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May 22, 2018

Nolah vs Cocoon Chill

In this comparison, we’ll be taking a look at choosing between the Nolah Memory Foam Mattress and the Cocoon Chill mattress. Both mattresses come from well-established companies and provide a great level of comfort for their targeted audience. Below, we thoroughly go over the different categories to give you the best idea of the two mattresses.

In our Nolah vs Cocoon Chill comparison review is everything a consumer needs to know. From the materials each mattress is made of to the overall cost and value of each product. The mattresses have both been tested and looked over by our experts for maximum accuracy. Below, we have listed 8 important categories with an ending review summary for reading ease. Each mattress has its cons and best uses clearly listed in each category, making it easier for you to make the best choice for your bedroom.

Together, these two brands offer options to cover every type of sleeper. Nolah has a medium-firm option, while Cocoon offers both a firm and soft option.

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Nolah Delivery and Off-Gassing:

nolah vs cocoon chillThe Nolah Memory Foam Mattress comes in a compact box that is rather small compared to other mattresses. You’re going to need up to two people to get the Nolah in. The mattress weighs 75 pounds and in larger sizes, it’s almost impossible to maneuver through your house solo. This mattress only takes a few hours to fully expand and can be used with or without a box spring beneath it.

This mattress will have a very minimum amount of off-gassing. The mattress will have a slight smell to it when opened; this will quickly go away once it’s unpackaged fully. If you’re sensitive to smells, let the Nolah sit for 12 hours before trying to sleep on it. For the best results, unpack the mattress early in the morning to give it time to completely expand and be ready to sleep on. The Nolah mattress also comes with free shipping.

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Cocoon Chill Delivery and Off-Gassing:

nolah vs cocoon chillThe Cocoon Chill Memory Foam Mattress weighs about 60 pounds and depending on sizing, will need at least two people to move. The mattress comes roll packed inside of plastic from a factory in the USA. For the Cocoon to completely finish rising, you will need to wait at least 24 hours or up to 48 hours in some cases. Like with other memory foam mattresses, you can set up the Cocoon with or without a box spring foundation.

This mattress will have a slight odor once unboxed. This off-gassing will disperse during the time you leave your mattress to expand. Since the smell on this mattress is stronger than most, it’s recommended to open a window to help the odor escape. It’s also worth noting that most of the smell may come from the packaging instead of the Cocoon Mattress. Also, the Cocoon Chill by Sealy is delivered for free. This roll packed mattress conveniently comes right to your door in a fairly compact box easy to move.

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Nolah vs Cocoon Chill Delivery & Off-Gassing:

Both mattresses are shipped to your home for free. They both will require a partner to help you get them in, especially after they expand, with the Cocoon only being slightly lighter than the Nolah. The Nolah has less of a smell and will also expand the fastest out of the two, however. They both come in compact boxes, making it easy for getting through your door.

Materials And Layer Comparison:

Both mattresses vary in thickness and have very different top layers. The Cocoon mattress focuses on a cool and snug sleep while the Nolah mattress focuses on being a memory foam mattress that has some bounce. Both mattresses feature multiple cooling tricks and the Cocoon keeps you from sinking in fast to help you find the perfect spot.

Nolah Classic Materials:

The Nolah Memory Foam Mattress is a 10-inch mattress with 3 different layers of foam. The first layer is 2 inches of Cooling Nolah Memory Foam. The type of memory foam doesn’t hold on to heat like other varieties. It also is made to contour to your body as you sleep. The next layer is made up of 1 inch thick Avena Foam. It gives the bed a healthy amount of bounce without being made of latex.

The last layer is 7 inches and thick. It’s made of High-Density Base foam. This layer works to support you while the other two layers focus on enveloping you in comfort. The Nolah also features a 360 degree mattress cover. The Nolah is one of the only mattress to feature full coverage and the cover is a luxury cover by Avena.

nolah vs cocoon chill

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Cocoon Chill Materials:

The Cocoon Chill Memory Foam Mattress is a 10-inch mattress made of layers of foam. The first layer is 2 inches of Perfect Fit Memory Foam for pressure relief. The layer also contours to your body with a slow response to let you sink into the bed slower. The second layer is 2 inches of Comfort Transition Foam. This level evens out the bottom’s more firm layer and the top soft layer for an even sleeping experience.

