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Linen is a classic bedding material that up until recently has taken a backseat to cotton bedding. However, recently the gorgeous rustic chic look of linen has made a huge comeback. This is great news because not only is linen beautiful, it is also incredibly comfortable.

We are looking at the Avocado Linen Sheets, these are going to be great sheets for anyone who prioritizes organic, eco-friendly, clean bedding along with a luxury look and feel. Keep reading to learn more!

avocado linen sheets review


organic french linen sheetsWhen it comes to sheets, the material used to create them is everything. Something to keep in mind is that not all linen is not created equally. Of course, Avocado makes their linen sheets out of some of the best linen available. Their linen sheets are woven in France and made out of 100% GOTS certified organic flax.

Avocado truly does think of every little detail when it comes to their bedding products. The Avocado Linen Duvet Cover is made with the same high quality flax as the sheets. With of course the addition of a button closure. The buttons for the duvet cover are made out of a nut. The corozo nut, which is a renewable and earth friendly material to use for these buttons. Not to mention that they are incredibly durable and look fantastic.

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Avocado Linen Sheets – Comfort:

top quality linens reviewedLinen is a classic material for bedding, and it is no wonder why. These linen sheets from Avocado have a luxury weighted feel the them. They have a gorgeous drape to them that both looks and feels great. Linen has a bit more texture than a cotton or tencel sheet would have. They have a more rustic feel and appearance. Which has come back in style and very on trend currently.

However, it is more than just looks with linen. The French weaved linen in this bedding set is very breathable and wicks away a lot of moisture. These features make linen sheets perfect for those who tend to heat up as they sleep. While they also have a good weight to them which make them great for the cooler seasons as well.


Linen Sheet Set

grey olive indigo white and natural color sheetsThe linen sheet set from Avocado comes in two different color options. There is a white and natural which are two versatile neutral colors that will work in just about any home. These sheets come in Full, Queen, King, and California King. Which means most adults will be able to find a good size for their bed.

Linen Duvet Cover

The duvet cover is sold separately, and it makes for a beautiful full set. Unlike the sheets, the duvet comes in five different color options. It is also available in white and natural, as well as olive, grey, and indigo. These gorgeous colors are stunning in the natural flax linen material.

Learn more about these lovely sheets at AvocadoGreenMattress.com.

Avocado Linen Sheet Set – Value:

the different color and size options for the avocado linen sheetsThese stunning linen sheets and duvet covers are very high quality. Of course, high end linen is going to be more expensive than other more cost effective materials like cotton. While you can find linen sheets for a lower price elsewhere, keep in mind that not all linen is made equally.

The certified organic flax and French weaving really brings these linen sheets up to a different level of quality. The price tag does reflect this higher quality. However, if it is luxury linen that you are after, the Avocado Linen sheets will deliver.

Linen Sheet Set:
  • Full – $389
  • Queen – $409
  • King – $449
  • California King – $449
Linen Duvet Cover:
  • Full/Queen – $359
  • King/Cali King – $399

Keep in mind that with these prices your delivery is included. You also get a 1-year warranty, and a 100-night free trial. So you can make your purchase with confidence that if they do not meet your standards, you can return them.

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Care Instructions:

easy cleaning and caring instructionsWhen you are not dealing with standard cotton sheets, often the care instructions tend to start to vary a bit. However, no need to fear here. Avocado Linen Bedding is all very simple to clean and care for. These sheets are machine washable when you use a gentle cycle and cool water.

Avocado does suggest that you avoid using fabric softeners and dryer sheets in order to keep your linen and breathable and absorbent as possible. When it comes to the drying process, hang drying is a great option. However, you can tumble dry with low heat. It is also suggested to remove from the dryer promptly to avoid wrinkles. You won’t need to be concerned about shrinkage, because Avocado does prewash all of there linens.

Overall these sheets are a breeze to care for. One thing we would like to note is that they will wrinkle if left in the dryer to cool. We highly suggest as soon are your sheets are dry that you lay them out or put on the bed if this is something that really bothers you. However, we find that some wrinkles really add to the laid back appeal of linen.

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Avocado Linen Sheets – Overall:

If you are looking for a high quality, organic, natural, eco-friendly linen sheets then these are the sheets for you. Avocado has gotten a number of different certifications to be transparent to their customers as possible. The easy breezy look and feel of these sheets will appeal to just about everyone. We love the breathable cool feel of these sheets and we think you will too.

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Not sure if linen sheets are for you? No problem, we have several other in depth sheet reviews to look at too. Also, if you have questions, feel free to contact us

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