Accessory Review Classic Brands Adjustable Base

classic brands adjustable base review

Adjustable bases are making big waves in the bedding industry at the moment. It is great for anyone who wants to lounge in bed reading a book, watching TV. There are also a number of health benefits you can get out of using an adjustable base. Many mattress brands are selling adjustable bases that they are having made for them. While Classic Brands is a company that makes their own bed frames and adjustable bases. This is what they do and they do it well. We are going to review their standard adjustable base to see what we think of it. Continue reading to get all of the details.

Adjustable Base Features:

  • adjustable base comfort Head & Foot of Bed Adjustability
  • Wireless Remote Control
  • 3-Speed Head & Foot Massage
  • Three Leg Heights (5”, 7”, or 12”)
  • USB Ports
  • Whisper Quiet Motor

Classic Brands Adjustable Base – Construction:

classic design adjustable base review When you are looking to purchase an adjustable base, the overall construction is very important. This piece of machinery not only needs to be strong in order to support you and your mattress, but also durable enough to bend and move with ease. When you consider the amount of weight these frames shift around, this requires a heavy-duty piece of machinery.

Thankfully the Classic Brands Adjustable Base is up for the challenge. Made with a metal base and a classy soft upholstered edge this hefty frame can support up to 1,000 lbs. The foot features a bar to keep your mattress from moving while changing positions. The surface your mattress will lay on is lightly textured to give your mattress something to grip onto as well, this also helps avoid any slipping for your mattress.

The base has a 6 foot design to provide plenty of support throughout the bed. You get three different foot heights to choose from, which is very helpful if you’re trying to match up your new adjustable base to an existing decorative slatless bedframe. This is a sturdy frame that is not only strong and durable, it is also rather attractive to look at. If you want to skip a decorative bedframe, you will be able to with the Classic Brand Adjustable Base happily.


legs for the adjustable bed When you receive your new Classic Brands Adjustable Base, there will be a minimal amount of assembly required. While this may sound daunting, the process for this particular adjustable base is rather simple to accomplish. First, we would like to mention that the box it comes in will weigh around 150+ pounds. So be sure have the man power to lift it. We suggest at least two people moving it together to the room you would like the adjustable base to live in.

Then you can unpack your box. Select the leg size you prefer and attach the legs to the frame. Then you can attach the foot bar to the foot of the bed. Then it is just a matter of plugging in and putting your desired mattress on top.

Tips for assembly: Remove old bed frame or base that you will no longer be using first to ensure you have a good amount of space for set up. Due to the weight of the item we suggest having at least 2 people set up the frame. Be sure when attaching the legs that they are on straight. We also suggest ensuring the mattress you are using is adjustable base friendly. If you are unsure of whether or not your mattress is suitable, contact the manufacturer.

Ease of Use:

is the adjustable base by classic brands easy to use We found that this design was very straightforward and simple to use. The wireless remote allows you to adjust while in or out of bed. The remote has an intuitive design that makes it simple and easy to use right out of the box without reading any long manuals in order to decipher what the different buttons mean.

The remote has a few built in modes for the most popular positions. There is a TV Position that is a higher head and slightly adjusted foot or the ever so popular Zero-Gravity position. This position is said to simulate the feeling of zero gravity on the body. Making it incredibly comfortable on all of your usual pressure points. Truly we had very little trouble with this frame and found it rather simple to set up and use.

Adjustable Base – Value:

classic brands comfort overall worth it The prices on Adjustable Bases can lead to sticker shock. There are a lot of luxury bases out there with matching price tags.

However, the prices for the Classic Brands frames are very reasonable.

Especially given the quality of the overall design. Ranging from $360 for a TwinXL to $1,080 for a Split King. When compared to many other brands out there this is a truly reasonable price.

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Adjustable Base – Overall:

There are many different designs coming out on the market for adjustable bases. These designs range in quality, sturdiness, visual appeal, price, and features. Overall, the Classic Brands Adjustable Base excels in all categories.

This is an attractive adjustable base that is sturdy, has just about all of the fancy features found on other adjustable bases. (Not to mention a very reasonable price tag to go along with it.) We are rather impressed by the design of the Classic Brands Adjustable Base. When you buy this base, you are getting a really great product for a very nice price.

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great price solid quality adjustable base


This adjustable base is a good quality, very functional and a great price that really does give you endless options for really being as comfortable as possible. This base has also proven to be invaluable at times when getting in and out of a flat bed have been more difficult too. It has helped us specifically during sciatica problems while pregnant, back issues from strains and even just having an upright position option during cold season helps when your nose is congested.


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