Accessory Review Carters Fleece Sleep Sack Review

The Carter’s fleece sleep sack was another item I was told I absolutely needed; however, after using these I wouldn’t say the same. Being in Minnesota and having a daughter during the fall and into winter months I thought these would be a no brainer. Well, in theory they seem like a great idea, but in reality I didn’t really love them for multiple reasons. This is made of polyester and doesn’t breath very well and seemed to get too warm on my daughters back. This item may work great for some, but for more information keep reading.



These are a zipper front, full sleeved micro fleece sleep sack that fit up to 9 months. The fleece material is warm, but it is polyester and not breathable and often times left my daughters back sweaty, not something you want. They also are full sleeve but have nothing that covers the hands, so her hands were always cold and I would try to cover them with socks or mittens instead. The concept of this seems perfect but is definitely flawed.

Considering babies are trained to now sleep on their back and they will be on a surface that will more than likely already hold heat having the additional heat on their back from an unbreathable sleep sack just makes things uncomfortable and dangerous. If the back were made of a cotton or something more breathable, than these would work much better.

Also, something as simple as fold-over mittens would make a huge difference too. You are clearly using a fleece sleep sack because they are in a cooler room or cooler time of year, maybe there has been research done that it is better for the hands not to be covered, but I found it stressful to have my daughters hands be ice cold by the time morning rolled around. In theory these seemed like they would be great, but after using them a handful of times I decided they weren’t for us.



The Carter’s fleece sleep sacks you can usually find anywhere between $8 to $20 and aren’t overly expensive, but also aren’t really that fabulous. If these had a more breathable back and fold-over mittens, I would have no problem paying a few dollars more for them, because then I feel like I would use them every night in the winter. Unfortunately they just fell short of what they needed to do.



I wish I could say that I loved these, because in theory these seemed like they would be great, but after using them a handful of times I decided they weren’t for us.

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