Accessory Review Puffy Adjustable Base

the puffy adjustable base review

We love the comfort and benefits that an adjustable bed frame can provide its sleepers. Adjustable Bases are becoming popular for people of all ages as a luxury comfort feature. Whether you want to sleep in a zero gravity position, or if you simply want to sit up in bed to watch TV or read a book, then you can now do so in comfort and without a dozen pillows propping you up.

Puffy has come out with their very own Puffy Adjustable Base that pairs wonderfully with all of their mattresses as well as many others. Keep reading to get all of the details on the Puffy Adjustable Base to determine whether or not it is the right base for you and your bed.

The Puffy Adjustable Base Features:

  • comfort easy to use puffy adjustable bedHead & Foot Adjustability
  • Adjustable Leg Height
  • USB Ports
  • Under Bed LED Lighting
  • Wireless Remote
  • Dual Massage Zones
  • Easy Setup
  • Comes in Two Color Options (Dark or Light Gray)

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light gray color option for the puffy adjustable bedThe Puffy Adjustable Base is made out of a steel frame construction and features 6 stabilizing legs. We like that the 6 legs give plenty of support for the bed so the user can adjust their mattress and weight as they please without fear of loosing any support from the frame below. There is a chrome bar at the foot of the adjustable bed frame. This is what hold up the mattress as it is adjusts and does a great job at keeping the mattress in place as you move up or down.

One unique feature we like about Puffy’s adjustable base is that it comes in two color options, a dark gray and a light gray version. The color only pertains to the side fabric panels which are made out of a heathered polyester. This is a nice touch that allows you to choose a neutral color that suites your needs best.

puffy adjustable base instructions

Ease of Use:

puffy adjustable bed remote control wireless reviewWe love a wireless remote for an adjustable bed. It really makes choosing your desired position simple and easy. It doesn’t get much easier than a click of a button. The remote control is very straight forward and intuitive, it works to control not only your position but also the under bed lighting and massage features which we will get into next.

Did we mention anything about set up? The Puffy Adjustable Base is simple to set up and start using right away. Puffy gives straight forward instruction with minimal steps. Another way you can customize your Puffy Adjustable Base is that you get to choose how high your frame sits. So whether you like a low profile 6.5″ leg height or a taller 11.5″ leg height, the choice is yours. (Height Options, 6.5″, 9.5″, or 11.5″ Plus an added 4.5″ for the base.)

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Extra Features:

usb ports in your bed puffyYou may have come for the adjustable base, but you’ll stay for the massage features. That’s right, not only can you change your position the Puffy Adjustable Base. It also has dual massage zones for the upper and lower body. It also has under glow lighting, creating the perfect night light making it easier than ever to get in or out of bed in the middle of the night. You also get two USB ports on either side of the bed. So you can charge your smart phone, tablet, or whatever you like conveniently from the side of your bed. This is one smart bed frame.

We also love the memory buttons. This allows you to program two different settings to your liking. So you can go back to your favorite sleeping position without having to toggle back and forth trying to get it just right. This is a great little addition that we find very useful.

Puffy Adjustable Base – Value:

review for the adjustable bed frame by puffyThe Puffy Adjustable Base has all of the latest tech and features that you should expect to find on an adjustable base on the market currently. It has all of the bells and whistles from the wireless remote to the dual massage zones and even USB ports. Which is why the price tag on this base is going to be a bit pricier than you may expect from your basic bed frame.

  • Twin XL: $1195
  • Full: $1295
  • Queen: $1395
  • Split King: $2095

These prices include delivery, a lifetime warranty, and a 101 night trial period. Click the button below to get the latest coupons.

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Compatible Puffy Mattresses:

Unlike other mattress brands, every mattress made by puffy is Adjustable Base Compatible. That’s right even their luxurious Puffy Royal Mattress can bend and flex without any trouble. Click the links below to check out our mattress review and determine which is the right Puffy bed for you.

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Puffy Adjustable Base Overall:

If you are looking to find a quality adjustable base then you have found a good one. Not only does it adjust your position to the exact way you like it, it also comes with an abundance of extra features to make your bed more comfortable and fun to use. The prices on adjustable bases do tend to be higher than your standard bed frame. However, you are also getting a lot more out of your adjustable base than you would with a run of the mill bed frame as well.

the adjustable base by puffy mattress brand reviews

While all of the Puffy Mattresses work with the Puffy Adjustable Base, if you already own a mattress that you love that isn’t made by Puffy, be sure to contact the manufacturer to ensure your mattress works with an adjustable base first. Not all mattresses are built in a way that will allow them to bend and move the way they need to with an adjustable base.