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Accessory Review Malouf Down Blend Pillow with Cotton Encasement Review

cotton encased down blend pillow review

The Malouf Brand knows all about what it takes to create a comfortable pillow. They have pillows made in a multitude of materials and in each they work to create a pillow that balances pressure relief and support, the Down Blend Z Pillow is no different.

Malouf uses a specific blend of feathers and down to create a very comfortable pillow that won’t fall flat. Keep reading to see how we felt this pillow performed overall in our Down Blend Cotton Encasement Pillow Review.

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malouf down blend pillow by malouf This is a great pillow for anyone who wants a traditional feather pillow but longs for more support. While down is plush and soft it tends to flatten out and loose it’s loft. This is the benefit of a down and feather blend. You get the soft feel of the down with the supportive boost of the feathers. The internal feather section of this pillow is made out of a 95% Duck Feather and 5% Duck Down blend. This blend will maintain it’s loft size much better than an all down pillow would.

Surrounding the feather section of this pillow is a layer of cotton fill. This section prevents feather quills from making their way out of the pillow and pricking you. It also helps to provide a cool breathable layer. The cover of the pillow is also made out of 250 TC pure cotton, which is soft and helps give this pillow plenty of airflow.

Comfort & Support:

cotton encased down pillow The Down Blend Pillow by Malouf is made to take the well-loved comfort of a classic down pillow and give it an upgrade. A common issue that most traditional down fill pillows have is that they fall flat as you sleep. Which is why most people who sleep with down pillows have to use several pillows in order to achieve their preferred loft height. With this cotton encased down blend pillow, you won’t be having this issue.

The internal feather fill sections of this pillow are made with down and feathers. The thicker feathers maintain their shape better. This gives the pillow more of a “bounce back” feel. However, the reason down is often sought after instead of feathers is that because the quill of the feather can make its way out of the case and poke you. However, Malouf has found a way to keep this from happening. The feather and down section of the pillow is completely encased by a layer of cotton fill.

This cotton encasement also creates an extra breathable layer which makes for a cool sleeping environment. Which is definitely a nice bonus for staying comfortable throughout the night.

Loft Size:

down pillow doesn't fall flat The loft of the Down Alternative Cotton Encased Pillow by Malouf comes out to 6”. This is considered a high loft pillow. However, unlike an all foam pillow this down pillow will conform to the shape of your head and neck more. Making this pillow a good mid loft while using it. This will be a good pillow height for most people who prefer to sleep on either their back or side.

Care Instructions:

cotton duck down duck feather filled pillow Choosing a pillow that is easy to clean and care for is a quality investment. Thankfully the external cotton percale cover can be easily removed for washing. They suggest using a gentle detergent and washing with warm water and a cool rinse cycle. To dry your cover, you can either hang dry ot tumble dry on a low heat setting. High heat can damage or shrink your case.

Malouf suggests spot cleaning the internal pillow only as necessary. Be sure to let the pillow dry completely before you start to use your pillow again.


the cotton topped down fill pillow Another big benefit of utilizing a less luxury material than 100% Goose Down, and opting for a more bouncy duck feather and down blend, is that the price goes way down.

Malouf managed to create a pillow with less expensive materials and use them to create a more comfortable and supportive pillow. If that is not a win – win, then we don’t know what is. This down blend pillow by Malouf will run you around $60 – $70 per pillow depending on which size you purchase. This is a great price for a quality comfortable pillow.

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Malouf Down Blend Cotton Encasement Pillow Review – Final Thoughts:

We love that Malouf managed to design a pillow that utilizes the benefits of duck feathers, duck down, and cotton fill all rolled into one very comfortable pillow that won’t fall flat. If you love the initial feel of a down pillow, but you’re tired of fluffing your pillow over and over than this is a great option for you to try out. Be sure to click our buttons to get the latest and greatest prices.

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