodate the needs of warmer sleepers and does help relieve pressure. This mattress performed fine but may be lacking the quality and durability you would want out of a full time mattress you expect to have for several years. This bed is somewhat of a novelty but may be a good fit for many too.

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