Avocado Mattress Store Houston

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Avocado Mattress Store Houston, TX

Looking for an Avocado mattress store in Houston, TX? Then you’re in luck! Our Sleep Guide Mattress Store is the Avocado Mattress retailer near you! In the heart of Houston, we carry a full line up of the Avocado mattresses for you to try before you buy. As well as offers exclusive savings for the best price.

Avocado Mattress along with Our Sleep Guide are bringing you an amazing space to test out the most popular Avocado beds. Including the original Avocado, Avocado Pillow-Top and the Luxury Avocado Organic mattress. Try the Avocado mattress for yourself to find the perfect fit. No more needing to ask where is the Avocado Mattress Store near me? Because here we are!

Our Sleep Guide | Avocado Mattress Store Houston:

Conveniently Located At:
2300 Central Pkwy, Suite A
Houston, TX 77092
Email: InfoHouston@oursleepguide.com

Phone Number: 832-653-6587

Store Hours:
Monday: 10AM – 6PM
Tuesday: 10AM – 6PM
Wednesday: 10AM – 6PM
Thursday: 10AM – 6PM
Friday: 10AM – 6PM
Saturday: 10AM – 6PM

Sunday: 12PM – 5PM

Try An Avocado Mattress Near Me

Avocado is an online mattress brand committed to using the purest materials to create a 100% organic mattress. This GOLD GreenGuard certified bed checks every box to ensure you’re sleeping on the most sustainable mattress on the market.

Though this mattress will certainly appeal to the environmentalists out there it’s ideal for every sleeper. It not only has an amazing layering of natural materials, but also a supportive and comfortable feel. As well as sleeping benefits that will take your sleeping experience to the next level.

Avocado wants you to experience their amazing products before purchase. By trying out the unique feel and get an idea of just how it will benefit you first hand and then decide to take the mattress home.

To make overall customer experience hassle-free, Avocado Green Mattress has partnered with Our Sleep Guide Showrooms to showcase its products for in-store testing.

Have Questions? Call Us!

Houston Showroom: 832-653-6587

Where Can I Try Avocado Mattresses in Texas?

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Avocado Mattress Store Houston, Texas

Where can I test an Avocado mattress in Austin, Texas?

The Avocado Pillow Top, Standard & Luxury mattresses are available for testing at Our Sleep Guide Austin Mattress Showroom in Austin, TX.

Where can I test an Avocado mattress in Houston, Texas?

The Avocado Pillow Top, Standard & Luxury mattresses are available for try at Our Sleep Guide Houston Mattress Showroom in Houston, TX.

Do I have to live in Texas to utilize the showrooms?

While it is much easier to test out the mattresses in person we also offer phone consultations at both locations too! Our expert team of mattress guides works with a large array of people and can help guide you to selecting the most ideal Avocado mattress for you.

On top of that we also offer an added savings that we can apply via phone call too. Call one of our showrooms now to let us help you find the perfect match. Austin: 512.465.2714 or Houston: 832.653.6587

Why should I test Avocado mattress in-store before buying?

Testing the Avocado mattresses in-person allows you to experience how a solid and natural latex hybrid mattress feels. You also have the opportunity to try both models; the firmer standard option and plusher pillow-top option. This will give you a much better idea which Avocado mattress is better suited for you.

How can I ensure if the Avocado mattress is the right choice for me?

Read our Avocado Green Mattress Review, Avocado Luxury Mattress Review or Avocado Eco Organic Mattress Review online to understand the unique mattress features, functions, and benefits. Furthermore, you can try the Avocado Green & Vegan mattress models and compare them with different brand mattresses in the store to understand the exact feel. You can also get assistance from our mattress guides in finding the best mattress for you.

Do you offer added savings in the showroom?

Yes, we are partnered with Avocado to make sure that we have not only the latest savings, but the best possible savings available. Our guests are ensured to get the best pricing on Avocado mattresses.

Do I need to come to the showroom to get the exclusive savings?

No! As long as you give us a call we can process the sale over the phone so you can take advantage of our in-store savings.

Austin Showroom: 512-465-2714

Houston Showroom: 832-653-6587

Avocado Showroom Experience at Our Sleep Guide Mattress Stores

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Avocado Mattress Store Austin, Texas

How much does it cost to try Avocado mattresses at Our Sleep Guide?

The Avocado showroom experience is FREE at Our Sleep Guide. All we ask is that you use our links when purchasing your new mattress to ensure we receive a commission from Avocado.

Do I have to schedule an appointment at Our Sleep Guide to test Avocado mattress?

No. You can visit the showroom anytime the Our Sleep Guide Austin Showroom is open to test Avocado mattress. No appointment necessary.

What time is Our Sleep Guide stores open?

