Mattress Review Rubix by Brooklyn Bedding Mattress

rubix mattress reviewThe Rubix by Brooklyn Bedding offers a new mattress that is customizable to make an optimal sleeping surface. Allowing for 6 different configurations to accommodate both sleepers ideal feel. The interchangeable top layers are easily accessible through the zippered cover, giving you the freedom to try several combinations that range from soft to firm and everything in between.

All of these foam layers are paired with a 6 inch coil system to give adequate support as well as a sturdy base. For a new kind of hybrid mattress that will make it unlike any other. Also, make sure to save even more on this affordable mattress with our coupon below our video review too!

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Rubix Mattress – Brief Review: 

The Rubix mattress has 6 layers that work together to make it 14.5″ thick. The top layers of this mattress feature three foam layers that can be altered to create up to 6 unique feels. With one layer being soft, another medium and the last a firm option that can be placed to create different levels of comfort. Giving the sleeper(s) the final and ultimate decision on what comfort works best for them. This simple process is quick and easy by using the zippered cover to remove the top and flip the foams into the preferred layering option. Making the Rubix by Brooklyn Bedding a mattress ideal for all sleepers.

rubix by brooklyn bedding

Brooklyn Bedding – Brief Review: 

Brooklyn Bedding is more than just the online store they may appear to be. They actually also manufacturer mattresses not only for themselves but several USA brands. For them it allows great cost and quality control that allows them to bring durable and well made products to several sleepers at an affordable price.

Whichever mattress you decide on will always have free standard shipping. The Rubix is a USA made bed and will be compressed, roll packed and dropped right at your door. All Brooklyn Bedding mattresses ship this way. They also come with free returns and 120 night sleep trial period. As well as include a 10 year warranty that covers and possible defects or manufacturing flaws.

Below we have our in depth review of the Rubix by Brooklyn Bedding. We will go through how it performed for us as far as comfort, sleeping cool, edge support and motion transfer. As well as evaluate the value, materials and construction and even the customer service to expect when it comes to the trial period and warranty. For starters, see just how your Rubix will arrive and how easy it is to unbox and set up in our video below.

Delivery & Unboxing: 

brooklyhn signature vs bear hybridThe order process of the Rubix is simple, since you only have one option to choose but several options that you get. The delivery process is equally as easy. With your new Rubix delivered in a box to your door for free just a few days after ordering. The most difficult part might be getting it to the room you’ll b unboxing it in. Though the box is compact for a mattress it is still a bit heavy and awkward. So having two people to move it is helpful.

Once you got it to your final destination just shimmy it out of the box and carefully cut the plastic away. Your new mattress will expand fairly quickly at first, but it will take a good day or two for the foams to fully firm up and give you the truest feel. While it is springing to life you may notice a few new mattress and plastic odors from the packaging. These are harmless, as well as minimal, and should dissipate quickly. To speed up the process opening a window helps. And if you’re sensitive to smells leaving the room might be a good idea.

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Rubix Mattress – Comfort:

rubix mattress reviewThe beauty of the Rubix mattress is how easily it accommodates several different levels of comfort. All in one bed too. The creative design allows you to easily arrange three varying foam layers to make 6 different firmness options to find the best fit for you. Making this bed great for all sleepers and accommodating all sleeping positions.

To do this all you have to do is pair 2 of the 3 foam layers together to make the ideal combination. Each foam layer is 2″ thick responsive Energex foam. One is a soft feeling foam, the second a medium foam and the third a firm foam. Allowing you to make your mattress soft or firm and every combination in between. Also, the process is super easy. All you need to do is unzip the top cover and rearrange the pieces. Hence the name, Rubix, it is your own mattress puzzle that always has the right solution for you.

The several layers that make up this thick bed all lend themselves to giving you quality support and ideal comfort. The coil system creates a good sturdy core that works with any foam combination to ensure proper spinal alignment regardless of your preferred comfort. And the consistent transition layer creates deep comfort and pressure relief in all matchups as well. The top comfort foams are pressure relieving but also responsive. This creates just enough bounce that you don’t feel stuck and also can easily change sleeping positions.

rubix mattress review

Our Rubix Mattress Comfort Experience:

rubix mattress reviewWith the Rubix we found ourselves quickly finding the combination of the medium over the firm piece of foam to be our ideal comfort. This gave us a medium-firm feel that is just a hair firmer than medium with just enough sink on top, but a plenty of support below. The transition layer over the coil system gave added deep comfort and proper spinal support. It also worked great for all sleeping positions.

