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Accessory Review Cloudten Luna Percale Sheets

cloudten luna sheets reviewThe Cloudten Luna Percale Sheets are made to keep you sleeping cool and comfortable. These premium sheets are lightweight and crisp, letting air flow and never heating up too much. With a matte finish and similar feel to your favorite hotels linens you’ll surely love these high end sheets.

The Luna Percale cotton sheets are not only high in quality but very affordable too. They are made with honest materials and the finest craftsmanship for sustainable sheets that don’t lack on comfort. These will easily become your new favorite bed linens! Read more about these amazing percale sheets below in our review below.

Cloudten Luna Materials:

The Cloudten Luna Percale Sheets are made of some of the best materials on the market. Cloudten spares no expense in finding the best materials. And then handcrafting these materials into some of the finest sheets available.

cloudten luna sheets reviewThe Luna sheets are made of 100% hyper-combed long-staple Egyptian Cotton. This is some of the softest cotton in the world. Making for a truly stand-out sleeping experience every night.

There are also no chemicals used when making these linens. The materials and manufacturing process is completely organic. In fact, even the dyes used to color your sheets are 100% safe and made using eco-friendly resources.

Giving the materials of the Cloudten Luna sheets our stamp of approval for every member of the family. Even those with allergies or sensitivities.

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Cloudten Luna Benefits:

These sheets are made with your comfort in mind. From the crisp feel, long lasting durability and all night coolness you can’t go wrong. These affordable yet luxurious sheet set is cool to the touch all while being just soft enough and light too. All of these benefits don’t come at the expense of a harsh, chemical filled production either.

cloudten luna sheets reviewThe Cloudten Luna Percale Sheets are handmade in small batches. Produced by talented craftsmen that are based in Europe. Not only are you helping keep the planet green with these sustainable sheets, but you are also helping employee tradesman of a specific craft.

Each batch of these sheets are made with unrivaled care and talent. Creating durability and years of exceptional wear. No having to worry about your new sheets unraveling or loosing their crisp hand.

One of the best features of the Luna sheets is their ability to help even the warmest sleeper stay cool. The lightweight natural cotton is crisp and cool, keeping them breathable and comfortable even on the hottest nights. Allowing you to never feel confined by a sheet that is too heavy or hot.

Cloudten Luna Options:

When choosing what Luna sheets to get you will have a few options that will fit every size mattress you have. These stonewashed sheets are currently available in two color schemes. Snow, a soft clean white, and Smoke, a dark charcoal gray. Giving you two neutral options that should work for almost any bedroom design. They are also available in every mattress size. Ranging from a Twin all the way to Cal King, and everything in between.

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Cloudten Luna Value: 

cloudten amora sheets reviewWith such incredible work put into each set of Cloudten Luna Percale Sheets produced you’re probably wondering just how much they are. Uniquely these sheets have the same $120 price tag regardless of what size or color you opt for.

The reasoning behind this “same price” mentality is behind the dislike of one advertised price that then changes when you select your desired size. Making Cloudten honest with their advertised pricing for no confusion.

Every pair of sheets is also shipped for free. Standard shipping by USPS usually takes about five business days to arrive at your door. If you don’t want to wait you also have the option to upgrade your shipping to two day expedited. This only costs an additional $8.63.

Every set of Cloudten sheets also has a 100-night no questions asked sleep trial program. If you don’t fall in love with them during this time, simply send them back to receive a full refund of the purchase amount. These premium hotel quality sheets probably won’t be leaving your bed though!

Cloudten Luna Overview: 

The Cloud Ten Luna Percale Sheets are a true set of luxury sheets that everyone should want to have in their home. The set is made to be eco-friendly and the cotton the sheets are made out of is completely organic.

Even the dye is made by a mostly steam-powered warehouse in order to keep the sheets completely eco-friendly. If that’s not enough these sheets are perfect for summer. Offering a lightweight, cool and crisp design will have you sleeping peacefully even on the hottest summer night.

Best of all, these sheets only cost $120, regardless of what size you need. They also include free shipping to your home within a five-day timeframe by USPS. With all these great features you are sure to love the buying experience of this durable and organic set of sheets.

If you have any questions about the Cloudten Luna Sateen sheets, or any other products on Our Sleep Guide let us know. We are always happy to help with any of your bedding or sleep related questions. Just contact us and we will reply as quickly as we can!

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The Luna Percale Sheets by Cloudten are amazingly crisp and cool sheets that only get better with time. These sheets are also durable and handcrafted with a price tag that correlates with the superior quality. The options will allow you to outfit every bed in your house with lightweight cotton sheets ideal for hot summer months. Keeping everyone cool, comfortable and sleeping sound. 


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