July 19, 2018

Casper Wave vs Loom and Leaf

Today we are going to be comparing the Casper Wave mattress and the Loom and Leaf mattress. Both companies make these mattresses with care in the USA. They have premium layers built into them to give you an ideal amount of comfort. Still there are a few key differences between these two competitors that set them apart. Below, we are going to look into the various aspects of these competitors. And find out which one is a better choice in our Casper Wave vs Loom and Leaf comparison.

casper wave vs loom and leaf
Casper Wave Overview:

casper wave vs loom and leafThe Casper Wave mattress is an upgraded 13″ version of the original and very popular Casper mattress. It’s made to be a luxury mattress that features premium comfort. The Casper Wave mattress focuses on having a natural geometric system in this product. This system makes the mattress mirror your body shape for optimal contouring. This helps to provide you with a deeper sleep that helps your body heal more during the night.

Making this mattress very focused on using the latest technology and sleep trends. They make the Casper Wave mattress in the USA with certified foams. They make these foams to have low VOC emissions and are healthier to sleep on than some other materials.

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Loom and Leaf Overview:

casper wave vs loom and leafThe Loom & Leaf premium memory foam mattress is not only a one of a kind bed but also comes with the well known reputation of Saatva behind it too. It is 12″+ thick and they never roll pack or ship in a box. Instead they hand deliver it. This is great customer service and it means they can use the most durable and dense materials. It is available in two comfort options that are perfect for memory foam beds. This makes a luxurious bed that focuses on customer satisfaction from the very start. This is a mattress that will make you happy for years to come.

The construction and quality of this bed make it stand out against almost all competition. The mattress also offers spinal alignment properties and ergonomic balance. The Loom and Leaf is built to be a comfortable, responsive, and cool mattress that will last you for years to come.

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Keep reading to see how our #1 choice of memory foam mattresses stacks up against another well known brand, Casper in our Casper Wave vs Loom and Leaf review.

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Casper Wave vs Loom and Leaf – Delivery:

casper essential vs tuft and needleCasper has an easy to order from a store that will have your mattress to you within days of your purchase. The Casper Wave is shipped to you in a box and weighs over 100 pounds. Like the Loom and Leaf, the Casper is manufactured in the USA to help cut down on both shipping time and off-gassing. The Casper also uses certified foams to make sure that the materials going into your mattress are safe to use night after night.

The Loom and Leaf mattress comes to your home delivered for free. The only difference in the free delivery from Loom and Leaf is that it uses a white glove delivery service. Your mattress will be delivered to you unboxed and set-up by a team of professionals. They are also completely willing to remove your old mattress during this process.

Casper Wave vs Loom and Leaf – Delivery & Unboxing:

casper wave vs loom and leafWith the Loom and Leaf, there isn’t going to be much hassle with set-up and all you need to do is schedule what time you want the mattress set-up. Thanks to this premium service the Loom and Leaf mattress will have practically no off-gassing at all. In fact, all you will notice from this product is the smell of the plastic it comes safely delivered in. Additionally, since the mattress isn’t delivered in a box, it will be ready to sleep on the moment it arrives at your home.

The Casper is a bit more complicated as it will have some off-gassing and needs to be set up by the buyer. With the Casper, we recommended that you have someone with you to help move it due to its weight. If you feel that the Casper has a strong odor then we recommended letting it air out for around 12 hours before use. Also, keep in mind that the Casper will need some time to expand before it’s fully firmed up. Probably at least 24 to 48 hours before getting a true feel.

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Materials And Layer Comparison:

Both the Casper Wave and the Loom and Leaf are made with high-quality materials to give you a great night’s rest.  The Loom and Leaf is about half an inch to inch thicker than the Casper Wave.  The Loom and Leaf also a cover that is made to be flame retardant. Both mattresses do try to use plenty of cooling materials and try to use layers to add a bit of bounce. They also use the same amount of base foam and have similar firmness feelings. Still, Loom and Leaf does pull ahead of Casper in the quality of materials used in the layers.

Casper Wave Mattress Materials:

The Casper Wave mattress is 13 inches thick with 5 layers of comfort. The first layer of the Caper Wave is made up of Flo Foam. The Flo foam has a velvety softness to it to help give the mattress a more luxurious feel. The second layer is made up of a latex cooling sleep foam. This layer uses the latex to help the mattress respond to your movements throughout the night.

