Accessory Review Crystal Cove Pillow by Brentwood Home

Brentwood Home is well loved for their use of natural materials when creating comfortable mattresses and bedding products. Which is why it is not surprise that their pillow designs are also made with the same care and attention. The Crystal Cove Pillow is made with a charcoal-infused memory foam, and has a lofty supportive feel. Keep reading to get all the details on what makes this pillow unique.

crystal cove pillow review from our sleep guide

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Crystal Cove Pillow At A Glance:

  • Size Options: Standard, Queen, or King
  • Trial Period: 30 Days
  • Warranty: 1-Year Limited
  • Charcoal Infused Memory Foam
  • BioFoam®
  • Polyester Cover
  • OEKO-TEX Certified
  • CertiPur-US Certified
  • Greengaurd Gold Standard
  • Certified Vegan
  • Made In California
  • Free Shipping + 100% Carbon Offset
  • Works Best For: Back Sleepers, Side Sleepers, and Combination Sleepers. (Can be adjusted to work for Stomach Sleepers
  • Latest Pricing Found Here!

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Materials & Design:

benefits of charcoal infused memory foamThe Crystal Cove Pillow was inspired by the Crystal Cove Mattress from Brentwood Home. Which makes it only natural that it features some of the same materials. The fill of this pillow is made out of 65% Charcoal-infused graphite memory foam. This memory foam is free of any dangerous hard metals, so don’t have any worries about that. It is even certified by CertPur-US. However, this charcoal infusion helps to keep the memory foam cool as you use it. This prevents and hot spots on your pillow, leading to flipping midway through the night to get to that cool side. The other 35% of the internal fill consists of a polyester gel fiber. This is certified as Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX. The combination makes for a lofty pillow that won’t fall flat.

The cover of the Crystal Cove Pillow is made out of a breathable 99% polyester with a 1% spandex. The added stretch of the spandex allows the pillow case to easily conform to the shape of your head and neck for optimal support and comfort. Anything too stiff would limit the cushioning support and comfort of the pillow.

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Is The Crystal Cove Pillow Comfortable?

is the crystal cove pillow comfortable for side sleepers?The Crystal Cove Pillow is made to be a comfortable and cool pillow to sleep with. The charcoal infusion in the memory foam is made to avoid your pillow from retaining heat and causing you to become uncomfortably warm throughout the night. Instead, it helps to dissipate heat away from the sleeper in order to keep you comfortably cool.

Brentwood Home uses high-density memory foam in their Crystal Cove pillow. This dense foam is very supportive while also allowing for a good amount of contouring comfort as well. It is going to be a heavier feeling pillow than the Brentwood Home Oceano pillow. Which can be a draw if you prefer a heftier feeling pillow. If you really crave a supportive pillow that will not fall flat, then this is a great pillow for you.

Typically we would recommend this pillow primarily for back or side sleepers, as they prefer a loftier more supportive feeling pillow in general. However, if you are a stomach sleeper, or you prefer a lower loft size then we have great news. The Crystal Cove pillow is adjustable, simply unzip the side of the pillow and you can remove the fill. This allows for a completely adjustable feel for your pillow making it work for just about everyone, even stomach sleepers who need a lower profile pillow.

Care Instructions:

brentwood home crystal cove pillow reviewWhen it comes to caring for your Crystal Cove pillow, it is rather easy. While this pillow is not machine washable, Brentwood Home recommends simply spot cleaning the charcoal cover of the pillow as needed. They suggest using a clean damp white wash cloth and gently cleaning the area. Then allow to fully dry out by hanging is a sunny and breezy area.

If you are wanting to refresh and fluff up your Crystal Cove pillow, Brentwood Home recommends tumble drying on cool. This will fluff up your pillow as well as knock off any accumulated dust. Be sure to avoid any products containing bleach on this pillow or its cover.

Brentwood Home Crystal Cove Pillow Value:

comfortable pillow adjustable memory foam fillWhen you are on the hunt for a high-quality pillow that is made with materials that are designed for premium comfort, then you can expect to pay over $100+. However, with the Crystal Cove pillow, you won’t need to pay much more.

This pillow is on the lower side of the spectrum when it comes to high-end pillows. This charcoal-infused memory foam pillow is a great price. Be sure to save more by using our coupon code to get 15% off! Click the button below to start shopping now.

Standard: $89
Queen: $99
King: $109

10% OFF Brentwood Home With Code: OSG10

Crystal Cove Pillow Review – Overall:

charcoal infused memory foam high densityThe Crystal Cove pillow is going to be a great option for most side sleepers and back sleepers, due to its lofty size and supportive feel. However, the adjustable fill allows you to personalize the comfort and loft size of your pillow to work perfectly for you.

This feature makes the Crystal Cove pillow especially desirable as it works for just about any sleeping position. The quality materials combined with a reasonable price tag makes this a great pillow for anyone looking for a cool sleeping memory foam pillow.

If you still need help Our Sleep Guide is here to help. Feel free to reach out to us through our Contact Us page with any questions you may have along the way.