Accessory Review Malouf E255 Adjustable Base

malouf e255 adjustable base review

Looking to take your comfort to the next level? Then you have got to check out the Malouf E255 Adjustable Base. This bed frame does not just simply hold up your mattress. With the push of a button the Malouf E255 will adjust to whatever position you would like to lay or sit in. All so you have premium comfort for your sleeping or lounging needs. In this review we are going to walk you through all of the features of this adjustable base by Malouf and give you all of the details.

The Malouf E255 Adjustable Base Features:

  • malouf e255 adjustable base3 Preset Positions
  • Head incline: 0 – 60°
  • Foot incline 0 – 45°
  • Wireless Remote Control
  • 2 Programmable Positions
  • 750-pound weight capacity

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Malouf E255 Adjustable Bed – Construction:

steel safety footThe design of the Malouf E255 is a simple and effective adjustable base. It has all of the conveniences you would want out of an adjustable base without any expensive added features.

The frame is solid and can hold up to 750lbs including mattress weight. Which means this is a very solid bed frame. The head of the Malouf E255 can go from 0 to 60°. Which allows you to lay completely flat to sitting up straight for tv watching or reading, as well as any point in between.

The foot of the bed raises in a bent position allowing for your legs to comfortably raise in a natural bent position. The foot can raise from 0 – 45° which is perfect for elevating swollen feet or simply to sleep in the oh so relaxing zero-gravity position.

Malouf E255 Adjustable Frame – Ease of Use:

wireless remote control easy to use e255 baseWhen it comes to ease of use for this adjustable base from Malouf, it doesn’t get much easier than this. The Malouf E255 comes with a backlit wireless remote control. This remote has three preset positions that are commonly used. As well as two settings that you can set to whatever position of your choice.

Once you have found your favorite positions and designated them to your presetting’s. Then it is as easy as a single push of a button to go from laying down flat to your favorite position for sleep or lounging.

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Malouf E255 Adjustable Base – Extra Features:

the malouf e255 adjustable bed frame review our sleep guideWhen compared to some other adjustable bases out there, the Malouf E255 may be on the more simple side of things. However, we find this does have it’s benefits with ease of use. However, it does have a few extra features.

The Malouf E255 has three preset positions that are often used and loved by adjustable bed owners. The first is the flat position of course. While this may seem beyond basic, having a preset button that will take you back to flat without having to hold down the button to flatten out is very useful.

The second preset position is for an anti-snore position. This keeps you in a comfortable sleeping position that just slightly raises the head so that your airways are more likely to remain open and clear. Allowing for less snoring to occur, very useful.

The third and final preset position is the most loved by far. The zero-gravity position. In this position your knees are slightly up and bent. Along with the head of the bed raised slightly. This position is supposed to be the optima position for relieving the tension of gravity on the body. Allowing you to feel weightless and sleep oh so well. We highly recommend trying this position for yourself.

Compatible Malouf Designer Bed Frames:

materials and construction of the power base by maloufWhile there is nothing stopping you from using the Malouf E255 Adjustable Power Base on its own. Many prefer to use the base with a decorative bed frame. This frame is slim line and will work with most designer frames built to go around an adjustable base. Although we would suggest double checking dimensions before purchasing if you already own a decorative frame already.

If you are looking for a designer bed frame to go with your adjustable base, then Malouf has you covered. They have an entire line of Malouf Designer Bed Frames are made to work perfectly with their adjustable bases. These stunning designer beds look lovely in any home.

They have a range of styles from classic to modern. Be sure to check out these bed frames if you are looking to have a decorative frame around your adjustable base.

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Malouf E255 Adjustable Power Base – Overall:

This is a great go to adjustable power base. It is sturdy, has great presets, and is oh so easy to use. While it does not have many other fancy add on features, that will make this power base more affordable. Which is a great thing for anyone who is not looking for those extra features anyway. The E255 is slim and not overly bulky which allows it to fit nicely in a decorative bed frame. Especially in the designer frames made by Malouf. This is a great adjustable power base for anyone who is looking for a simple adjustable frame that will do everything they need it to easily and without any extra features.

can the adjustable base fit into the malouf designer bed frames?

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