We also tried the soft over the medium and soft over the firm and found that the soft piece on top is definitely more ideal for dominant side sleepers. While the medium foam on top allowed for better combination sleeping and the firm over medium was most ideal for stomach and back sleepers who like more support. All of the layers of foam are Energex foam so they each have a fair amount of response and trap less heat than memory foam. Making the overall comfort even more enjoyable.

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Rubix Mattress – Motion Transfer: 

When it comes to isolating motion you won’t have too much to worry about with this hybrid mattress. The several thick layers of foam over the coils really help lessen any concern of vibrations traveling through. It also helps that even the quilted cover is 1.5 inches thick which really softens and absorbs movement too. The coils in this mattress are also individually wrapped, so they aren’t intertwined meaning that the movement stays more isolated instead of moving through the bed too. Overall making the motion transfer very little and ideal for couples or more sensitive sleepers.

Rubix Mattress – Sleeping Cool:

rubix mattress reviewWhen it comes to sleeping cool or warm this mattress will be relatively temperature neutral. There are several layers of foams on top and if you use the softer foams you will certainly sink in more. Thus creating more heat retention. However, if you use a blend of firmer foam options than you will sink in less resulting in more air flow and less heat retention.

Either way you will have a coil system below the foams to help dissipate any excess heat. The comfort layers of Energex foam are a unique blend of materials that combine viscoelastic foam with a latex alternative. Thus giving you a pressure relieving feel that is still responsive so you don’t feel stuck in one spot. This also helps with sleeping cooler by not feeling trapped in the foams. To literally top it off, the quilted cover of the Rubix mattress also promotes airflow to help you stay more comfortable too.

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Rubix Mattress – Edge Support:

rubix mattress reviewSometimes with a very thick mattress with several foam layers the edge support can be a little lacking. Especially when those foam layers are interchangeable and can shift ever so slightly, giving the top of the mattress just a bit less consistency. This is true for the Rubix mattress.

On top of that the top of the Rubix bed is also crowned giving it a slightly rounded edge, taking just a bit away from fully utilizing the sleep surface. While sleeping on this mattress you will be fine as long as you are a few inches in from the edge. But that does mean that you aren’t able to really use the full mattress.

When it comes to sitting the lack of a solid feel is noticeable around the perimeter. Because this mattress is so thick it is almost amplified because your feet barely touch the ground and allows even more weight to be pressing on the edge. The edge support is slightly better when you are able to use the firmer feeling combination of foams. But is also a little less when you combine the softer combination of foams.

Rubix Mattress – Value:

When it comes to the price of this mattress you are getting a good deal. The fact that it is a Brooklyn Bedding mattress that is manufactured at their own plant really allows for the most affordable price with no added middle man. At only $1249 for a queen size you get a fully customizable mattress that can be altered 6 different ways to find the most ideal feel. Not only is this price already affordable, but you can save an extra 20% with our coupon to bring it down to less than $1000. Save now with the link below!

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Materials & Construction:

rubix mattress review

Brooklyn Bedding – Trial Period & Warranty:

mattress warranty & sleep trialWhen it comes to the Trial Period of the Rubix mattress you get a full 120 nights to test out this bed. This is four full months to make sure it is a good fit for you. If for some reason you aren’t finding the perfect combination of comfort and support, no worries. Included with your mattress is free returns within that first 120 days. Just contact Brooklyn Bedding and they will help coordinate the refund process.

Also, with your new Rubix bed you also have a 10 year warranty. This warranty ensures the life of your mattress to help you sleep great for years and years. The warranty covers any manufacturer flaws or defects as well as any thing that may be out of the norm with the wear of the bed. There is a normal amount of wear to expect over time, so the warranty is prorated to coincide with this. For all the details about the warranty of the Rubix, make sure to check out more info at RubixMattress.com.

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Manufacturer Promises

  • Shipping Free Shipping
  • Trial Period 120 Night Sleep Trial
  • Warranty 10 Year Warranty

Current Pricing

  • Twin $899
  • Twin XL $949
  • Full $1099
  • Queen $1249
  • King $1499
  • Cal King $1499
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