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Mattress Review iSense Sleep Spring Mattress

iSense Sleep in one word is adjustability. For the first time with iSense Sleep Spring Mattress you have control over the firmness of your bed. This innerspring mattress has some comparisons to an adjustable air bed. However, iSense Sleep offers an air mattress, spring mattress, and foam mattress. So you can get comfort control in any of these options, so there’s no way you won’t sleep comfortably. You may not always get the sleep you want, but with iSense Sleep adjustability, you will get the sleep you need.

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iSense Sleep Spring Mattress – Brief Overview:

isense sleep spring mattress reviewThe iSense Sleep Spring mattress gives you the traditional feel of a spring mattress with the unique adjustability your sleep desires. As if dual zone controls and full range of firmness isn’t enough, you’ll also get the responsiveness of an innerspring mattress. The better your bed fits you, the more productive you’ll be during the day. The more comfortable your bed is for you, the more sleep you’ll get and the less pain you’ll feel. Most mattresses solve one of these problems, but they don’t have the technology and adjustability to answer them all.

With remote Comfort Control, the iSense Spring provides the firmness and support for your back and neck. As well as the softness and pressure relief for your whole body. The iSense Spring is ideal for couples because both sides of the bed are adjustable; anytime, all night long. This mattress still offers the traditional feel of a spring mattress, but with technology to make it specific to you.

The iSense spring gives you five layers of comfort using: NanoCoils and Energex Foam, Sculpted foam, Patented Varicoil Technology, individually wrapped inner coils, and Notched Wrapped Rail Construction. Choose your perfect number via remote control or easy-to-use app. This one of a kind technology offers the perfect blend between classic mattress and innovation, giving you sleep you’ve only dreamt of.

iSense Sleep – Brief Overview:

iSense Sleep has put the you, back in unique, for a Sleeping experience that is completely personalized. When you think of adjustable, remote-controlled number beds, the only one that comes to mind is most likely Sleep Number, but not anymore. iSense didn’t just take the number technology and put it into a mattress; they revolutionized the technology and put it into three mattresses: spring, air, and foam.

The company promises unparalleled customer service before and after your purchase, making buying their products that much easier. iSense Sleep also gives you a greater than average 120-night sleep trial so you’re guaranteed to love your sleep. 

iSense Sleep Spring Mattress – Comfort:

isense sleep spring mattress reviewThe Spring mattress is iSense Sleep’s most traditional mattress. While all iSense Sleep mattresses have unlimited adjustability, which makes them appeal to a broad spectrum of sleepers, the spring mattress gives you the unique responsiveness you want out of a traditional spring mattress. This makes the spring mattress ideal for couples because both sides are adjustable, so you never have to compromise on comfort with your partner again. Not to mention the spring option guarantees that limited partner disturbance you want out of your mattress.

The iSense spring may also appeal to more sleepers because its conventional mattress design provides support for your back and neck while still relieving pressure points where you need it. This mattress will provide superior spinal alignment while still allowing you the comfort of customization.

Although customization is key, the spring option will be ideal for any sleeping position, including stomach sleepers and heavier persons, thanks to its natural firmness and support. The responsiveness of the spring option means the mattress moves with your body, keeping you supported all night long. The spring option is sturdy, firm and ideally comfortable for all sleepers.

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Customization & Remote Options:

You can’t get any more customized than ultra plush to ultra firm. With over 50 comfort settings, you’re guaranteed to get your best sleep. And the controls couldn’t get any easier. Every iSense Sleep mattress comes with the option to use the remote control or the super-convenient app to adjust your sleep night after night. Once you’ve selected your firmness number, you can have piece of mind with iSense Sleep’s silent operation.

insense mattress review

This means the pump fills the mattress quickly and quietly so you won’t disturb your partner. Another way not to disturb your partner is with iSense Sleep independent controls. Whether you like it ultra plush, or he likes it ultra firm, you can both control your comfort without worrying about an uneven sleeping surface. With the customization and remote options of the iSense, you’ll fall in love with the luxury of technology.

iSense Sleep Spring Mattress – Motion Transfer:

isense sleep spring mattress reviewThe iSense Sleep Spring mattress is a classic spring mattress at heart, with the amazing power of adjustability. This means that it naturally reduces motion transfer by its ‘spring’ qualities, but we can practically guarantee your partner won’t be disturbed with its dual zone qualities. All iSense Sleep mattresses are designed for dual comfort, which means separate zones, and no motion transfer.

iSense Sleep Spring Mattress – Sleeping Cool:

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iSense Sleep Spring Mattress – Edge Support:

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iSense Sleep Spring Mattress – Value:

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Materials & Construction:
isense sleep spring mattress review

The iSense Sleep spring option is the answer to your sleeping problems. It effortlessly conforms to your body which means you’ll fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. This is not only a result of technology, but iSense Sleep’s unique, high quality materials and construction as well. Each layer of the four layers of the spring mattress is designed for high quality comfort.

From top to bottom the first layer uses NanoCoils and Energex Foam. This gives you customized comfort that conforms to your body. It also allows for personalized relief of pressure points along with support. Underneath that, the second layer uses Sculpted foam to increase breathability while working with the top layer for temperature control.

The third layer is where your control and options come into play. It uses Patented Varicoil Technology and allows you to control both sides of the mattress for ideal comfort and support. The fourth layer also gives the ‘spring’ characteristics to the mattress. Like traditional spring mattresses, this layer uses Individually Wrapped Inner Coils which decreases partner disturbance and increases responsiveness for superior comfort.

isense sleep spring mattress review

The entire mattress uses Notched Wrapped Rail Construction which prevents the inner components from moving around. It is also meant for the longevity and edge support of the mattress giving it a longer life for your greater sleep.

The iSense Sleep Spring mattress is guaranteed to outlast your sleep especially with its modular construction. The zippers cover allows easy access to each individual layer of the mattress, so that each layer can be accessed and replaced if needed. This feature will satisfy your comfort needs and extend the life of your mattress even more.

Trial Period & Warranty:
insense mattress review

iSense Sleep Mattress Coupon

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Manufacturer Promises

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  • Trial Period: 120 Night Sleep Trial
  • Warranty: 10 Year Warranty

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