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Accessory Review Malouf Peppermint Z Pillow (ActiveDough)

malouf peppermint zoned comfort pillow Imagine falling asleep to the soothing scents of a spa day. That is exactly what you get when you buy the ActiveDough Peppermint Z Pillow by Malouf. Whether you like to sleep on your side, stomach, or back we think the adaptive foam in this pillow is sure to keep you comfortable. All while the natural peppermint scent soothes you to sleep. Keep reading to get our full review and learn more about this oh so comfortable pillow by Malouf.

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zoned activedough pillow review peppermint New upgrades to the Zoned Pillow by Malouf include a new foam. The Z pillows used to be made out of a memory foam material. The new foam is the trademarked ActiveDough foam by Malouf. This foam combines the contouring comfort of memory foam with the quick adapting cool comfort of latex foam.

The ActiveDough foam is infused with all-natural peppermint oil. This oil is what gives this peppermint pillow by Malouf it’s therapeutic scent. Malouf perforates the foam of their pillow in different zones to create more or less support depending on the sized of the holes created. These holes also allow for plenty of airflow throughout the pillow. This helps to keep you cool as well as moving air that spreads the scent of the pillow up toward the sleeper.

The Malouf ActiveDough Pillow comes with an ultra-breathable mesh cover. This cover is made out of Tencel and allows for air to easily move through the pillow. Malouf makes this cover removeable and washable, making their Peppermint Zoned ActiveDough Pillow incredibly easy to keep fresh and clean.


aromatherapy scented pillow review Malouf’s ActiveDough Zoned pillows are infused with naturally scented oils to create an added sensory experience to your sleep environment. When you are breathing deep at night before falling asleep, the scent around you can enhance your relaxation. Peppermint is a cleansing scent, it is perfect for clearing your mind of toxic or stressful thoughts are preparing you for a deep and uninterrupted sleep.

The peppermint used in the Malouf ActiveDough Pillow is gentle and soothing. If you would like to intensify the scent of your Peppermint Malouf Pillow, you can do so with their spray. With the purchase of your pillow you will receive a peppermint aromatherapy spray.

This spray is filled with the same natural peppermint oil that the pillow is infused with. Simply spray this oil direct onto the internal foam of the pillow then put your cover and pillow case on top. You can also use this spray to freshen the scent as it may begin to fade in time.

Comfort & Support:

best scented pillows by malouf review The Z in Z ActiveDough Pillow stands for Zoned. This is referring to the zoned pressure relief that you get with this peppermint scented pillow. The ActiveDough foam has different sized perforations throughout the foam. The center of the pillow is where you want to have the majority of your pressure relief. This is why the holes are larger in this section of the pillow to allow the foam to cradle your head.

The edges of your pillow is where you want to have most support. Your neck needs the extra support in order to maintain proper spinal alignment. This is why the holes are much smaller in this area.

The ActiveDough foam is well balanced. It has a good amount of contouring for your head and support for your neck. It also is quick to adapt to your movements, this helps from making you feel “stuck” in one position while you sleep. Instead it adapts to your shifts in movement quickly and comfortably.

Care Instructions:

aromatherapy peppermint pillow review by our sleep guide Malouf has made their ActiveDough Z Peppermint Pillow very easy to care for. The external Tencel mesh pillow case has a zipper on the side and is easily removed. The cover is machine washable. Malouf suggests washing their cover in warm water with non-chlorine bleach free detergent. They also suggest using a gentle setting and rinsing with cold water. For drying, Malouf suggest tumble drying on low heat. Be sure not to over dry or dry on high heat settings as this may weaken the fibers or shrink the cover.

If your internal foam pillow gets dirty it is suggested only to spot clean and be sure not to get the pillow too wet. After spot cleaning it is suggested to let the pillow air dry. Be sure the pillow is completely dry before returning back inside of it’s case and using.

If your pillow begins to lose its scent, you can spray the internal foam section of the pillow with the aromatherapy spray to bring the scent back to life.


zoned dough peppermint pillow by malouf comfort The Zoned Peppermint ActiveDough Pillow by Malouf is a zoned foam therapeutic pillow. This is a high-quality pillow that you can get for just around $100. This is a great price for such a high-end pillow. This price comes with an extra bottle of their natural aromatherapy peppermint oil spray.

This spray is perfect for enhancing or refreshing the peppermint scent for your pillow. Looking at the overall comfort, quality, and experience that this pillow brings we would say it is definitely worth the price.

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Zoned Peppermint ActiveDough Pillow Review – Final Thoughts:

Bring the aromatherapy that you know and love into the bedroom with the Peppermint ActiveDough Z Pillow by Malouf. This pillow not only smells fantastic, it is also has zoned comfort. You get the pressure relief where you need it as well as the support for your neck. The new ActiveDough foam gives this pillow the perfect balance between the contouring comfort of memory foam and the adaptive support of latex foam. We think you’re going to love this pillow by Malouf.

peppermint pillow zoned dough review

Malouf Peppermint Pillow - BUY HERE!

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