August 3, 2018

Loom and Leaf vs Layla

The Loom and Leaf and Layla mattresses are both well-made mattresses with their own perks. Both mattress offer multiples firmness options to choose from to cater to a larger variety of sleepers. The Loom and Leaf is even shipped free through a white glove service to your home. There are also quite few differences between these two memory foam beds that set them apart. Keep reading our Loom and Leaf vs Layla review to learn about the features and benefits both of these beds offer. One will surely be a great option for you.

loom and leaf vs layla

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Loom and Leaf Overview: 

loom and leaf vs laylaThe Loom and Leaf is a mattress made by Saatva, a well established mattress brand. It is available in two different firmness levels to give you more choice over your comfort. It comes delivered to your door by a white glove service for free and is a truly luxury memory foam mattress. This mattress is made to be supportive for all sizes with high-quality materials to give you a perfect sleeping experience. Everything about the Loom and Leaf is made to feel like a truly premium mattress.

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Layla Overview:

layla mattress reviewThe Layla mattress is a unique two-sided bed that has two firmness levels in one. Depending on which side is flipped up the Layla will have a different feeling. One side is made to be firm, while the other has a softer feel to it. The Layla is made in the U.S.A for quality control and has free shipping like most mattresses. It also comes at an affordable price that brings a premium quality mattress to budget shoppers. The Layla mattress also offers an incredible lifetime warranty with your purchase.

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Loom and Leaf vs Layla – Delivery & Unboxing:

casper wave vs loom and leafUnlike many mattress brands that are delivered to your door Loom and Leaf comes delivered to you by a premium service. Loom and Leafs ships there mattresses to you for free by using a white glove delivery service. This keeps them from having to pack up the mattress and takes the stress out of your life by having professionals set everything up. If you still have your old mattress you can eve ask the service to take it out for you removing another huge burden of the new mattress buying process. This helps the Loom and Leaf use uncompromised materials in their mattress.

layla unboxing box The Layla mattress comes delivered to your door like most standard mattresses, in a compact box for free. Once it arrives you just need to safely cut the box open and pull the Layla out. The mattress does weigh in at around 75 pounds if you get the queen size and can be a pain to try and move on your own. The mattress will weigh less or more depending on the size you get. This should be taken into account if you are getting a bigger size like a queen and intend on setting your new bed up on your own.

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Loom and Leaf vs Layla – Off-Gassing:

The Loom and Leaf mattress has virtually no off-gassing at all since it isn’t packed into a box. Thanks to the white glove delivery service the Loom and Leaf mattress is good to go the minute it’s set-up in your room. The Layla, on the other hand, will have a little bit of “new mattress smell” to it. We suggest letting the Layla sit for 12- 24 hours to air out and fully expand before use. In some cases the Layla can take up to 48 hours to gain back it’s full firmness from the packaging process. You should also consider having another person on hand for Layla’s set-up process due to the weight of the mattress.

Materials And Layer Comparison:

foam hand mattressBoth the Loom and Leaf mattress and the Layla mattress offer you a choice in firmness levels. The Loom and Leaf has two different mattresses to choose from. While the Layla is different depending on which side you choose. Thanks to this the layers are placed a little more uniquely in the Layla with the base level being towards the center of the mattress instead of being actually on the bottom. The Loom and Leaf is the thicker of the two products though at 12 inches while the Layla is only 10 inches thick.

Loom and Leaf Materials:

The Loom and Leaf mattress is 12 inches thick and made up of 4 different layers of foam. The first layer of the Loom and Leaf is made up of 2 inches of Conforming gel foam. This layer is made with cooling gel inside of to help keep the mattress from overheating at night. The layer also is made with channels throughout it to help promote airflow. The next layer is made of 2.5 inches Visco-elastic 5.0 PCD dense memory foam. This layer is made to contour to your body while providing supportive comfort.

