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Accessory Review Malouf Supima Cotton Sheets

benefits to buying supima cotton sheets

When you first climb into bed at night the first thing you are going to feel is the comfort of your sheets. Without a quality sheet set the comfort of your bed will suffer. Malouf is here to ensure that doesn’t happen with a wide selection of bedding to choose from.

Today we are going to be reviewing the Supima Cotton Sheet set by Malouf. These sheets are made out of 100% American grown Supima cotton, which bumps up the comfort and durability of these sheets. Keep reading to see what we thought about this particular set of Supima Cotton Sheets by Malouf.

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These Woven Cotton Sheets by Malouf are not made out of just any cotton, they are made out of premium Supima Cotton. Supima is a specific variety of cotton that is made in America. This cotton is woven into a single-ply yarn to create a 600TC sateen weave. The sateen weave gives these Supima Cotton sheets their luminous sheen and silky-smooth feel. Due to Supima Cotton’s extra long fibers, the yarn made from it is extra strong. Creating a longer lasting and extra durable sheet set.

Not only do we appreciate the fact that Supima is a higher quality of cotton than most in it’s fiber length, strength, and durability. We also appreciate that it is grown right here in the United States, meaning that when you purchase this sheet set you are supporting American farmers.

The Malouf Supima Cotton Sheets also come with extra deep pockets, allowing these sheets to fit on mattresses from 6” to 22” thick. So you won’t need to worry about your sheets not being able to fit your deep comfortable mattress.


supima cotton sheets comfort Malouf Sleep is all about comfort, and the Supima Cotton sheets are no exception. Their sateen weave is silky soft to the touch. The high-quality cotton allows for plenty of breathability, allowing you to stay at an optimal temperature throughout the night. Cotton is also great at wicking away excess moisture so you can stay comfortable and dry.

Supima Cotton is so well-known and loved for it’s high quality comfort and long lasting strength. These sheets are light and breathable making them wonderful for warmer months, while they also supply a soft layer that is perfect under blankets in the cooler months as well.

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Durability & Washing:

american grown supima cotton bedding It is the extra long fibers in Supima Cotton that makes it so durable. This limits the amount of pilling, thinning, or signs of wear and use from happening for a very long time. Unlike other cheaper sheets that look great at first but quickly fall apart after a few washes. The only difference we felt after several rounds of washing the Supima Cotton sheets by Malouf was that they felt softer.

A common concern that comes up with 100% cotton sheets is shrinkage. After several rounds of washing and drying to the manufacturers care instructions we have not experience any shrinking. These sheets perform very well and we expect them to last a very long time.


premium american cotton sheets A standard queen sheet set of the Supima Cotton sheets by Malouf will run you around $250.

When you compare this price point to comparable sets, you are getting a great deal. Supima sheets are synonymous with steep price points.

The great news is that while this price is more than a cotton blend set of sheets may be, these are also going to last much longer, which means you are getting more for your money in the long run.


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Malouf Supima Cotton Sheets – Final Thoughts:

When shopping for a set of sheets, material is everything. The type of material you use will determine how comfortable, durable, and long lasting your sheets will be. These Supima Cotton sheets from Malouf are a great example of this. They started with high quality, American grown cotton with a simple sateen weave and they ended up with a high quality, long lasting, comfortable set of sheets that will last for years and years.

review over the supima cotton sheets by malouf

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