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The Hyphen mattress is an all foam bed that is innovative yet simple and universally comfortable. The focus of this mattress is to create better nights to ensure better days. By using a blend of support with pressure relief and contour with just enough bounce to make for a sleeping surface that appeals to all. As well as properties that make for temperature control, long lasting durability and minimal motion transfer. Learn more about this one of a kind mattress in our comprehensive and detailed review below. Make sure to follow the links to save big on your new Hyphen mattress too!

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Hyphen Mattress – Brief Overview:

hyphen mattress review The Hyphen mattress is a medium-firm mattress that will be perfect for most types of sleepers. This makes the mattress perfect for back, side, and stomach sleepers. The mattress even has a good amount of edge support for those who use every inch of there sleeping surface. This makes that mattress a great choice for couples with different sleeping styles that are looking for a comfortable compromise.

It even prides itself on having great motion isolation so you won’t disturb your partner from tossing and turning during the night. They also made this design focus on even weight distribution to make sure that every part of your body has equal amounts of support.

They ship this bed directly to you at no cost and it comes with a 100 night sleep trial. Hyphen is committed to their mattress and process. So much so that they include a 20 year warranty. They make this supportive mattress with pride in the USA.

Hyphen Mattress – Delivery:

hyphen mattress reviewThe Hyphen mattress will be delivered to your house completely for free. Like most standard beds it will come to you in a cardboard box. Once the mattress ships, you will receive a tracking number in your email.  The Hyphen mattress will ship V.I.A FedEx ground, to get to you quickly.

The mattress ships to you from a warehouse in the USA to ensure quick delivery. If you need to schedule your delivery for a later date you can even leave an order note and Hyphen will be more than happy to accommodate your schedule. You can use this option to request that they add a signature to the delivery process.

Once the shipping process has been completed and the mattress has been delivered to your house you can begin the unboxing process. To begin the set-up process simply open the box and cut the plastic off your Hyphen mattress. The Hyphen mattress will weigh around 73 pounds at the queen size.

Hyphen Mattress Coupon

This will make moving your new mattress around on your on a little difficult and we recommended that you have a friend to help you with the set-up process. The Hyphen can be used with or without a box spring or even a base to set the mattress on.

hyphen mattress review

Hyphen Mattress – Off-Gassing:

Like most mattresses that come packaged in a box, the Hyphen will have a little bit of off-gassing. This won’t be dangerous to your help and will dissipate within a few hours. If your sensitive to smells then we recommended giving your mattress up to 12 hours in an open room to air out. You also may notice that the mattress may not be exactly what you expected the first night you sleep on it. While the mattress may look done expanding, it will take a few nights to completely regain its feel.

Hyphen Mattress– Comfort:

hyphen mattress reviewThe Hyphen mattress is a bed made to have a universal feel to accommodate a wide range of sleepers. The mattress will work well for back, side, and stomach sleepers. Sleepers who want more support or a softer mattress may want to go with another model though. The mattress also can support heavier sleepers, but the bed will feel like it has a softer feel and may not be good for stomach sleeping in this case. The mattress does do a good job in even weight distribution though which is a nice touch.

The Hyphen mattress has a lot going for it in the comfort department. They designed the mattress with a ton of features to give you a restful nights sleep. For starters, they made the bed to be more sanitary than most other mattresses. The materials used in the bed work to kill bacteria and viruses that have decided to clean to it. They also designed the mattress to halt any type of fungi that tries to grow in it. They made the Hyphen to be hypo-allergenic to ensure everyone can enjoy the mattress. While this won’t be a perfect fit for everyone it removes so of the most common allergy aggravators.

They designed the foam layers to be comfortable and contour to your body perfectly. The layers help to relieve pressure where you need it most while evenly distributing your weight across the bed. The reduced pressure points even help give you better blood flow. The mattresses bounce also hits perfectly in the middle to give you the ability to turn in bed without feeling like your on a trampoline.

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Hyphen Mattress – Motion Transfer:

hyphen mattress reviewMotion transfer can be a deal breaker for a lot of mattress models. Luckily, the Hyphen mattress does a wonderful job of managing motion transfer. It even has a layer that helps with targeting the isolation of motion vibrations. This makes the Hyphen a perfect choice for couples who have found themselves on different sleep schedules. It will allow you and your partner to toss and turn and have a restless night without having to worry about disturbing each other sleep patterns. This also works well if you have children that like to climb into bed with you during the night.

Hyphen Mattress  – Sleeping Cool:

The Hyphen mattress does a lot to work towards giving you a cool mattress to sleep on during the night. The Hyphen keeps a neutral temperature that will please sleepers who tend to run hot during the night. To do this the mattress uses a smart combination of technologies to ward off heat while you sleep. First, they infused the mattress with copper, an element that helps naturally keep things cool. Copper naturally draws heat away from your body and is 20,000 times more conductive than most traditional types of foam.

This is helped by the fact that the bed has a layer that focuses on giving the mattress bounce. This makes it so you don’t get stuck in hot foam during the night. The layers are also engineered to adapt to changing temperatures.

