Accessory Review Malouf Peppermint ActiveDough Zoned Pillow

are the z pillows from malouf comfortable?

Utilizing soothing scents can be a great way to accomplish creating a relaxing environment. We often don’t take this into consideration when creating a comfortable bed to fall asleep in. However, using aromatherapy in your bedroom is a great way to calm yourself down and drift off to sleep.

Malouf knows this and it is why they created an entire line of scented pillows. The Malouf Peppermint ActiveDough Zoned Pillow is one of these pillows and it has a soothing peppermint scent. Keep reading to learn more about the details on this pillow and who we think it would work best for.

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Malouf Peppermint ActiveDough Zoned Pillow At A Glance:

  • Size Options: Queen, King, Queen Cut-Out, and King Cut-Out
  • ActiveDough Memory Foam
  • Lyocell Mesh Cover
  • Peppermint Infusion
  • Comes With Scent Touch Up
  • Supports Malouf Foundation – Fights Human Trafficking
  • Works Best For: Back Sleepers & Side Sleepers
  • Latest Pricing Found Here!

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Materials & Design:

comfortable pillows from maloufThe ActiveDough Zoned Pillows from Malouf are all made out of a special type of memory foam. They call this foam ActiveDough, and it is unique to the Malouf brand. While it is a memory foam, it feels and behaves more like a latex foam would. It has more of a responsive feel overall, and it stays much cooler than other memory foam does. This is partially due to the perforations throughout the pillow. The ActiveDough foam is the scented portion of the pillow. It is infused with the peppermint scent.

The foam also features zoned pressure relief throughout the pillow. The interior section where you need the most pressure relief have larger perforations. While the edges your shoulder neck and shoulders often require more support, has smaller perforations. This gives you a pillow that will support your neck and cradle your head in order to get the best comfort possible.

The cover of the Malouf Peppermint ActiveDough Zoned Pillow is made out of a breathable lyocell mesh fabric. This is a highly breathable material made to maximize cooling and scent benefits. This allows for the scent of the pillow to easily carry through your pillow case so you can enjoy the gentle aromatherapy of your pillow.

Peppermint Scent:

wake up to refreshing scent of peppermintWhile the other scent options from Malouf are focused of helping you to fall asleep, the peppermint is geared on both soothing you to sleep and helping you wake up feeling refreshed. Different mint scents can be more invigorating than others. We found that this peppermint scent from Malouf is a good balance of spa like soothing with a touch of refreshment. Making this an ideal scent to fall asleep to and wake up with.

We found that it was a gentle amount of the scent that was not overpowering at all. If you really prefer to have a more intense scent in your pillow, no worries. With every pillow you will receive a small spray bottle of their peppermint scent that is ideal for top ups or for intensifying the scent on your pillow. We recommend only spraying this scent on the internal foam section only. You can access the internal portion of the pillow simply by unzipping the cover. We suggest doing this as the spray can potentially cause discoloration on fabrics.

Malouf Peppermint Pillow - BUY HERE!

Is The Malouf Peppermint ActiveDough Zoned Pillow Comfortable?

active dough memory foam tencel fabricYes! The Malouf Peppermint ActiveDough Zoned Pillow is indeed very comfortable. While we often focus on the scented features in this pillow, this is far from what makes this pillow a real find. The responsive ActiveDough memory foam, with it’s zoned pressure relief makes for a comfortable sleeping experience.

We would like to mentioned that this pillow has a 6 inch loft height. This is rather high for most pillows, making it well suited for side sleepers and even some back sleepers as well. Although this will not be a good fit for our stomach sleepers out there. This is because typically stomach sleepers require a pillow with a low loft height in order to avoid neck strain. However this loft is ideal for supporting your head neck and shoulders properly as you lay on your side to sleep.

The perforations and mesh cover also help to make this a rather breathable pillow. This is what helps to keep the pillow cool. The more airflow you have throughout the pillow the harder it is to trap heat. Which means your pillow will remain a comfortable temperature as you sleep.

Care Instructions:

peppermint aromatherapy in your pillowWhen it comes to maintaining a comfortable pillow, you have to be sure you can properly take care of it. By keeping your pillow fresh and clean, you will extend the lifetime of your pillow. Which is why we always want to check to see in the care instructions are simple and easy to follow whenever we review a pillow. The great news is that this pillow is rather simple to keep clean.

Malouf recommends only washing the cover of the pillow. This cover is completely removeable in order to make washing as simple as possible. Simply unzip, remove the foam portion, and throw the cover in the washing machine. They recommend washing on a cool setting with gentle detergent. Be sure to avoid chlorine or bleach as these can damage the cover. Then you can tumble dry on a low heat.

If any spills happen to get through to the pillow beneath, simply spot clean as needed. Try to use as little water as possible as you want to avoid getting the pillow too damp. Then simply allow to air dry completely before continuing use. Overall, we would say these are rather simple care instructions to follow.

Malouf Peppermint ActiveDough Zoned Pillow Value:

tencel cover fabric lyocellThis unique pillow is a slight challenge to rate as far as value goes, as there is very little to compare it too. We have not reviewed any scented pillows outside of the Malouf brand, which means we can only compare the price to other memory foam pillows that are unscented. Overall, we would say that these pillows are made with a high-quality memory foam. It’s overall comfort and quality match up nicely with this price point. Which leads us to say that we believe this is a good value for the pillow you are getting. Especially if you are looking for something as unique as a peppermint scented pillow.

Queen: $110

Malouf Peppermint Pillow - BUY HERE!

Malouf Peppermint ActiveDough Zoned Pillow Review – Overall:

To sum up our thoughts on the Malouf Peppermint ActiveDough Zones Pillow, we would have to say this is a comfortable memory foam pillow. It is going to be a great option for anyone who really wants to add some aromatherapy into the bedroom and their nightly routine. This is going to be best suited for side sleepers, and back sleepers who prefer a high loft feel to their pillow. While stomach sleepers likely will find this pillow is too high for their ideal comfort. The Zoned pressure relief in this pillow allows for a good balance of contouring and support right where you need it. If you want to fall asleep to the soothing scent of peppermint, then you’re going to love this pillow.

perforated comfort from malouf

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