The third layer is 2 inches of transition foam to help the mattress smoothly transition between soft foam to the firmer base layer. The last layer is 5.5 inches of base foam to provide the support of the bed. This foam is made to be a dense and supportive foundation that is durable enough to last for years to come. This is all wrapped in a quilted cotton cover made out of organic materials. This cover is made to be soft and breathable at the same time. This cover is ⅝ of an inch thick to add extra softness to the mattress. The cover also uses thistle which is a natural flame retardant and has a unique feel.

saatva vs loom and leaf

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Layla Materials:

Layla is a flippable foam mattress that has a different firmness level depending on which side you choose to sleep on. The Layla is a 10-inch thick mattress with 4 different foam layers. The first layer is 3 inches of Copper Infused Memory Foam. This layer helps with rapid heat transfer while offering deep compression support. It also is antibacterial to make it one of the more hygienic mattresses on the market. The second layer is 2 inches thick and made Convoluted Air Flow Foam. This layer is made for deep Convolutions and premium airflow to keep things cool.

The third layer is the 4.5-inch base foam layer that the others layer relies on to provide most of the bed’s support. This layer is 2 pounds of dense foam and provides the core support of the bed. The last layer is made up of 1 inch of Copper infused memory foam. This layer is like the first layer of the mattress but is thinner to give this side a different feel. It provides a firm amount of comfort making it great for sleepers who like more support during the night. These layers give you both a firm and a medium firm side to choose from.

layla mattress review

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Loom and Leaf Mattress Comfort:

loom leaf mattress reviewThe Loom and Leaf mattress comes available in two different comfort levels for you to choose from. The Relaxed firm choice is around a 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale. This puts the mattress almost perfectly in the middle giving it a medium firm feel overall. This option is perfect for sleepers who want more sink in their bed. It will work for all types of sleepers and is great if you are looking for a mattress with a more supportive feel.  This is especially great for side sleepers who want to sink into the mattress without being engulfed in it or back sleepers who need more support during the night.

The firm option for the Loom and Leaf mattress actually hits an 8 on the 10 point scale. This option is great for sleepers looking for a supportive bed. This option may not work well for side sleepers or back sinkers who like to sink into the mattress though. For those who love support and stomach sleepers, the firm option will be perfect for you. This option is also great for heavier sleepers who want a more supportive mattress in there life.

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Layla Mattress Comfort:

layla mattress reviewThe Layla mattress also offers two different levels of firmness. These two levels are in the same mattress though and depend on which side of the Layla you choose to lay on. The first side of the Layla we will discuss is the medium soft side. This side offers support with a good amount of cushion and is perfect for both back and side sleepers. It allows these sleepers to have a good amount of sink into the mattress without feeling smothered.

The other side of the Layla is the firm side. This side can be great for all types of sleepers if they like more support during the night. It’s especially good for stomach sleepers and will keep their back from bowing while they sleep. This is also a good option for heavier sleepers who want a medium feeling mattress. This option will also have you sleeping more on top of the bed than in it, leading to a cooler nights rest.

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Loom and Leaf vs Layla – Motion Transfer:

casper vs loom and leaf mattress comparisonBoth the Loom and Leaf and Layla mattresses do well with isolating motion transfer. In fact, The Loom and Leaf almost has a perfect 5-star rating for motion transfer with the Layla night far behind it. These products are perfect for anyone who shares a bed with a partner that’s one a different sleep schedule. This is also great for sleepers who find themselves waking up easily or who are motion sensitive. Either way motion transfer won’t be a problem with the Loom and Leaf mattress or Layla mattress.

Loom and Leaf vs Layla – Temperature Regulation:

layla vs loom and leafThe Loom and Leaf mattress does a good job at keeping things cool at night. The mattress has a cooling gel panel in its spinal zone area. This duals to help to eliminate pressure points while keeping you cool at night. Additionally, the mattress has cooling gel added to several of its layers to help combat foams heat retentive properties. The base layer is channeled to help promote airflow even further. If you like firmer mattresses then the firm choice will keep you even cooler by not letting you sink as far into the mattress as the soft choice of the Loom and Leaf.

