Accessory Review Dream on Me Ashton Convertible Crib Review

This Dream On Me Ashton 5 in 1 Convertible Crib is what I ended up ordering for Lily’s nursery for a few different reasons. One of the first things I was narrowing down my search by was the option of a natural wood finish. Surprisingly my options narrowed quite a bit with this specific alone. I also didn’t want to pay an arm and a leg for something but still wanted a good quality, safe reliable standard sized crib. This ended up being the perfect color I was looking for as well as good quality.



This crib came in a large fairly flat box that clearly required some assembly. As a nesting Mama to be I was eager to get the nursery ready and once I had gotten my husband to help me bring the somewhat heavy box into the nursery I was full steam ahead setting it up. It took me alone, 6 months pregnant I might add, only about an hour to assemble the crib.

The pieces were solid and the hardware locked into place and almost disappears from view once all is said and done. The instructions were fairly easy and straightforward to follow and other than maybe needing an extra set of hands here and there to help hold things in place was easy to construct. Granted I will say that putting together small un-assembled furniture pieces is usually my forte over my husbands, I would think anyone who can use a screwdriver and allen wrench could get this crib put together.

Once complete you also have the option of four different heights you can adjust for the sleep surface, so you can initially have the mattress closer to the top when they are really young and then drop it closer to the floor once the little ones are old enough to stand up. Also to note this crib is a convertible bed and can be used as a toddler bed, full size headboard as well as a full size headboard/footboard. For me this aspect didn’t really matter much since I will only be using this for a crib, but it is nice to know that these are options down the road.



The Dream On Me Ashton 5 in 1 Convertible Crib comes in right around $130, depending on where you purchase it as well as what finish you end up getting. That is another side note to add, they have several finish options which makes it perfect for almost any nursery theme. For this price it is hard to find anything to complain about.

The only thing that may be considered a little bit of a negative is the springy sleep surface may not be as appealing to some. I noticed that this sleep surface made the mattress, regardless of how firm it is, to feel a little less firm due to the extra spring underneath it. I would say that if this is a concern that it could easily be remedied by adding a piece of plywood that is roughly the size of the crib underneath the mattress.



All cribs are now set to federal regulated guidelines for safety purposes these days. Anything made post 2011 should have stronger more durable slats, anti-loosening hardware, improved mattress support system, tougher testing overall as well as no more drop side rails. However, with baby bedding and sleeping in general there are so many suggestions for safety that it really comes down to what you as the parent thinks is best and sometimes judging what the lesser of two evils are. This was definitely the case for me and choosing so many of the items for my daughter’s nursery.

This crib in particular seemed perfect to me until a friend of mine told me her daughter’s arm had gotten caught between two of the slats in her crib and could have broken. Apparently this happens. Saying this to a 7 month pregnant woman gave me a little bit of panic. However, low and behold there are ways to help with this though! Like a breathable mesh crib liner (sigh of relief). In the last several months I have had zero issues with the safety and reliability of the Dream On Me Ashton Crib, it has worked out perfectly and I would think that other than some out of the norm, very rare flukes that this crib in general is quite safe for your new little one.



Overall this crib is one that I would recommend, between how I felt about the safety, the straightforward assembly and quality of materials and great price point with several color options this standard size crib would work well for so many who are in need of a new crib for their nursery.

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