Accessory Review Tuft & Needle Down Alternative Pillow Review

We review a lot of different pillows that are available to purchase online. Many of which have fancy designs and new materials that make the pillows feel unique and different from the classic pillow we all know and love. While those pillows can be great, sometimes all you need is a classic feel and a simple design. The Tuft & Needle Down Alternative Pillow is going to be just that. No fuss or fancy extra features, this is a straight forward pillow that delivers comfort and affordability. Keep reading to learn more about the T&N Down Alternative Pillow along with who we think it will work best for.

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tuft & needle down alternative pillow review

Tuft & Needle Down Alternative Pillow At A Glance:

  • Size Options: Standard or King
  • Sold In 2-Packs
  • Trial Period: 100 Nights
  • Warranty: 1 Years Limited
  • Polyester Down-Alternative
  • Cotton Cover
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Works Best For: Back Sleepers & Side Sleepers
  • Latest Pricing Found Here!

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Materials & Design:

the poly fill pillow by tuft and needle review

Unlike some of the other pillows we have reviewed that have complex designs and high tech materials, the T&N Down Alternative Pillow is a classic design. Made to mimic the feel of a down pillow, without any down feathers. This pillow is instead made with a polyester fill that is lightweight, fluffy, and more supportive than most down. Tuft and Needle compares the feel to sleeping on a cloud.

The cover of the pillow is encased in a cotton material. This is a lightweight and fluffy pillow that has that traditional pillow feel. No heavy dense foams to weigh this pillow down or awkward zippers to get in the way while you’re trying to sleep. The simple yet effective materials used in this pillow are hypoallergenic which is great news for any allergy sufferers out there.

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Is The Tuft & Needle Down Alternative Pillow Comfortable?

review tuft and needle pillowsThe Tuft & Needle Down Alternative Pillow is ideal for anyone who prefers the lightweight feel of a down over dense foam. The polyester down alternative fill is lightweight and bouncy. It has the traditional feel of a fluffy pillow with plenty of bounce and soft support. While this pillow will require the occasional fluffing up, it has more support than most down pillows, while still gives that fluffy down pillow feel.

The loft is medium and it has a soft feel with a bit of bouncy support. This makes it a great pillow for most back or side sleepers. However, we found that this loft height was a bit high for us to recommend it for stomach sleepers. Because this pillow has such a simple design and a traditional feel, we think it will be comfortable for most sleepers who love the feel of a classic pillow.

Care Instructions:

T&N down alt pillow comfortWashing your sheets and pillow cases regularly is a great way to keep your pillows clean and fresh for a long time. However, sometimes our sweat and oils can seep through into the pillow underneath and it just needs some freshening up. Which is why knowing have to clean your pillow is so important. Some pillows are easier to clean than others, so we always check out the care instructions when reviewing a pillow.

We are happy to share with you that we found the Tuft & Needle Down Alternative Pillow care instructions to be rather simple to follow. The pillow itself is completely machine washable. They recommend using cool water and a mild detergent. You can even tumble dry on low. We recommend using wool dryer balls to help keep your pillow fluffy and to help remove the internal moisture as you dry. Be sure your pillow is completely dry before you continue use.

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Tuft & Needle Down Alternative Pillow Value:

are the down alternative pillows from tuft & needle comfortable?At first glance you may think the Tuft & Needle Down Alternative Pillow is rather pricey. However, we want you to take note that these pillows are exclusively sold in pairs. Which means you are getting two pillows for that price.

This brings the price down and truly makes them a much more reasonable price. This is a great option as many people often purchase pillows in sets of 2. Overall, we would say that if you are searching for a classic down alternative pillow, these are a great option at a good price.

Standard Pillow Set (2 Pillows): $80
King Pillow Set (2 Pillows): $100

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Tuft & Needle Down Alternative Pillow Review – Overall:

The Tuft & Needle Down Alternative Pillow is going to be ideal for anyone on the hunt to stock up on a classic pillow design. The is a lightweight fluffy pillow with a soft yet supportive feel. We love that it is simple to keep clean and is comes in at an affordable price and convenient 2-pack. If you want to skip the unique feel, fancy technology, high price tags, and instead opt for a simple yet effect design with a classic feel, then this is the pillow for you.

affordable pillow sets

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