July 31, 2018

Brooklyn Signature vs Bear Hybrid

In the Brooklyn Signature vs Bear Hybrid we will be looking at two popular hybrid style mattresses. These two beds combine foams and a coil set to provide you pain relief and extraordinary support. The Brooklyn Signature comes in three different comfort levels that gives you customizable firmness to suite your preferences. The Bear Hybrid has Celliant technology in the cover to help regenerate your body as you sleep. Both mattresses are comparable in many ways but have these key differences. Read on in our Brooklyn Signature vs Bear Hybrid review to find out which is the better fit for you.

brooklyhn signature vs bear hybrid
Brooklyn Signature – Overview:

brooklyhn signature vs bear hybridBrooklyn Bedding has done it again with another outstanding design. Their new Brooklyn Signature is a luxury take on hybrid mattress design. Three options for customized comfort ensure that you get the best sleep in whatever position you like best. The coil system gives you full support, cooling benefits, and extensive edge support. You also have improved isolation of motion transfer from the construction of this layer.

Two layers of high-density foams give you contoured pain relief for deep comfort. They’re topped off with a plush layer of quilted covering that features stylish side panels and handles for easy moving. This high-end styling with high-quality materials even costs less than comparative brands. Is the Brooklyn Signature a better choice than the Bear Hybrid mattress? Find out when you continue reading our full comparison review.

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Bear Hybrid – Overview:

brooklyhn signature vs bear hybridThe Bear Hybrid was made with a traditional combination of a coil set and foam layers. The top layer of foam provides the buoyancy of latex for changing positions with ease. The next layer has the contouring properties of memory foam with a gel additive for cooling benefits. After this is a set of micro coils for precision support. Finally, a layer of solid support foam starts of this mattress with a firm foundation.

The Bear Hyrbrid’s cover uses Celliant technology to aid in regeneration of muscles and tissues. You should wake feeling refreshed every morning after sleeping on this universal feel. You also can sleep on this mattress in any position with comfort. Can the Bear Hybrid surpass the Brooklyn Signature? Continue reading to find out.

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Brooklyn Signature vs Bear Hybrid – Delivery and Off-Gassing:

brooklyhn signature vs bear hybridThe shipping of your Brooklyn Signature is included in your purchase price. They will compress and roll pack your new mattress into a convenient box. It will arrive right at your door. The package will weight around 115 pounds, so have an extra set of hands for setup. Getting your Brooklyn Signature ready for sleeping is as easy as removing it from the box, unrolling, and unwrapping.

This mattress will fully expand within a few moments, and it will firm up over the next day or two. The company prides itself on being fully manufactured in the USA, so any odors experienced during setup will be minimal. If you are more sensitive to smells, avoid the area while the Brooklyn Signature breathes for the initial few hours.

bear mattress reviewShipping is always included with the Bear Hybrid mattress. It will be compressed in a roll-packed box just like most online mattress companies. The 110-pound package will arrive to your doorstep shortly after placing your order. You and a helper just must arrange it in your desired location and remove it from the box. After this, simply unroll and unwrap it.

It will begin to fully expand within a few moments. It could take a couple of days to fully firm up, and you may experience some off-gassing at this time. You experience shouldn’t be noticeable because the Bear Hybrid is made in the USA. Allow it to breath for up to twelve hours before placing your bedding to give any smells time to dissipate.

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Brooklyn Signature – Comfort:

brooklyn signatureYou can select three different firmness levels to customize your Brooklyn Signature mattress. No matter which level of comfort you need, you will wake well-rested. The coil system provides support for proper spinal alignment and air circulation. The top layers of foam give you deep contouring for pressure point relief.

The soft option is the perfect choice for side sleepers, with increased sinking at the hip and shoulder. This version rates a 4 on scale where 1 is softest and 10 is firmest. The medium feel is a perfect selection for couples with differing sleeping position preferences. You can sleep with comfort in most position with this option because it rates with a firmness of a 6. The firm style is the best pick for stomach sleepers or those of larger proportions. You will feel a denser support that prevents back bowing and gives you a more durable feel.

