Accessory Review Leesa Adjustable Base

leesa adjustable base review

We love the comfortable and cost effective mattress options made by Leesa. Whether you are looking for an all foam bed or a full luxury hybrid mattress they have something for you. Over the last several years adjustable bed frames have become stylish. You don’t have to be an invalid to hang out in your bedroom from time to time anymore.

You can use it to watch TV or to keep you from snoring and every other reason you like. Which is why every mattress brand has come out with their very own version of an adjustable base, Leesa included. We wanted to see how we liked the Leesa Adjustable Base for ourselves. Keep reading to see what we love about it. (and what we don’t love so much.)

Leesa Adjustable Base Features:

  • review on the leesa baseWireless Remote Control
  • Full Body Adjustment
  • Under Bed Lighting
  • Designed, engineered and assembled in the USA
  • Birch Wood
  • Steel Frame
  • Zero Gravity Positioning

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Leesa Adjustable Bed Construction:

review over the adjustable bed frame from leesaAs we mentioned in the features, the Leesa Adjustable Base was designed, engineered AND assembled in the USA. Making it a sturdy American product. The frame is constructed out of a powder coated steel, making this a very strong piece of furniture. The base is made out of a birch wood that is covered in a pretty grey fabric.

They also welded a small loop of metal to the foot of the bed. This loop helps to hold the mattress in place while you adjust your position so nothing goes sliding or slipping off of the frame.

Extra Features:

leesa base adjustable moves reviewThe Leesa Adjustable Bed Frame is a great middle ground as far as extra features goes. While it does not have any fancy massage features, it does have a simple yet sophisticated look, and even a few extra details to make life easier.

Like their under bed night light. This is a great feature for when you need to jump out of bed quickly to get something and yo don’t want to turn on any overhead lighting. It gently lights your path back into bed.

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Leesa Adjustable Frame Ease Of Use:

remote control for the leesa adjustable bedOverall we found this to be rather simple to use. Once the remote control is set up, you simply press up or down buttons on your wireless remote control in order to move accordingly.

There are also a set of buttons you can use specifically for a split king set up. If you have two Twin XLs set up side by side, then you can move the sides individually or as a pair. This allows you to either sleep or lounge at the same height or at different positions depending on what you are feeling at that moment.

Delivery & Set Up:

adjustable bed review from leesa Moving and setting up a mattress is one thing, setting up an adjustable bed frame can be a whole other beast entirely. Which is why Leesa has done two things, they designed a frame that is relatively easy to set up with two people.

They also offer in home white glove delivery and set up for an additional charge. This service means they will not only deliver to your desired bedroom, they will also put together and set up your new Leesa Adjustable Base for you. All so you can simply sit back and relax.

If you want to save the money and opt for putting it all together yourself, then we do suggest having at least two people on the job. It can be a bit cumbersome and having at least two sets of hands will make it worlds easier. If you do not get the white glove service your adjustable base will be shipped for free to your door.

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Compatible Leesa Mattresses:

leesa brand mattress comparisonsWe always tell anyone looking into purchasing any Adjustable Base for their bedroom, to ensure that the mattress they intend on using is compatible. Not all mattresses are set up to work with an adjustable bed frame.

If you put one of those mattresses on an adjustable base it will at best, not work and be uncomfortable and at worst it could break your base, mattress, or even get yourself hurt. So if you already have a mattress, contact the manufacturer first to ensure your bed is adjustable base compatible before buying a new base.

If you are considering purchasing one of the Leesa Mattresses to go onto your new Leesa Adjustable Base, then you are in luck! All of the mattresses made by the Leesa Brand, are compatible! Which means whether you like their original all foam mattress or their luxury Leesa Legend Hybrid mattress, you will be able to comfortably use the bed with their adjustable base.

Leesa Mattress Review | Leesa Hybrid Mattress Review | Leesa Legend Mattress Review

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adjustable bed review from leesaRecently Adjustable Bed Frames have changed from something your grandmother would have used to a true luxury item. However, this is not just for lounging in your bed more comfortably. This is also a great item for anyone with back pain or has trouble snoring.

It can even reduce the swelling in your feet or legs. Since it is a high tech piece of machinery, adjustable bed frames tend to be on the pricier side. Although there are always deals and coupons going on. Click the button below to get our latest coupons and deals.

  • Twin XL: $1,249
  • Queen: $1,299
  • King: $2,299
  • Split King: $2498
  • California King: $2,299

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Trial Period & Warranty:

can lay flat or adjust to seated zero gravityUnlike other Adjustable Bases, the Leesa Adjustable Bed Frame comes with a trial period and a warranty. This is not standard with other companies. However, with Leesa you will get a 30-Night Trial Period, along with free shipping on returns.

If you are looking into warranty options, they have a 1-Year, 3-Year and 25-Year limited warranty available. Many companies do not offer any trial period or returns on adjustable bed frames so we were rather pleased to see these options from Leesa.

Leesa Adjustable Base – Overall:

This is a great middle of the road option for anyone shopping around for an adjustable base. There are a few fancy features missing like massage or a bed that keeping you back against the wall even as you sit up. While these features are useful and relaxing, they may not be necessary for all users. Which is why it is nice that this bed frame tends to cost less than most other adjustable bases with those extra features.

If you want to keep everything super simple, there are also some adjustable bases that do absolutely nothing other than support a bed and change positions. They also tend to cost a bit less than the Leesa Adjustable Base. If you are looking for a nice Adjustable Base with a few extra features that has a reasonable cost. Then the Leesa Adjustable Bed Frame is a great option for you.

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leesa adjustable base review

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