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natural wooden bed frame review

Looking for a sleek bed frame with a minimalist design and eco-friendly materials? Then you’re in the right place! Helix has come out with a new bed frame that is all of this and more. It is such a smart simple and minimalist design that is going to look great in any room you put it in. Keep reading to get more details on what makes this natural wood bed frame from Helix so unique.

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The Design:

the helix modern bed frame reviewThe Natural Wood Bed Frame by Helix is made to be simple and effective. The design is stand alone and not made to work with a headboard. Instead they opted for an all wood frame that fits together like puzzle pieces. This is because of the Japanese style joinery used at the corners of the bed frame. This is the genius of this bed frame design and what makes the bed come together so beautifully, and without the need of tools or hardware.

There is a 4 bed rails, 4 legs, and then a 12+ slats which can vary depending on the size you order. This is such an easy straight forward design that it is rather easy to put together and take apart as needed. Each piece of the bed frame is Handmade by local craftsman right here in the USA. The pieces all fit together and go under close inspection to ensure quality craftsmanship and lack of imperfections.

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Helix Wood Frame Materials:

tool free assembly bed frameThe Helix Natural Wood Bed Frame consists of three different kinds of wood. These different woods are used to create different parts of the bed and have different strengths and benefits. First we will start with the bed rails are plywood made out of hardwoods like Maple, Poplar, and other Appalachian hardwoods.

Next up are the slats for the bed. The slats are made out of 100% Southern Yellow Pine. Pine is not the most beautiful woods around, however it is one of the most sustainable wood species in the country. It is also very strong making Southern Yellow Pine great for bed slats.

The legs of this bed frame are made out of 100% Appalachian Maple sourced from North Carolina. Maple is a gorgeous hardwood and you can see the gorgeous wood in the natural finish version of this bed. Which brings us to the two different finishes you can choose from.

You can choose between the natural wood look, or you can choose the white painted look for this frame. Both of these are finished with a water-based finish. The water-based finish is done without the use of any VOCs or formaldehyde. It also meets the safety standards for the home.

*All the wood comes from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified locations, including Leed-compliant and CARB-compliant bed rails. The specific types of wood chosen are from sustainable wood species.

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The Helix Natural Bed Details:

At first glance this may look like a simple and sophisticated bed frame. However, the simplicity of the design is peppered with details in several aspects. Making this solid wood frame one that is as beautiful as it is well made.

modern bed frame by helixDo you need a foundation?

With the Southern Yellow Pine wooden slats being so close together on this bed frame by Helix, you will not need a foundation for your bed. The Helix Natural Wooden Bed Frame provides all of the support your bed will need. Most mattresses will be able to sleep comfortably without the use of a box spring or foundation on this bed frame. Allowing for you to keep the low height common for this modern looking bed.

Does it have a headboard?

Part of the modern aesthetic of this Helix bed frame is that it does not have a headboard. The Helix Natural Wood Bed Frame does not have connections for a traditional headboard either.

maple wood bed frame
Noise Reducing Joints

Another benefit to the Japanese style of joinery used in this bed, is that they do not make noise like traditional metal bed frames. You know the sound of a creaking bed? Sit down and here that creak creak noise? Not an issue with this bed. The wooden joints fit so beautifully together than when you shift around or jump into bed, there are no squeaky metal pieces clunking together.

Assembly Process:

Great news! The assembly process for this bed frame by Helix is incredibly easy and straight forward. (Which is a huge benefit not only for set up but also if you ever need to move as well.) Helix made sure to design this minimalist bed frame with a construction that does not require ANY tools. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

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Benefits to the Helix Natural Wood Bed Frame:

Natural wood bed frame logo imageOf course this bed frame is going to be strong and supportive. But there are a few other benefits to purchasing this specific bed frame that we wanted to highlight in this section.

  • Handmade In USA
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Simple Minimalist Design
  • Tool Free Assembly
  • No Foundation Needed
  • Noise Reducing Joints
  • Fair Prices
  • 5-Year Warranty
  • 100-Night Free Trial
  • Free Shipping
  • Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certified
  • CARB-Compliant Bed Rails

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japanese joinery bed frameThis is really such a great value for such a quality bed frame. If you compare this to similar designs from boutique furniture makers it would run you easily double this amount. Making the Natural Wood Bed Frame from Helix a great deal.

You also get free shipping, and a 100 night sleep trial. So you really get to try your bed out and know you love it. Helix also offers a 5-year warranty on this bed frame. Which means they really believe in the overall quality and durability of this bed frame.

Twin: $449
Twin XL: $479
Full: $529
Queen: $549
King/California King: $579

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Helix Natural Wood Bed Frame – Overall:

The modern aesthetic of the Helix Natural Wood Bed Frame is really what catches our eye first. This is a very sleek modern bed frame which is going to look great with any style you pair it with. It has a simple yet smart design making this frame incredibly easy to fit together. The Japanese style joinery is stunning and makes this a classy bed frame that we think you’re going to really love.

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