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Bear Hybrid – Comfort:

bear hybrid vs luft hyrbidSeveral different materials were combined to create the Bear Hybrid’s comfort. It is rated a 5.5-6 on the firmness scale. This is a universal feel that should appeal to all sleeping position preferences. A sturdy, thick base foam and coil set create all the support needed for proper spinal alignment and lumbar support. The top layers of foams in the Bear Hybrid give you outstanding contoured pressure relief.

Back sleepers will have hugging at the neck and shoulders and solid support at the lumbar. Side sleepers will feel a cocooned hugging relief at the hip and shoulder. Stomach sleepers will have enough firmness for adequate comfort that prevents the back from bowing. Heavier people might sense the Bear Hybrid as a softer feel making their experience a little bit different. The cover features Celliant technology to aid your body in regeneration, giving you a refreshed feel when you awake.

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Brooklyn Signature – Materials:

The Brooklyn Signature measures at over eleven inches thick. It is made from foams and coils designed exclusively to provide you with amazing support and comfort. The top layer of this mattress is a 2-inch thick TitanFlex Foam. The 4-pound density material has a responsiveness like that of latex and contouring that mimics memory foam. Next, comes another 2-inch thick, 4-pound density TitanFlex Foam. It is slightly denser to relieve more aches and pains. It contours to your body to provide a deeper comfort.

The bottom of the Brooklyn Signature is the Ascension Pocketed Coil System, which contains 1,024 coils in a queen size. The coil set stands at six inches tall and creates a solid foundation for the upper layers. This component provides support for healthy spinal alignment and improved air flow for cooling benefits. The Brooklyn Signature features a quilted cotton blend cover. It is affixed to a ¾-inch thick layer of foam, which provides a soft, luxury feel. It also boasts stylish side panels that are made from a durable fabric and handles for easy maneuvering.

brooklyn bedding aurora vs signature

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Bear Hybrid – Materials:

The Bear Hybrid achieved its design by emulating traditional mattress designs and adding luxury materials. The top layer of this 14.5-inch thick mattress is a sheet of performance foam that measures 3 inches thick. This responsive material will contour to your body like memory foam and let you reposition like latex. For the next layer of the Bear Hybrid, they infused the memory foam with gel. This section deepens your contouring for pain relief and dispersed weight.

Below the segment is the layer of 1,300 pocketed coils that give you long-lasting support. You also gain added air flow and edge support. The final part of this mattress is the thick base foam. This foundational material gives the coil set a level surface to rest on, isolating motion transfer. The Bear Hybrid is wrapped in a hand-tufted quilted top that incorporates Celliant to regenerate the body as you sleep.

bear hybrid mattress

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Brooklyn Signature vs Bear Hybrid – Motion Transfer:

brooklyn signatureMattresses containing a coil set don’t generally perform well in isolating motion transfer. Also, the top layer of this mattress has a responsive feel that adds an extra bounce. Despite all of this, the Brooklyn Signature still scores well in providing an uninterrupted sleep. Because they individually wrapped each coil, vibrations are less likely to travel from one to the next.

Counterbalancing the spring provided by the TitanFlex Foam is its density. This provides the contouring factor of this material, giving you deep comfort and deadening movement. An extra layer of this foam intensifies these properties. This hybrid bed would be great for those who are light sleepers. You should rest more soundly with less interruptions on the Brooklyn Signature.

With most hybrid mattresses, you will generally have more motion transfer than an all-foam option. Only, the Bear Hybrid uses a mini coil system. Few vibrations will penetrate the top two layers of foam. Any residual effects won’t be moving from one coil to the next as readily as in a traditional spring size.

They also designed this mattress with a foundation layer of dense base foam. This gives the coils an even start and more absorption of movement. You can get a great night’s sleep on this bed, even if you have a restless partner. We’d recommend it for light sleepers who want less disturbances throughout the night.