The third layer is made of Visco Elastic Memory foam. This layer is made to help contour your body with your every move. The Visco layer also helps support pressure points to keep you from waking up feeling sore. The next to last layer is made of High Resiliency Foam that has a Polymer Network. This layer works to provide precise support to the point you need the most on your body. All of these layers are held up by dense base foam. This is the last layer of the Casper and it provides a majority of the bed’s support.

casper wave mattress

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Loom and Leaf Mattress Materials:

The Loom and Leaf is a 12-inch thick mattress with 4 different later. The first layer of the Loom and Leaf is made up of 2 inches of Conforming gel foam. The Conforming layer is made with gel swirled in to help keep things cool, this layer also has channels running through it to help promote air circulation in the mattress. The next layer is made up of 2.5 inches of Visco-elastic 5.0 PCD dense memory foam. This layer is made to contour to your body while still providing you with plenty of support.

The third layer is made of transition foam. This 2-inch layer helps smoothly transition between the dense base layers and the softer foam layer. The last layer is, of course, the base layer made of 5.5 inches of solid base foam. This layer provides a dense and supportive foundation made to last you for years to come. The Loom and Leaf is wrapped in a quilted organic cotton cover to help protect it from messes. This cover is made to be breathable and soft to give you extra comfort. The cotton cover is about ⅝ of an inch thick to not add a lot of unneeded thickness to the mattress.

The Loom and Leaf also has the bonus of being flame retardant. The cover for the mattress uses thistle in it which naturally doesn’t catch fire easily. This makes the Loom and Leaf not only comfortable, but safer than some other mattresses as well. The Loom and leaf uses premium quality materials overall to make the mattress comfortable and supportive.

saatva vs loom and leaf

The quality and durability of these materials will have you sleeping like a baby soon. Shop now and order your Loom and Leaf at Saatva.com

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Casper Wave – Comfort & Firmness:

casper wave mattressThe Casper Wave mattress is made to have a universal comfort that appeals to most types of sleepers out there. The mattress is made to feel like a luxury bed that offers you the perfect amount of comfort. It has a medium feel to it that is made to accommodate back, stomach, and side sleepers. It also is made to work for heavier sleepers who want a little bit of support in their mattress.

The Casper Wave works to give you a precise amount of support combined with a luxuriously soft feeling.  You may find that heavier sleeper sand stomach sleepers feel that the Casper Wave is just a little bit on the soft side for them. Back and side sleepers, on the other hand, will love the amount of sink the Casper offers. To top it all off the mattress offer ergonomic support and plenty of pressure relief in areas like the hips and lumbar regions.

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Loom and Leaf – Comfort & Firmness:

loom leaf mattress reviewThe Loom and Leaf comes in both a firm and relaxed firm comfort level. The relaxed firm option is perfect for back, stomach, and side sleepers. This option hits around a 6 on the firmness scale making it have a more universal feel. It gives plenty of support while still contouring to your body and allowing you to sink into the mattress. The firm side hits around an 8 on the firmness scale. This option is best for back and stomach sleepers who like to have a little more support during the night. Heavier sleepers will also enjoy the firm option of the Loom and Leaf. The firm option gives heavier sleepers plenty of support without feeling too soft.

The Loom and Leaf is well made with materials that will last you for years to come with its durable design. The mattress won’t suck you in while your sleeping and has the perfect amount of bounce to let you move freely. When you aren’t moving though the Loom and Leaf will contour to your body perfectly to give you optimal comfort.

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Casper Wave vs Loom and Leaf- Motion Transfer:

Motion transfer isn’t a huge worry with the Loom and Leaf or the Casper Wave. The mattresses both do a wonderful job at isolating any movement that happens on top of them. These mattresses are perfect for couples our parents who have kids that like to snuggle. If you have trouble sleeping due to motion than you will do well to go with either of these options.

Casper Wave vs Loom and Leaf – Temperature Regulation:

casper wave mattressThe Casper Wave fights back against heat retention during the night pretty solidly. The Casper features naturally aerated latex that ensures you can move easily on the mattresses. It also has specially cut support layers to help give it ideal ergonomics. These layers channels let heat easily flow through the mattress and dissipate instead of being stuck in the foam. The mattress is also wrapped in a breathable cotton cover made to not overheat during the night. The mattress maintains a pretty ideal temperature when slept on and the heat-sensitive will be happy to find that the Casper Wave will work for them.

