Accessory Review Malouf E455 Adjustable Power Base

malouf adjustable power base e455 review

The E455 Adjustable Power Base from Malouf goes beyond the standard Adjustable Base. This is a great option for anyone who loves modern technology and wants to be able to adjust their bed with their own smartphone. This is a tech forward adjustable power base that is made to make adjusting your position in bed easier than ever. All while looking great and adding to your comfort. In this review we are going to go over all of the details on what makes this power base unique.

The Malouf E455 Adjustable Base Features:

  • malouf e455 adjustable baseUSB Charging Ports
  • Built in Bluetooth Compatibility
  • Malouf Base App (Android and iOS)
  • 3 Preset Positions
  • 2 Programmable Positions
  • Head incline: 0 – 60°
  • Foot incline 0 – 45°
  • Wireless Remote Control
  • 850-pound weight capacity

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Malouf E455 Adjustable Bed – Construction:

sixty degrees of changingThe E455 adjustable bed frame from Malouf has a metal construction with three main sections made to move with the push of a button to any position you please. The metal structure is covered in a light grey upholstery. If you are familiar with the Malouf Designer Bed Frames it is the same color and material as their Stone upholstery for those beds. This gives the E455 a finished look that works very well all on it’s own or it can also be paired with a decorative bedframe or headboard.

The head and foot of this adjustable bed frame move independently from each other although will move simultaneously when you choose a preset option. The head of the bed can adjust from 0 – 60°, giving you the option to lay flat, sit up completely, or lay anywhere in between those two options. While the foot of the bed can adjust from 0 – 45°, allowing for a natural bend for the knees. This creates the perfect cradling position which is incredibly comfortable.

Malouf E455 Adjustable Frame – Ease of Use:

wireless remote control or appWhen it comes to the ease of use for the Malouf E455, you have two main options for how you would like to use your power base. There is the go to wireless remote control, which is very easy to use and straight forward. This remote even is conveniently backlit so that you can easily and comfortably use the remote even in the dark.

The other option for controlling the E455 model is with your smartphone. The power base has Bluetooth compatibility and can be controlled through their convenient app on your smartphone. This is a fun and easy way to control your position in bed. There are even voice control options! Allowing you to tell Siri what position you would like to be in and it will change your position without you needing to lift a finger.

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Malouf E455 Adjustable Base – Extra Features:

malouf adjustable bed frame review e455When you are shopping for an adjustable base often the first thing you are looking to get out of it is it’s ability to change positions easily. That is a big check for the E455 by Malouf. After that there are many additional features that can add to your comfort and convenience.

For example the Malouf E455 has conveniently placed USB charging ports on either side of the bed. Allowing you to easily and comfortably charge your smartphone, or tablet from the side of your bed.

Compatible Malouf Designer Bed Frames:

malouf adjustable base matching designer frames The design of the Malouf E455 is so attractive that it can be easily used without the addition of any extra decorative frames. However, if you are hoping to put your adjustable power base inside of a frame, the E455 can comfortably fit inside of most adjustable base friendly frames. Although we would suggest looking over the dimensions if you are hoping to fit it into a frame that you already own.

The Malouf E455 fits beautifully in all of the bed frames in the Malouf Designer Bed Frames. These stunning bed frames can be used on their own or in with their adjustable bases. They have a wide range of colors and styles in order to suite the needs of just about everyone. Whether you love a simple modern design or a cozy tufted feel, there is a little something for everyone in this designer line of bed frames.

The fabric that wraps the Malouf E455 is in fact the same color and material used in the Stone fabric headboards and frames by Malouf. Which means you can have a stunning matching set if you like. Making these frames and adjustable power base a match made in heaven!

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Malouf E455 Adjustable Power Base – Overall:

Whether you appreciate simplicity in use or high tech features, the Malouf E455 Adjustable Power Base is sure to please. You can use simply with the wireless remote control. Or if you prefer you can set up your E455 Bluetooth and control it with either the convenient Malouf App or with voice controls on your phone. Making changing positions as simple as saying a few phrases or pressing a button.

Another feature we appreciate about this model is that it features the same grey upholstery that Malouf uses for their designer bed frames. Allowing you to mix and match with their stunning pieces for a beautiful and functional adjustable bed. Overall this is a great model that we think you will love.

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