Brooklyn Signature vs Bear Hybrid – Sleeping Cool:

brooklyn signatureThe materials contained in this mattress should generate improved air flow and cooling benefits. The Brooklyn Signature’s top layer of TitanFlex Foam is infused with gel. This draws heat away from the body and disperses it evenly throughout the mattress. These top two sections will keep you from sinking in too far where you will feel stuck in the bed. This material is responsive to changing positions, so you can move around freely. It is also naturally aerated to generate healthy air circulation.

The Ascension Pocketed Coil System multiplies in the airflow properties of the upper layers. Warm air can readily escape through the open channels between springs. With added support, you will not sink in as far on the Brooklyn Signature. If you are a warm sleeper, this mattress would be one of the best choices for your needs.

Learn more about the Brooklyn Signature with our in-depth Mattress Review or at BrooklynBedding.com.

bear hybrid vs luft hyrbidMany cooling elements were incorporated into the Bear Hybrid’s design. The cover of this mattress features Celliant, which aids in regeneration of cells. You will wake with a refreshing sensation from this additive. Under this, performance foam provides a hugging support. You don’t sink in readily, and this material adapts to you as you change positions.

Next, is a gel-infused memory foam. This works to draw heat away from the body and diffuse it evenly throughout the mattress. The coil set gives warm air the chance to escape easily. The Bear Hybrid makes a nice choice for those who tend to sleep warmer.

Learn more about the Bear Hybrid with our in-depth Mattress Review or at BearMattress.com.

Brooklyn Signature vs Bear Hybrid – Edge Support:

bear hybrid vs luft hyrbidIf you are looking for a mattress with high-quality edge support, a hybrid like Brooklyn Signature is a great choice. The Ascension Pocketed Coil System will give you a firmer support for total sleeping surface utilization. You won’t feel like you are going to roll out when you sleep right along the edge.

This means you can stretch out across the whole bed. You will also be able to enjoy sitting at the side of your bed for short periods. The Brooklyn Signature doesn’t have any additional edge support design. However, you will have a comparative feel to those with a border wire or a foam encasement.

The Bear Hybrid stands up to testing in edge support factors. You can comfortably sleep right along the edge of the mattress without feeling like you’ll roll out. This gives you the opportunity to stretch out and get tons of comfort.

There is a consistent feel, no matter where you sleep. You can also sit at the side of the Bear Hybrid for short periods without a lack of support. The durable and high-density materials give the Bear Hybrid a fully usable sleeping surface.

Brooklyn Signature vs Bear Hybrid – Value:

A Brooklyn Signature mattress costs $949 in a queen size. And this doesn’t even include our EXCLUSIVE 20% off coupon that brings it down to ONLY $759. Which is an incredible value! This price includes your shipping and returns too. Plus you have 120 nights to try out this mattress to ensure that it’s the right choice for you. A 10-year warranty is also standard with this durable design. Giving you an amazing durable hybrid mattress at a very affordable price. Make sure to use the coupon code: OURSLEEPGUIDE20 to save BIG!

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The Bear Hybrid in a queen size costs $1,390. However, make sure you use the latest coupon for even better savings. This includes your convenient shipping in a compress and roll-packed box. They give you 100 nights to try out the Bear Hybrid. This ensures you are fully satisfied before you make a commitment. This high-quality mattress comes with a 20-year warranty that shows the durability of this brand.

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Brooklyn Signature vs Bear Hybrid – Our Pick!

brooklyn signatureWe wouldn’t necessarily suggest one of these mattresses over the other. The Brooklyn Signature comes in three different comfort level options. This gives you customized comfort, which would work well if your partner and you enjoy sleeping in the same position. If this is the case, you can select your comfort level preference and have years of durable value.

The Bear Hybrid does fall in at a higher price, but it has more of a universal comfort take. It also has Celliant technology for added health benefits. You could choose this mattress if you like sleeping in different positions and the idea of body regeneration. Making up for the price difference is a warranty at double the length of the Brooklyn Signature.

Still unsure? Check out the FULL review of the Brooklyn Signature HERE and the Bear Hybrid HERE!

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