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There is a new adjustable base from Purple Mattress. It is the Ascent Adjustable Base by Purple. This adjustable bed frame is made to work well with decorative bedframes and headboards as well. It has many extra features that you will love. Wondering what the difference between the Purple Powerbase and the Purple Ascent Adjustable Base is? We are going to give you all of the details so you can see which is the better choice for you and your needs. Keep reading for our full review over the Purple Ascent Adjustable Base.

purple ascent adjustable base review

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Purple Ascent Adjustable Base Features:

how comfortable is the ascent power base?Adjustable bases are all about the extra features, which you will find many of in the Purple Ascent Adjustable Base. It of course has the main feature of being able to adjust the position of your head and foot of the bed in order to change your position in bed with the push of a button.

However, the Purple Ascent also comes with some extra features, like a wireless remote, USB ports, 3 preset options, and even a special button to return to flat at anytime with one push. Look below for the top features and specs of the Purple Ascent.

  • is the purple adjustable base easy to use?Wireless Remote Control
  • Control Via App
  • USB Charging Ports
  • Zero-Gravity Preset
  • 2 Customizable Presets
  • Split King Option
  • Headboard Brackets*
  • Weight Capacity – 750 lbs
  • 100-Night Trial Period
  • 10-Year Limited Warranty
  • Free Shipping
  • Free In Home Setup (With Mattress Purchase)
  • Price: $999 – $1,798

* Available with an additional cost

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Purple Ascent Adjustable Base – Construction:

how is the construction on the ascent adjustable base from purple?When it comes to purchasing an adjustable base, you want to ensure that it is sturdy and built well. In order to shift the weight of a mattress and those laying in it, it takes a lot of strength and power to do this with ease. This is something that the Ascent Adjustable Base handles rather well. It is built with a steel frame, allowing it to have a weight capacity of 750lbs. It has 9″ tall wooden legs that give them bed a nice medium height, which works well with most decorative bed frames.

The Ascent Adjustable Base from Purple features a purple fabric wrap on the base in order to keep your mattress from potentially snagging on the frame. Instead your mattress can comfortably glide into each position friction free. All while staying in place due to the handy steel foot brace at the bottom of the frame.

Overall, we like the construction of the Ascent Adjustable Base. It is slim which allows it to fit comfortably in most decorative frames if you choose to use one. You can even choose to purchase the add on headboard attachments if you prefer to use a headboard only. Only potential drawback we can imagine is the leg height not being adjustable. Other than that, this is a solid construction that will serve you well.

Purple Ascent Adjustable Frame – Ease of Use:

review over adjustable basesOverall the Purple Ascent is about as easy to use as any other adjustable base, including the Purple Powerbase. However, there is one main difference, which is that the Purple Ascent Adjustable Base can be controlled through an app. Although this is a slightly different app as the Ascent is actually manufactured by a different company than the Purple Powerbase. Depending on which App you prefer, this could change how you view the ease of use for this adjustable bed frame.

However, we found the wireless remote that comes with the Ascent Adjustable Base to be rather simple and easy to use. It is intuitive and rather straight forward to work. We particularly enjoy how simple it is to adjust to your favorite position after setting your presets. This allows you to very easily get to your favorite position at the press of a button.

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Purple Adjustable Base – Extra Features:

extra features include usb ports and moreAn adjustable base is all about adding extra comfort and convenience to the bedroom. Which is no wonder why many of them come with extra features. The Purple Ascent Adjustable Base comes with a convenient, easy to use wireless remote control. On this you have 3 preset buttons. The first is zero-gravity which is one of the most popular positions used by adjustable base owners. The next two are preprogrammed, however they are also programmable. Which means that you can change them to your ideal settings that you want to get to easily. This way when you are ready to change your position in bed it is as simple as pressing a button once. No more hunting for that perfect position each night.

The Ascent Adjustable base also comes with USB charging ports. This allows you to conveniently use and charge any of your devices from the comfort of your bed. This is very helpful as the adjustable base does need to use a plug in the wall.

Purple Ascent Base – Value:

can you use the adjustable base with standard bedframes?Adjustable bases can get rather expensive. These are large machine that come with many unique features to turn your bed into something much more. However, when compared to many other adjustable bed frames out there.

The Purple Ascent Adjustable Base is rather reasonably priced. Which is great news for anyone who wants to skip the extra features like massage etc. to get a great adjustable base at a rather reasonable price for what you are getting.

  • Twin XL: $899
  • Queen: $999
  • King: $1,399
  • Split King: $1,798

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Trial Period & Warranty:

zero gravity and other positionsFor many brands adjustable bases have no trial periods. That is not the case with the Ascent Adjustable Base, which gives you a 100-night trial period to test out your new adjustable base to see if it is the right fit for you. Which is great news for anyone who is on the fence on biting the bullet and making their purchase.

You also get a 10-year limited warranty on your adjustable base as well. Which is great to have on a machine as large as the adjustable base is. You want to make sure that you are covered just in case. However, with this base being constructed as well as it is, it is unlikely that you will need to use it. However, the peace of mind you get by having it with purchase is fantastic.

Compatible Purple Mattresses:

anti snore perfect for split kingWhen you are shopping for an adjustable base, it is important to ensure the mattress you use is compatible with an adjustable bed frame. While many mattresses are made in a way that they can be comfortable and safe to use in an adjustable bed frame, others are not. If you are planning on using a mattress you already own, be sure to check with the manufacturer whether or not it can be used with the Ascent Adjustable Base.

We have great news, if you are considering a Purple Mattress to go in your adjustable bed frame, then you are in luck. All Purple mattresses are compatible to be used with an adjustable base! Which means if you are planning to use a mattress you already own, or you are upgrading your entire bed from mattress to bedframe, then you will be able to used your adjustable bed frame comfortable with any Purple mattress you choose.

If you are still on the hunt for a mattress to go in your Ascent Bed Frame, then check out the following mattress reviews: Purple Mattress, Purple Hybrid 2, Purple Premier 3 and Purple Premier 4 mattresses. You can also visit our Purple Brand Comparison page to compare all 4 side by side.

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Purple Ascent Adjustable Bed Review – Overall:

Final thoughts on what we think of the Ascent Adjustable Base from Purple. This is a really great adjustable base that is well constructed and will do a great job or you. It has a few extra features but nothing over the top like massage zones, underbed glow, etc. Which helps keep the cost more reasonable. It fits nicely in most decorative bed frames if you choose to use one. We also appreciate that you can choose to purchase headboard brackets if you wish to use a headboard instead. Overall, this is a great option for anyone looking for a great quality adjustable base that does not cost top dollar.

overall thoughts on the ascent adjustable base

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