Accessory Review Malouf Z TripleLayer Down Pillow

malouf z triple layer down pillow review

The light feel of an airy down feather pillow is a classic. The plush soft feathers allow you to sink into a cozy pillow and drift off to sleep. However, many down and feather blend pillows lack support and halfway through the night you are having to fluff your pillow in order to get the support and comfort you need. Well, that is not the case with the Malouf Z TripleLayer Down Pillow!

This pillow is made to give you that cozy down feather pillow you know and love, along with the support you need throughout the night without falling flat. Keep reading to learn more about the unique design of this down feather pillow along with who we think the Malouf Z TripleLater Down Pillow will work best for.

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Malouf Z TripleLayer Down Pillow At A Glance:

  • Size Options: Queen or King
  • 3” Loft Height
  • Down & Feather Fill
  • Percale Cotton Cover
  • Responsibly Sourced Down and Feathers
  • Works Best For: Back Sleepers and Stomach Sleepers
  • Latest Pricing Found Here!

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Materials & Design:

cotton percale cover and breathableIt is the triple layer design of this down and feather pillow from Malouf that really makes it perform differently from other down pillows out there. The first section that we want to note is the core of this pillow. In the center core of this pillow is filled with 90 percent feathers and 10 percent down. These feathers are different from the pillow fluffy soft down that creates the fluffy feel to a pillow. The feather fill core creates a firm and supportive core to the pillow which is what ensures this pillow will never fall flat.

Then there are two different layers of 90 percent down and 10 percent feathers surrounding the feather core of the Malouf pillow. This is what gives this pillow that traditional down feather pillow feel that everyone knows and loves. It has that initial pillowy softness of a down feather pillow with the support of the feather core.

Next is the cover of the pillow. This is made out of a cotton percale fabric. It is a cool crisp cotton feel that is a go to pick for traditional style pillows like this one. Overall, we like the design and think it brings out the best features of down and feather blend pillows. We also appreciate that Malouf has made a commitment to only using responsibly sourced down and feathers for this pillow.

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Is The Malouf Z TripleLayer Down Pillow Comfortable?

feather core pillow to provide support

Comfort is the main focus of the Malouf Z TripleLayer Down Pillow. Down pillows have a classic feel that is well liked. Yet there is one common complaint about other traditional style down pillows, and that is that they fall flat over time. Malouf wanted to create a pillow that would give you the best features of a down feather pillow, without the downside of falling flat. Which is what they did with their version of a down pillow

They accomplished this by creating an internal feather core. This is made with the more supportive feathers and creates a supportive center to the pillow that will not fall flat. In order to provide that classic down feather feel, they surrounded this core with two layers of down feather clusters. This is what gives the pillow that plush feel.

When it comes to who we think it would work best for we are going to say back sleepers are going to love this pillow the most. The loft size is around 3” which is ideal for back sleepers and some stomach sleepers will also enjoy this pillow. We find that this loft height is just a bit low for most side sleepers. However, if you are a side sleeper who prefers a pillow with a lower profile, then you may also find this pillow comfortable.

Care Instructions:

comfort pillow from malowMost down feather pillows should not be submerged in water, making them hand wash only. This is also the case with the Malouf Down Pillow. They recommend only spot cleaning as needed. Simply use soapy water and a clean wash cloth to gently blot the spot and then dab dry and avoid too much water getting into the pillow.

To dry and add an extra fluffy up, you can put your pillow in to tumble dry. Just be sure to only ever use a very low temperature. Avoid high heat settings as they can damage the pillow. Be sure to avoid any bleach or chlorine products as well.

Malouf Z TripleLayer Down Pillow Value:

three sections of feather vs downThis down and feather pillow is design for optimal comfort. This luxury comfort however also comes with a luxury price tag. In order to responsibly source down and feathers, it tends to cost a bit more money. Which is the reasoning behind these prices. We believe if you are looking for a high-end down feather pillow, then these prices are worth it.

Queen: $180

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Malouf Z TripleLayer Down Pillow Review – Overall:

down feather pillow that won't fall flat

If you adore the feel of a classic down feather pillow, but you are tired of having to fluff and re-fluff your pillow over and over. Then the Malouf Z TripleLayer Down Pillow may be the pillow you have been searching for.

We love that the internal core gives this pillow n added layer of support in order to prevent it from flattening out like other down pillows tend to do. The 3-inch loft height makes this a little low for our average side sleepers. However, most back and stomach sleepers will find this pillow to be comfortable for how they sleep. Overall this is a great design for a feather & down pillow and we think it will be a crowd pleaser.

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