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The Layla mattress uses copper to help keep itself cool during the night. Copper is a naturally conductive material that works to pull heat away from your body. Both sides of the Layla begin with a Copper infused layer to help keep you cool. The firmer side of the mattress also helps you keep cool by letting you sink less into the mattress. The Loom and Leaf does run the cooler of the two especially when it comes to the firmer option.

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Loom and Leaf vs Layla – Edge Support:

loom leaf mattress reviewThe Loom and Leaf mattress is made to have a stable feeling all the way across. No matter which firmness option you choose with the Loom and Leaf you will have plenty of edge support. The dense base foam does a wonderful job at supporting the bed no matter where you decide to lay. The firmer option can even let you sit on the edge of the mattress for a decent amount of time before you feel like your sinking in or sliding off.

Layla does a good job of providing edge support as well. The Layla has additional support around its edges that keep the bed from sinking in when you lay near the edge. The Layla feels consistent all the way across and you won’t notice any extra sinkage. There will be a slight difference in how far you sink into the bed depending on the side you choose to sleep on. The bed will be ok for some edge sitting, but won’t support too much, especially if you are using the softer side of the mattress.

Loom and Leaf Mattress Value:

The very premium and durable Loom and Leaf mattress comes delivered to your home for free by a white glove delivery service. It is a very well made bed with amazing materials and the price is even more amazing. Make sure you take advantage of these great prices as well as the 15-year warranty. The Loom & Leaf is offered in the following sizes at the current price of:

  • Twin – $799
  • Twin XL – $899
  • Full – $1049
  • Queen – $1299
  • King – $1699
  • Cal King – $1699

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Layla Mattress Value:


The Layla mattress will ship to your house for free packed in a compact cardboard box. The Layla comes with a Lifetime warranty to give you peace of mind. The mattress comes in the following sizes and prices:

  • Twin – $599
  • Twin XL – $699
  • Full – $899
  • Queen – $999
  • King – $1099
  • Cal King – $1099

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Loom and Leaf vs Layla Value:

layla mattress reviewThe Loom and Leaf and Layla both have a good value. It really comes down to what you want in a mattress. The Loom and Leaf offers insane quality and durability for a great price. Not to forget free white glove delivery, a thick build with high end materials and so many benefits that for the price its hard to find much better. The Layla is also a great value coming in for less money overall while giving you two mattress feels in one. The perks of this bed don’t go unnoticed either, making them very comparable when deciding which is for you.

Loom and Leaf vs Layla – Additional Information:

Both the Loom and Leaf mattress and the Layla mattress are made out of quality materials and come from trusted companies. They both have easy returns and customer service that will work with you to help with any of your needs. The mattresses also both come with sleep trial warranties to give you a feel for your bed before you fully commit. Both the Layla and the Loom and Leaf come with a 120-night sleep trial. If you don’t like either of them the return is free.

Loom and Leaf vs Layla – Summary:

casper vs loom and leaf mattress comparisonBoth the Loom and Leaf and Layla mattresses have plenty of good points to them. They almost tie in categories like motion transfer and they both have the same 120-night sleep trial. They both do well in the cool sleeping department with Loom and Leaf pulling slightly ahead. Both beds also feature a medium and firm option for sleepers to choose from depending on their preference. The major difference being the Layla is a flippable mattress and Loom and Leaf sells two different versions of the same mattress.

The major differences come from places like shipping. The Loom and Leaf is delivered by a free white glove service that will take all the hassle out of the set-up. The Layla ships free in a box and will have to have time to fully firm up and air out. On the other hand, Layla has a lifetime warranty, but you will get rid of the mattress for hygienic reasons within about 10 years. The Loom and Leaf features a 15-year warranty that’s 5 years above the industry standard. The Layla is cheaper though, but it also loses to Loom and Leaf in most categories.

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