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Accessory Review Cloudten Amora Sateen Sheets

cloudten amora sheets review The Cloudten Amora Sateen Sheets are made with luxury in mind. Every time you sleep on these sheets you will feel like your at the top of the world. These luxurious, yet affordable sheets comes in multiple colors and in every mattress size. So now every bed in your house can be outfit in some of the best sheets out there.

The Cloudten Amora sheets are also chemical free and made with the strictest of standards to ensure the healthiest feel and touch. Even the dyes used to color the sheets are made with astoundingly safe dyes. Keep reading to learn more about this premium bedding.

Cloudten Amora Materials: 

The Cloudten Amora Sateen Sheets will make anybody fall in love with their bedding. They are not only beautiful, but also super soft too. They are made of 100% hyper-combed long-staple Egyptian Cotton.

Thanks to this naturally silky fiber these sheets never need to be chemically softened. Creating a smooth and luxurious feel that is also very durable and only becomes softer with time.

To add to the premium quality of these sheets, each batch is handcrafted in Europe by talented artisans. This guarantees that the same amount of love and attention is put into every set of Amora Sateen Sheets.

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Cloudten Amora Sheets Benefits:

cloudten amora sheets reviewThese sheets are made to make your whole sleeping experience better. Every inch of these sheets are smooth to the touch with no awkward bumps or bad weaving. The Egyptian cotton is among some of the softest cotton in the world and wraps your body in comfort like it’s never felt before.

If that’s not enough these sheets are weighted to give you the perfect amount of heaviness while your sleeping at night. This helps keep the sheets on top of your body instead of running away from you in the middle of the night.

You can also rest easy knowing that every product is handcrafted in a friendly facility. The company staffs the centers with talented artisans and makes sure they are treated well.

The sheets are also eco-friendly as the company is against using chemicals in order to achieve the premium softness the sheets have. The dyes are made by a studio using biogas, this means that the whole factory is primarily powered using steam.

Cloudten Amora Sheets Options:

The Cloudten Amora Sateen Sheets are made to come in several different sizes in colors to meet your families specific needs. There are five different colors to choose from in all; Smoke, Snow, Ash, Sand, and Ocean. These five colors go along perfectly with their names and have rich colors that will make any bed set pop.

cloudten amora sheets reviewTo top this off, the sheets come in 7 different sizing options to fit almost any bed out there. You can get these sheets in twin, Twin Xl, full, queen, king, California king, and split king.

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Cloudten Amora Value: 

cloudten amora sheets reviewWith such a luxurious set of sheets, you are probably wondering just how much owning a set will cost you. The truth is that these sheets aren’t much more than most other premium sets on the market. One of the most unique qualities about the value of these sheets is that no matter what size or color you choose the price stays the same.

You can get the Cloudten Amora Sateen Sheets in any size and color for just $180. This also includes free shipping too. Currently the Cloudten sheets are only shipped in the USA, but hopefully soon you can get them anywhere.

When it comes to shipping options you do have a few to choose from. The standard free shipping gets your sheets to your door in about five business days. But, if that’s not fast enough for you, then you can choose the expedited option. This will get them to you in about two business days for only $8.63. Either option will be sent via USPS.

Best of all, the company gives you a 100-night no questions ask sleep trial. If you don’t love your sheets just send them back for a full refund. However, we doubt you will ever want to part with the Cloudten Amora sheets once you have them!

Cloudten Amora Sheets Overview:

cloudten amora sheets reviewOverall, the Cloudten Amora sheets are an amazing high end sateen sheet set that you won’t regret spending the extra money on. The soft and smooth feeling of the set will make it easier to fall asleep at night. And the perfectly weighted feel will help you sleep sound all night.

The perfectly sourced materials as well as the fine workmanship that goes into each set guarantees they will be durable for years to come. The organically sourced Egyptian cotton is a natural product that is also environmentally friendly.

The Cloud Ten Amora Sateen Sheets are truly a step up in luxury. This is even more true when you consider how each batch is hand made in a proper working facility. Even the dyes are eco-friendly and made in a steam-powered factory in Europe.

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The Amora Sateen Sheets by Cloudten are wonderfully soft sheets that only get softer with time. These sheets are also durable and handcrafted with a price tag that correlates with the superior quality. The color selection should allow everyone to find a perfect match to their bedroom and the slight weighted feel will help you sleep better than ever.


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