The third layer is 6 inches of Dense Base Foam. This layer is there to provide the majority of the support your mattress gives and keep you from sinking too far into the soft option. The cover for the Cocoon Chill is made to be cool to the touch. It’s a blend of both cotton and polyester with phase changing properties. This cover is good for protecting against moisture and is designed to let air easily flow through it.

nolah vs cocoon chill

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Nolah Comfort and Firmness:

nolah vs cocoon chillThe Nolah Memory Foam Mattress takes pride in their foam and latex mixed layer to provide sleepers with a new type of cooling foam. Thanks to this, the Nolah is cooler than most other memory foam mattress and has 4x the pressure. Its second layer provides a little bit of bounce to the mattress and gives it more response. All of this works together to make a comfortable mattress that can easily adapt to your body movements. The Nolah ranks at a 5.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale to give it a perfect medium feeling.

The mattress works generally well for all types of sleepers. This mattress is best for both side and back sleepers. Stomach sleepers may find this mattress just a little too soft. When tested, the Nolah was wonderful and pressure relief and contouring to our bodies. Sadly, this mattress won’t work as well for heavier sleepers. They will find that the mattress has more of a soft feel for them and doesn’t hold up its medium firm feeling.

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Cocoon Chill Comfort and Firmness:

nolah vs cocoon chillThe Cocoon Chill Memory Foam Mattress, like its name, focuses on cocooning you in soft foam while working to keep you cool. Sealy actually offers two versions of this mattress, both a firm and soft option. This helps sleepers pick the firmness that best suits their sleeping style. The soft version hits 4.5 out of ten on the firmness scale. This option is perfect for side and back sleepers. It is popular with couples who may prefer to sleep facing away or towards each other.

The firm option hits a 7.5 to 8 on the firmness scale. This makes a perfect option for stomach sleepers, which often go uncatered too. This is also great for back sleepers who need more support. If you’re a heavier sleeper, this is a great choice to use for a medium firm feel since it won’t sink as much. Both choices do an amazing job at providing comfort and evenly distributing your weight.

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Nolah vs Cocoon Chill Comfort & Firmness:

The Nolah is a true medium-firm mattress with a great feel. The Cocoon is more towards a firm mattress or a soft mattress depending on which version you choose. The Cocoon’s firm version is great for stomach sleepers. Nolah, on the other hand, doesn’t have a great option to cover all sleeping types. The Nolah does, however, do a wonderful job with pressure relief.

Nolah vs Cocoon Chill Motion Transfer:

cocoon by sealyBoth mattresses do their part to minimize any amount of vibrations. The Nolah, while it does have more bounce, it keeps the movements isolated. The Cocoon’s foam does a great job of keeping movement vibrations from spreading across the mattress. Both are a great choice for sensitive sleepers or couples who may not be on the same sleep schedule. This is all thanks to both brands having density foam as the last layer.

Nolah Temperature Regulation:

The Nolah Memory Foam Mattress does a great job of not retaining heat. To do this, the top layer of the Nolah mattress has billions of air pockets. This technology causes heat to dissipate quickly and the layer is not temperature sensitive. The Avena layer also helps alleviate this by keeping you from sinking into the foam and feeling stuck. The mattress cover works together with all of this to keep moisture away and let heat escape easily from the foam. Sleepers will be able to enjoy a cool nights sleep, even on a hot summer night.

Cocoon Chill Temperature Regulation:

The Cocoon Chill Memory Foam Mattress is made with coolness in mind. The Cocoon mattress actually offers what’s called a Chill option. This option gives you a thermic mattress cover to help chase off any heat. The firm mattress will help you sleep on top of the bed. This will help you from being enveloped in heat. The cover feels cool to the touch even after you sleep on it for several hours at a time. For the coolest option, choose the Firm Cocoon with the Chill cover.

Nolah vs Cocoon Chill Temperature Regulation:

Both mattresses are made to fight off heat. The Nolah features specially made layers to properly disperse heat. The Cocoon has a special option to cover your mattress with a heat resistant cover. The Cocoon firm option is the coolest out of the two, despite the Nolah technology. This will always be the case with foam mattresses that envelope you in the slightest. For a medium firm mattress though, Nolah does an amazing job at keeping it cool.