This works by absorbing and releasing energy as you sleep. Finally, they made the mattress to be breathable and let air pass through. The mattress has 25 times greater airflow than most other models on the market. This combined with the fact that the mattress is a medium-firm feel that doesn’t let you sink too far into the foam, creates a neutral sleeping surface.

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Hyphen Mattress  – Edge Support:

hyphen mattress reviewEdge support is arguably one of the most overlooked parts of buying a bed. Many people may not even think that edge support is that important other than if you sleep on the edge of the mattress. The truth is that edge support actually determines just how much of the mattress can be used as a sleeping area. A mattress with bad edge support will have you sleeping more toward the middle of the bed, with a few inches on both sides being unusable.

The Hyphen mattress does a pretty decent job at providing you with edge support. The Hyphen will have the same even feeling from edge to edge of the mattress. This ensures that no matter where you lay on the Hyphen you will have the same great support that you would close the middle of the bed. The mattress will even support you if you like to sleep on the literal edge, and you won’t feel like your sliding off in the middle of the night. The only downside is that the Hyphen won’t be that great for edge sitting. If you sit on the edge of the Hyphen for an extended amount of time then you will find yourself sliding off rather quickly.

Hyphen Mattress – Value:

One of the most important determiners for many shoppers when looking for a mattress is the cost. The cost can be a deal breaker or a deal maker in most cases. The Hyphen mattress comes in just about every size you could need and ships to your home for free. This isn’t an extremely expensive mattress brand and will be perfect for any shopper on a budget. The Queen size is the most common size and the price pre-coupon is $950. Include our $200 off coupon and this mattress is a very affordable $750! Just use the code: SAVE200 at HyphenSleep.com.

This pricing includes a 100-night risk-free sleep trial and a 20-year warranty with purchase. You will also get free returns if anything goes wrong during this time. The great features in the Hyphen mattress combined with the fact that the mattress is so focused on fitting in with a budget make it a great buy.

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Materials & Construction:

The Hyphen mattress is 10-inches thick and made of 3 layers of foam. The layers of this mattress are handcrafted to assure that the utmost quality is put into the product. The first layer of the Hyphen is made of 2-inches of Custom formulated Hyphen-foam. This first layer is made to have a ton of benefits, including a universal comfort feel. It also has temperature controlling aspects to keep you cool throughout the night. The layer also works to keep motion isolated on the bed while providing anti-microbial protection.

The second layer of the Hyphen mattress is 2-inches of Buoyant transition foam. This layer of the mattress is designed to help evenly distribute weight across the sleeping surface. It also gives the bed most of its bounce to help you comfortably be able to toss and turn during the night.

The last layer is made up of 6-inches of Orthopedic Support Foam. This layer is the core support of the bed and gives it a medium-firm feel. It also gives the mattress durability so it will last you for years to come. The foams in this mattress are CertiPur certified to guarantee they are safe to use. This is all wrapped in a polyester/spandex cover that is made to be removable for cleaning.

hyphen mattress review

Trial Period & Warranty:

mattress warranty & sleep trialWith any mattress that you can’t try out before buying, you are probably going to be a little wary of making the purchase. To combat this almost every bed-in-a-box company offers sleep trial periods now to give you peace of mind. This will give you a set amount of time to get a feel for the product and allow you to swap it out if it’s not working for you. With Hyphen you are given a 100-night sleep trial to get a feel for things. If that doesn’t work out then you are allowed to return the mattress for free to the warehouse.

Once the mattress is received you will get a full refund for your purchase price. If you decide you love the Hyphen though you can look forward to an extra long 20-year warranty. This will cover any defects that may pop up while using the mattress. Hyphen will even take care of the return shipping if a defect does happen to pop up.

If you are looking for more specifics for the Hyphen warranty find out more at HyphenSleep.com. Or for a helpful tool check out Our Mattress Warranty & Trial Period Guide.

Hyphen Mattress Coupon

Also, remember that if you have questions or need more insight during your mattress buying journey, please feel free to contact us. We are here to help and make sure you find the best mattress for you!

Hyphen Mattress Rating
  • Delivery & Off Gassing
  • Comfort
  • Motion Transfer
  • Sleeping Cool
  • Edge Support
  • Value
  • Materials & Construction
  • Trial Period
  • Warranty

Overall Rating

If you are looking for an all foam mattress that is very cost effective this mattress is one to consider. The hyphen offers a universal feel that will work for most while also offering new generation foams for adequate support and comfort.

Manufacturer Promises

  • Shipping Free Shipping
  • Trial Period 100 Night Trial Period
  • Warranty 20 Year Warranty

Current Pricing

  • Twin $575
  • Twin XL $675
  • Full $800
  • Queen $950
  • King $1095
  • Cal King $1095
Overall Rating


The Hyphen Mattress Mattress might be good for you if…

  • You want a universally comfortable all foam mattress that doesn't sleep too warm.
  • You like a very affordable bed that doesn't lack quality or durable materials and construction.
  • You want an innovative mattress from a company that strives to ensure a great night's rest.

Still looking for some more information? Visit Hyphen at hyphensleep.com. Also, have questions for us? Please contact us and we would be happy to help you!

Also, remember Our Sleep Guide is here to help and make sure you find the best mattress for you! Contact Us. We would love to help you in any way we can.