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We spend so much more time in our beds than we used to. Partially because with TVs, tablets, and laptops there is a lot more that we can choose to do from the comfort of our beds. Spending our waking hours in bed requires a supportive sitting position, while a slight incline can also help relieve snoring and back aches. Then again raising your feet slightly as you sleep can reduce foot swelling. No wonder so many people are choosing adjustable bases these days!

sealy cocoon ease power base review

Today we are looking at the Cocoon Ease Power Base from Sealy. We are going to look into the different features, construction, and overall ease of use and quality for the price you pay. Stick around to learn more about the Cocoon Adjustable Base.

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Cocoon Adjustable Base Review

When it comes to finding the perfect adjustable base there are certainly several out there. The Cocoon Adjustable Bed, made by Sealy, has a great reputation as well as several other great features that make it a great choice. Below we will go through what you can expect with this well made adjustable base. Including the features, construction and latest prices and savings. Keep reading our in depth Cocoon Power Base review for all you need to know.

Cocoon Power Base Features:

  • cocoon adjustable baseWireless Remote Control
  • Head raises up to 56°
  • Foot raises up to 46°
  • Zero Gravity Setting
  • Simply to follow controls
  • Adjustable Leg Height
  • 650lb Weight Capacity
  • White Glove Delivery

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Sealy Adjustable Base – Construction:

The Ease Adjustable base has a sturdy yet streamlined design. The clean look of this adjustable base will go well in most bedrooms. It can also fit comfortably in most decorative bed frames. The legs of the bed are adjustable so you can get the perfect height for your bed. You have the following leg height options, 4″, 7″, 10″, 13″, 16″. With this variety of heights we are confident one of them will work perfectly for your needs.

Each Ease Power Base comes with a support at the foot of the bed. This helps to keep the mattress in place as your bed moves from one position to the next. The King and California King sizes both feature a horizonal split design.

You have the option to either use a King or California King mattress and synch the split base to work in harmony. Or you have the option to use it with a split mattress and move each side of the bed independently.

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Cocoon by Sealy Adjustable Frame – Ease of Use:

cocoon adjustable bed and remoteEase is the key word in the name of this power base by Sealy. It is really quite easy to use and work with. The remote control is very straight forward and simple to use. It even has a one click button for laying flat and zero gravity.

Our only qualm is that there are no presets that you can customize. Which means you may have to wait an extra few moments to adjust to your ideal position. Thankfully this is still just a matter of holding down a button for a few moments. Making this an easy and straightforward process.

Worried about set up? Don’t be! Cocoon offers white glove delivery service for their Cocoon by Sealy Ease Power Base. Which means you won’t need to worry about having to set it up on your own. Simply sit back and let the professionals take over. This absolutely adds to the ease of use in our opinion.

Sealy Cocoon Power Base – Value:

cocoon by sealy power baseThe price of the Cocoon Ease Power Base by Sealy is rather reasonable. It fits pretty well in the middle ground as far as affordability when compared to other adjustable bases that we have reviewed.

However, it is good to note that many of the more expensive or comparable priced power bases have more features than this one has. If you are hoping to get extra fancy features, then this may not be the best option for you.

This price is fair for it’s quality and ease of use. Keep in mind that this price includes free shipping and white glove delivery service. As well as a 25 year warranty.

Twin: $749
Twin XL: $749
Full: $849
Queen: $849
King: $1,349
California King: $1,349

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Compatible Mattresses:

When it comes to putting a mattress on your new Cocoon Power Base almost any will do. However, the Cocoon mattresses that are also made by Sealy make perfect compliments to this adjustable base. Below is a brief snippet on the Cocoon Chill memory foam mattress and the Cocoon Chill hybrid mattress. Both great options that perfectly partner with this power base.

Cocoon Chill Memory Foam Mattress

compatible cocoon mattressesIf you are wanting to pair a Cocoon mattress with your Ease Power Base, the Chill Memory Foam Mattress is a great option to try. This bed gives you that classic true memory foam feel. Yet the chill cocoon cover helps to keep this bed cool as well optional for pressure relief.

The Cocoon Chill all foam mattress is great for anyone who loves a dense memory foam feel at an affordable price point. Allowing you to not only get a great bed, but also leaves plenty of room in your budget to upgrade to the adjustable base.

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Cocoon Chill Hybrid

hybrid mattress chill for ease power baseThe Cocoon Chill Hybrid is also ideally compatible with the Cocoon Base as well. Though this mattress uses the same dense memory foam top layer, it also offers the precision support and temperature neutralization aspects of a coil system. Making it great for anyone who likes a more balanced feel.

Though some hybrid, or innerspring mattresses, don’t always pair well with a adjustable bed, this one is made for adjustable base compatibility. Giving you all the benefits of a hybrid bed that so many sleepers love.

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Ready To Buy Your New Cocoon Adjustable Base by Sealy?

If you are wanting a solid adjustable bed frame, with adjustable feet, a wireless remote, that is easy to use. Then this is a great option for you to check out. There are a lot of adjustable beds out there, some of which may have more fancy features. However, many of those options will also come with a heftier price tag. This is a good power base for someone who want to adjust their bed without any other frills.

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review for the ease adjustable power base from cocoon

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