If sleeping cool is a concern find our best mattress for hot sleepers on Best Mattresses for Hot Sleepers.

Nolah Edge Support:

nolah mattress reviewThe Nolah Memory Foam Mattress works good for edge sleeping. It creates a very stable feeling when sleeping on the edge. The base provides a great deal of support that keeps the mattress from sinking in too far. This will keep you stable on the edge and not slipping off onto the floor during the night. Sitting on the bed will work for a short time period but will not be comfortable for a long period of time.

Cocoon Chill Edge Support:

Cocoon by SealyThe Cocoon Chill Memory Foam Mattress edge support depends on the version you choose. The soft version will give you little edge support. With the soft version, you will have a rolling-out-of-bed sensation. For the firm version though, edge support is wonderful. The firm version has an even feeling from side to side. This will let you sleep all night long with little to no sinkage. The firm version can handle a medium amount of edge sitting. Over time, you will notice less support while you’re sitting.

Nolah vs Cocoon Chill Edge Support:

Both mattresses have a different amount of edge support. The Nolah option allows edge sleeping with minimal sinkage. The Cocoon soft version offers practically no room for sleeping on the edge of the mattress. If you choose the firm version though, you will have little to no sinkage at all while on the edge. The Cocoon is slightly better for edge sitting, but will lose support over time.

Nolah Mattress Pricing:

The Nolah Memory Foam Mattress comes in just about any size you need. The mattress features free shipping to your home and a 15-year warranty to cover the hygienic lifespan of your mattress. The pricing per size is as follows:

  • Twin- $619
  • Twin XL – $759
  • Full – $879
  • Queen – $1019
  • King – $1119
  • Cal King – $1119

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Cocoon Mattress Pricing:

The Cocoon Chill Memory Foam Mattress also comes in pretty much every size there is. It will ship to your home for free with a 10-year warranty to give you peace of mind. The prices for the size are as listed below:

  •  Twin- $549
  • Twin XL – $599
  • Full – $799
  • Queen – $949
  • King – $1149
  • Cal King – $1149

Sealy offers financing for their mattress to help buyers offset the high cost.

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cocoon chill by sealy

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Nolah vs Cocoon Chill Value:

These two mattresses aren’t far apart from each other in the value department. The mattress sizes both cost the same from either company. This, of course, isn’t the same if you decide to opt for any special features. They both have free shipping as well and a decent warranty with Nolah offering 5 years more on theirs. Both mattresses also come in every standard mattress size including California king.The Cocoon has an option to be financed though which is nice for lower income families.

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Nolah vs Cocoon Chill Additional Information:

These two companies both offer a warranty that will cover a mattress’ normal duration. The Nolah Mattress come with a 120-night trial while the Cocoon comes with a 100-night trial. Both mattresses are manufactured and shipped from the USA to get to you as quickly as possible. It’s also worth mentioning that by buying from Nolah, you are helping support Wildlife Conservation. Every purchase made goes towards helping adopt and protect animals in need.

Each brand also offers ongoing sales and offer coupons to help you save the most money when shopping for your next mattress. Both companies also offer great customer service for any extra questions you have involving these two selections.

Nolah vs Cocoon Chill Summary:

casper vs cocoonBoth the Nolah and Cocoon Chill are high-quality mattresses great for a variety of sleepers. They both focus on keeping you cool throughout the night and offering innovative features. That being said, there are a lot of differences between the choices to consider. The Cocoon has very different firmness choices than the single medium-firm Nolah option. The Cocoon has both a firm and soft option, covering all types of sleepers. The Nolah, however, is perfect for sleepers who love their beds to fall right in the middle.

Depending on which version of the Cocoon you choose, it is either cooler or hotter than the Nolah. The soft version is hotter than the Nolah, while the former option will always be cooler. The Nolah offers 5 more years on their warranty, beating out the Cocoon. Nolah also wins in the sleep trial department by giving sleepers an extra 20 days of their sleep trial. Both mattresses also fall into the same pricing for each size mattress and both have free shipping. It’s hard to pick a winner from this match up but the mattresses are clearly for different types of sleepers.

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