Accessory Review Baby Love Infant Memory Foam Pillow Review

The Baby Love memory foam pillow ended up being a great transitioning tool when adjusting my daughter from her Rock ‘n Play to her crib and ended being just what she needed to add some extra support under her head and neck. When I first put Lily in her crib she kept turning her head as far as she could. It was awful watching her try to sleep with no support around her neck and head. She didn’t have anything to help keep her head from turning to extreme angles. It also helped keep her head rounded as well as kept her sleeping on her back. This pillow ended up being a great addition to her nursery.

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This pillow is a pre-contoured memory foam pillow that cradles an infant’s head just right. It is shaped to let the shoulders still lay flat while supporting the head and neck. The memory foam is a nice dense foam that holds its shape and doesn’t allow for excess or loose materials. It comes with a pillow cover that can easily be removed and washed. The pillow also elevates her head just enough to help with any spit up or acid reflux. This pillow allows her to still turn her head and get into an ideal comfortable position for her but not overly turn it and makes me feel much more comfortable seeing her sleep.

This pillow has definitely helped her adjust and become more restful sleeper. The only thing I sometimes question is how dense this pillow is and if it might be a little too hard for her for a longer period of time, other than that though I think it works great.



The Baby Love memory foam had shaping pillow is about $23 and for an infant pillow may seem a little more pricey, but in my opinion is worth it. For a perfectly cut to conform to the head, dense memory foam I think that this pillow is a good value. Products that are going to keep your child safe, comfortable as well as help develop their skull correctly is always worth the price.



This day and age most new parents are made to feel scared of how to let their baby’s sleep. No blankets. No pillows. No sleeping on the stomach. By no means am I saying these warnings should be ignored, but as a parent you sometimes need to keep the safety of your child in the forefront but you also need to judge what you feel is best for them. Every child is different and going to need different things to potentially help them sleep.

This pillow for me was one of those things and actually made me feel more comfortable about my daughter sleeping than not having it. Like I stated earlier my daughter would crank her neck to one direction and made me fearful that she was going to hurt herself. This pillow eliminated this extreme head turningand actually helps keep her from rolling over or moving around her crib. It keeps her in place while she is sleeping and also helps her skull develop evenly. This was a great thing since she seemed to always favor turning her head left, so regardless of what side she turns her head to the development of her skull won’t be affected.



When all is said and done this pillow does the trick for for what I purchased it for. It helps keep Lily’s neck supported and elevated throughout the night. It also keeps her in the middle of the bed, eliminates her spitting up and keeps her head developing correctly. I would definitely recommend this pillow!

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