Our Sleep Guide Austin Online Mattress Showroom is open the following days & times:

  • Monday, Thursday & Friday: 10:00 am to 6:00 pm
  • Saturday: 10:00 am to 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Our Sleep Guide Houston Online Mattress Showroom is open the following days & times:

  • Monday – Saturday: 10:00 am to 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm
Can I nap-test the mattress to check the sleep quality?

Yes, you can. Avocado believes that it’s difficult to decide whether the mattress is right for you or not by lying on it for a couple of minutes. Therefore, it partnered with Our Sleep Guide to give you as much time as you need to lie on a mattress and catch a wink if you please.

How do I get to the Our Sleep Guide Austin showroom?

The Our Sleep Guide Austin Showroom is in a convenient location in South Austin. We are easily accessible from South Lamar Boulevard, 360 and 290. For exact directions to our Austin location follow the button below.

Austin Showroom Directions HERE!

How do I get to the Our Sleep Guide Houston Showroom?

The Our Sleep Guide Houston Showroom is right off the main freeway, 290 and Dacoma, not too far from Karbach Brewery. For exact directions to our Houston-Cypress location follow the button below.

Houston Showroom Directions HERE!

Is parking easily available around Our Sleep Guide?

Yes it is! We have ample parking  at both locations with large lots with plenty of spots available during all open hours.

Is Our Sleep Guide store kid-friendly?

Yes, of course. You can bring your kids along for a mattress testing session. Our Sleep Guide store is safe for kids under adult supervision.

Does Our Sleep Guide allow pets inside the showroom?

At this time pets are not allowed in the showroom.

Is Our Sleep Guide Texas Showroom ADA compliant?

Yes. Our Sleep Guide has wheelchair accessibility and is ADA compliant.

Can the showroom provide me a private space to test the mattress?

With so many mattresses in a limited space it is difficult to provide private space to test the mattresses. Depending on the time of day, there may be more or less customers in the showroom. We suggest coming during a weekday during the day for the most likely chance for a more private setting.

About Avocado Green Mattress Brand

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Who is Avocado Green Mattress?

Avocado is an online mattress and bedding company that specializes in natural and organic products. Their focus is on making the cleanest, most sustainable bedding products for you and your family.

What different mattress models Avocado Green Mattress offers?

Avocado designs 5 types of mattresses:

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What makes the Avocado mattresses unique?

Not only the focus on quality puts this mattress in a league of it’s own, but also the benefits. This mattress is natural as possible while still offering amazing and durable support, ideal comfort along with a cool sleeping surface.

Does the Avocado mattress help sleepers stay cool in bed?

The Avocado mattress does a great job of providing a cooling mattress. This natural bed uses materials from top to bottom that allow you sleep temperature neutral throughout the night. Never having to worry about waking up hot or sweaty.

How sustainable is the Avocado mattress?

The Avocado mattress is literally called the Avocado Green Mattress for a reason. This is one of the very few mattresses out there that is 100% certified organic. With a multitude of certifications from GOLD GreenGuard, GOLS and GOTS, zero carbon emmisions and completely non-toxic you’re getting a truly natural sleeping experience that would be hard to find through many other brands.

Is the Avocado mattress expensive?

Like many things, you get what you pay for. However, though the Avocado mattress may seem initially expensive, the long lasting properties of this mattress make it a great value. Meaning that you’ll get longer than average wear from this bed, which means you’ll save in the long run. Save on your new bed with our latest Avocado mattress coupon.

Avocado Mattresses Coupon | 15% OFF

The Avocado Delivery Process

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Will trying Avocado mattress in-store allow me to use free-delivery and at-home mattress trial?

Yes, of course. You can still get all the perks of online mattress shopping even if you test the mattress in-store.

What is Avocado mattress delivery policy?

Avocado mattresses are handmade in their So. Cali factory and than across the US. Depending on where you’re located in the country, your order will usually arrive within 7–10 business days with free shipping.

Does Avocado offer White Glove Delivery? 

Yes. Avocado offers the option to upgrade your shipping to White Glove Delivery for a fee of $199.

Does the brand offer Old Mattress Removal service?

Currently Avocado does not offer mattress removal services.

Can I finance my mattress though Avocado?

Yes, you can. Avocado has partnered with Affirm financing to help you get your new mattress sooner if you need financial help. You could start sleeping on your new mattress for as little as $80 a month.

What are Avocado’s return and refund policy?

You may request to return your Avocado mattress after sleeping on it between 30 and 365 nights. You’ll get a full refund for the cost of the mattress.

Can I take the Avocado mattress home directly from the showroom?

No. All items will be purchased through AvocadoGreenMattress.com and shipped directly to you.

We would love to help you find your new mattress! Stop by the Our Sleep Guide Austin or Houston Mattress Store today. Find directions below!

Houston Showroom Directions HERE!

Austin Showroom Directions HERE!