Learn more in our in depth Casper Wave Mattress Review. Or purchase yours now at Casper.com.

loom and leaf mattressThe Loom and Leaf mattress actually keeps a little bit cooler than the Casper Wave. The mattress has a cooling gel that they put from where you rest your shoulders to the top of your legs. Additionally, the mattress has cooling gel added to the top layers of foam too. The Loom and Leaf mattress has a supportive base layer that keeps you from sinking too far in. This alone keeps you from being smother in foam that heats up quickly. The base foam even uses air channels to help dissipate any trapped heat. All these features work together to make the mattress have an ideal sleeping climate during the night.

Learn more in our in depth Loom and Leaf Mattress Review. Or purchase yours now at Saatva.com

Casper Wave vs Loom and Leaf- Edge Support:

The Casper Wave and Loom and Leaf mattresses will be a delight for edge sleepers. Both of these options offer plenty of support on every inch of the mattress. This makes every inch of these beds usable for sleep and won’t let you feel like you’re slowly sinking off the bed when you lay on the edge. These options, like many, aren’t the best for edge sitting though and will only support a minimal amount of it. If you want a firmer feeling while your sleeping on the bed you can choose to go with the Loom and Leaf firm.

Casper Wave Mattress Value:

The Casper Wave will arrive at your house totally for free in a compact box. The mattress comes with a 10-year warranty in the following sizes and prices:

  • Twin – $1345
  • Twin XL – $1445
  • Full – $1945
  • Queen – $2095
  • King- $2495
  • Cal King – $2495

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Loom and Leaf Mattress Value:

The very premium and durable Loom and Leaf mattress comes delivered to your home for free by a white glove delivery service. It is a well priced bed made with amazing materials. Make sure you take advantage of these great prices as well as the 15-year warranty. The Loom & Leaf is offered in the following sizes at the current price of:

  • Twin – $799
  • Twin XL – $899
  • Full – $049
  • Queen – $1299
  • King – $1699
  • Cal King – $1699

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Casper Wave vs Loom and Leaf – Value:

As far as value goes thee Loom and Leaf is nearly half the price of the Casper Wave and features free white glove delivery. As well as a longer trial period and warranty. And the materials and construction are some of the best in the industry. Not to mention the benefits of the Loom and Leaf are equal to, or even surpass the Casper Wave. Giving the hands down best value to the Loom and Leaf when it comes to comparing these two mattresses

Casper Wave vs Loom and Leaf – Additional Information:

The Casper Wave and the Loom and Leaf both feature wonderful customer support. Both companies also offer a free and easy return process that allows you to swap out the mattress if you’re just not feeling it. Additionally, both Casper and Loom and Leaf offer sleep trials for you to get a full grasp on the products. The Casper Wave comes with a 100-night sleep trial with every purchase. The Loom and Leaf comes with a 120-night sleep trial that gives you just a little bit more time that the Casper. You can use these trials up to the last day and they ensure you will have a mattress you love for years to come.

Casper Wave vs Loom and Leaf – Summary:

loom leaf mattress reviewBoth of these products are well made and comfortable to sleep on. They both provide good edge support and wonderful temperature control. Also both companies ship for free to your house and make their mattresses in the USA. The Loom and Leaf is a brand that really focuses on luxury and customer experience and satisfaction. While the Casper Wave focuses on the latest technology and mattress trends.

Even beyond this the Casper Wave and Loom and Leaf have a ton of differences that make us lean a quite bit more towards Loom and Leaf. The first major difference comes from the white glove services that Loom and Leaf brings at the very start of the process. This makes the Loom and Leaf have virtually no off-gassing and the process completely hassle-free. As well as preserve the integrity of the materials and construction.

The biggest difference between these two is in the pricing and what you get for the pricing. The Casper Wave costs almost twice as much more but doesn’t necessarily given you any better benefits. With the Loom and Leaf winning over the Casper Wave in many categories it’s a little hard to justify buying the Casper over the Loom and Leaf. And the Loom and Leaf brings a top notch trial period and extended warranty to the table too. Overall making it the clear choice between the two, in our opinion. Get the best of the best at Saatva.com.

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